Matt Forney: I Will Destroy You All!

I was told yesterday that Matt Forney vowed to destroy us for mocking him on his latest livestream.

Apparently, he is highly upset that his websites which no one reads anymore had been reported and taken down for TOS violations. For the record, I had nothing to do with this. I’ve long said that even the Daily Stormer should be allowed to remain online. And besides, it would never occur to me to deprive the internet of the amusement of watching the downward spiral that is Matt Forney’s life.

A decade ago, Matt Forney was writing under his “Ferdinand Bardamu” pseudonym and was a major figure in the manosphere and was running which I recall being a popular website. In 2013, he decided to destroy his life by coming out as Matt Forney to his audience, which crumbled as it began to dawn on them that he is a massive loser and a grifter who knows nothing about women. Who is seriously going to take advice on manliness or picking up women from Matt Forney?

At some point, Matt Forney got tired of being a loser in the United States and moved overseas to live as a sex tourist. He published Do the Philippines in late 2015 in triumph after visiting the easiest country in the world to get laid. He has repeatedly accused Ann Sterzinger of having been his girlfriend for years and did so again in yesterday’s livestream. He accused her of being his girlfriend yet again in an article he wrote this morning. After taking up residence in Budapest, he has bounced around eastern Europe from Hungary to Poland to Serbia to Ukraine in search of Tinder dates. He now claims to live in Georgia where the locals see this strange, morbidly obese American as a curiosity.

A few days ago, Matt couldn’t get to sleep because his jelly rolls were giving him hunger pangs and so he pathetically waddled around outside the McDonald’s in Tbilisi, Georgia for hours at the crack of dawn only to be crushed by the realization that it didn’t offer the breakfast menu.

Matt’s podcast is down to only 22 subscribers and his YouTube livestream only had about three dozen people watching. Virtually his entire audience consists of people who tune into his live performances for the comedic value of him being such a sensitive, over dramatic, self-important loser. You can physically hear him in the show vaping and desperately trying to suck in air through his fat windpipe. The rest of the show, which is boring and drones on for hours, consists of Matt and some other losers talking about playing video games and “mind rape” nonsense and complaining about how other new figures who have far greater credibility as Pick Up Artists have replaced him in the manosphere.

If Matt was a smart as he imagines himself to be, then he would have turned his life into a reality TV show a long time ago as he is the embodiment of the American loser. He is an incel straight out of central casting and would have owned the brand. Imagine Matt Forney approaching women totally out of his league in nightclubs, hitting on woman after woman, buying them drinks, creeping them out and striking out over and over again. Now imagine him clowning himself across three continents and still being unable to find a woman who will voluntarily be his girlfriend even in the Philippines and Ukraine.

Having given up on ever finding a partner in eastern Europe, Matt has retreated to a crummy apartment in Tbilisi, Georgia where he lives out of a tattered suitcase. I can see him being broke and totally isolated in the apartment. He has no friends except the dwindling handful of losers who still commiserate with him through the internet. He is surrounded by empty JUULpods and fast food trash from McDonald’s. His glamorous life abroad consists primarily of masturbation, loneliness, gossip and video games and getting stranded on Soviet-era trains that break down in the middle of nowhere.

Lately, Matt has been accusing everyone in what used to be the Alt-Right whose lives aren’t nearly as dysfunctional and whose platforms haven’t deteriorated to anywhere near his level of being “SPLC agents” and “federal agents.” He doesn’t want you to “ruin your life” by having real world friends. Matt Forney ruined his own life though and it has nothing to do with anyone else in what used to be the Alt-Right movement. He doesn’t live in exile on account of being branded a “racist.” He has chosen to live in exile because he has become one of the world’s biggest sexually frustrated losers.

The idea that the federal government is behind a massive conspiracy to shut down Matt Forney’s dead websites and that we are all “federal agents” and “SPLC agents” who are mocking him and his pitiful incel followers is a laughable conceit. It’s particularly funny though for those of us in Alabama who have all known each other in real life for years. We know for a fact that there is no basis to the TRS rumors. Those rumors are being spread by three people who do not even live on the North American continent.

By the look of sheer anguish on his face, Matt Forney is orbiting a female who is obviously not his girlfriend. That’s not the fault of TRS, Richard Spencer, Matt Parrott or Occidental Dissent. It’s not the fault of “wignats” either that Matt Forney is an internationally famous loser:

Matt with Ann Sterzinger who he continues to falsely claim was his girlfriend:

Matt’s erotic fiction:

Note: The Daily Stormer was taken down for failing to pay BitMitigate for DDOS protection. Rob Monster was asked about it here.

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    Take the time, honestly and earnestly face your own issues, and do what you need to DO. You are still young. You have time to HELP YOUR SELF.

    Help your SELF.

    • I’d like to reiterate Denise’s plea.

      A few years ago, I was similar to Matt. I was grossly overweight and addicted to carbs. Like Matt in Georgia, I was marching through the snow at 5 in the morning to get my carb fix from whatever place was open. Pizza, donuts, whatever I could get.

      And obesity/carb consumption and mental illness go hand-in-hand. Like Matt, I was in a really dark place, and was rather oblivious to my own failings as I constantly sought to satisfy my cravings. It’s akin to how alcoholics/drug addicts ignore their own behavior.

      And yet I’ve been carb-free for over a year now, and I’ve even given up coffee. I’ve lost over 100 lbs and I’m in a much healthier state-of-mind. My outlook is much more positive these days. I want to continually improve myself and associate with equally positive people rather than get mired in drama bs.

      Matt, change can happen. You can break out of this cycle if you’re willing to make sacrifices.

      You will not only be healthier, but you will get the respect that you haven’t had since your In Mala Fide days. I’m not saying that in mockery, but in genuinely good faith. You are a good writer, and I think you could make a lot out of life if you’re just willing to improve your foundations.

  2. The Alt Right was a huge personal loss of time and social capital, but I’ve come out of it with a better job, living in Appalachia and in less debt.

    Its major cost to me was that if I had done literally anything else, I would have been better off. I could have given my money to a bum, and spent the time I spent shitposting helping said bum find a job and been less frustrated. My wife would have been less frustrated, and my family would still like me.

    This has been a hard learned lesson.

    I will take responsibility for my mistake. I won’t be gulited into feeling bad for this guy, or Anglin or anybody else at TRS or anyplace for wasting my time with their corrupt nihilist shitty worldview masquerading as political movement. They will never be able to work a real job again. Its a fitting end for them, given the only thing it can be said they really valued has been notoriety. Well, they got it.

    In the meantime, I will be just fine, but its hunting season soon here when its no longer 113 degrees every day. Going to be around alot less.

    Wake me up when the foreplay is over. Im tired of being a leading indicator to this lagging group of social misfits. Its time folks got serious, or left me alone to go back to being a rugged individual again.

    At least I get some peace and quiet that way.

    Get a plan. Present me a business model to accomplish it. Then give me the ROI. After all that, we can talk. Til then, I’m all tapped out for cash and fucks to give.

    Matt Forney I’ll see you in hell mate.

  3. Sounds like something sexual happened between Ann and Matt, but this just sounds more like a petty he-said-she-said drama.

    InMalaFide was pretty decent the first year or two, but after allowing a bunch of cringey guest writers including some Indian dude calling himself Advocatus Diabolio who posted anti-white stuff and bragging about screwing prostitutes, it really went down hill.

  4. The most comforting thought these days is that the solution to the problem usually costs about 0.1 dollar a piece, especially if we’re talking about cal 22 ammo.

    Go for the cheapeast available ammo when SHTF. They are not worth a nickel more.

  5. God, those tweets are pathetic. I’d feel sorry for the walking manatee if he wasn’t such a whiny little bitch about everything, and most likely a rapist who needs a thorough beating or three. What’s up with his eyebrows, btw?

    • Rich, seriously – writing as a woman – Forney doesn’t look like he has enough testosterone to actually be a rapists. He looks like a 3rd string night shift court eunuch. For real.

      • I would agree with Ron, above. This odd Pillsbury Dough-Boy just is a nobody. This entire post is (how do you say it?) ‘Cringe-worthy.’ Women are not like disposable Kleenex. Find one, marry one, and BOTH of you work on becoming better individuals. “It is not good for the man to be alone.”

        Mr. Forney, Denise is correct. Stop eating trash food, go for nothing but fresh fruits and veggies, limit all ‘white’ (refined) carbs, tone down the protein intake (you don’t need it) and stop shaving your head. If you’re going bald, at least show the hair you have. This bald shaved look, makes men look like d*ck heads….to be blunt.

        Brad, please. Back to history- what you are good at…..

  6. Yeah, better to get down and dirty on the smearing rather than address the actual problem.

    > TRS compromised by some shady lying felon
    > TRS associating with Cantwell snitch
    > TRS has history deceiving fans (re: jew wife)
    > TRS deletes comments dealing with this

    Instead of answering this stuff, let’s talk about Anglin’s sex life and height, let’s talk about Forney’s sex life and weight, let’s talk about incels, losers, weev being a jew, Anglin saying mean things about Aryan princesses, and Forney bring “frustrated” lmfao.

    Even if these characters were the biggest defective incel clowns on the internet, absolutely none of that has anything whatsoever to do with the significance of the above facts. Your desperate avoidance of these things speaks far more about you than anything you have to say on Anglin, Weev, or Forney.

    And btw isn’t it interesting to say the least how both Forney and Anglin’s sites both go down at a time when both are digging up dirt on this fiasco?

    • No, not really.

      The Daily Stormer went down because it didn’t pay BitMitigate after having over a month to sign up for an affordable monthly payment plan. Rob Monster explained why it went down on Gab. As for Fatt Horney, I didn’t say anything about him above that wasn’t true.

      In contrast, he makes up shit to smear people and offers no proof whatsoever to justify his claims. He doesn’t know anything about TRS groups. He claims to be living on the other side of the world in Georgia. As for Matt Forney’s personal life, his collapse as an eceleb which is due to the fact that he is a massive loser is relevant because it explains his behavior and lifestyle.

      • Why not just ignore this loser? Why bother writing about him? IMO take a page out of Jared Taylor’s playbook, and don’t give people like this the time of day.

    • Go back to the DS board and join your fellow larpers. You’re either a bad actor or a complete dunce. Go ask the junkie criminal Azzmador why he hasn’t been arrested yet when the authorities know exactly where he is. Ask him what he to tell you what he told law enforcement when they visited him and they did.

      • Hey Walter, just because Col. Wanglin is a virulently misogynistic Asian sex tourist of dubious racial origins and Azzholemador is a sleazy career felon doesn’t mean squat. Nor is Andrew Allen Ginsburg Aurenheimer’s ethnicity relevant. Perhaps you’re a FED?

  7. I had never heard of matt forney, until HW wrote about him.

    What strikes me odd about him is the way he cocks his head in photos and doesn’t smile. I’ve only witnessed urban and feral shaved apes mug for the camera in that way. Does this omega believe this makes him look “hard” to other males? Well, it doesn’t.

    On the topic of incels, that phenomenon isn’t limited to men. I met plenty of women that couldn’t get a laid, if they were hanging around the prisoner release door at a men’s penitentiary. Even those that don’t drawn the attention of whaling ships are relegated to deriving pleasure though their hippity hop rabbits because of their unrealistic belief that they’re God’s gift to man. Most people are familiar with the 80/20 rule.

    • “because of their unrealistic belief that they’re God’s gift to man.”

      I wonder (who) could have put that idea in their head ?

  8. Someone needs to make a Virgin Forney vs Chad Spencer meme. I’m not even saying that Spencer is the best man, he just really is the man who Matt Forney wishes he could be.

    Picking on Matt Forney is probably the lowest of low hanging fruit though. He’s the kind of guy you think about when you want to make yourself feel better. Does he have any redeeming qualities? Anyone got something nice to say about Matt Forney?

  9. That picture with Ann Sterzinger makes me laugh because he is putting on a face and she is amused by the whole thing. Also, she is obviously much taller than him and is ducking down so he looks taller. This is not a normal picture one would take with a girlfriend.

  10. I’d feel bad laughing at him if not for the fact that he brought this whole thing on himself by being a whiny little fraud.

    Never heard of this guy until the last couple of articles about him here…that whole PUA community always seemed to me, as an outsider looking in, a way for alpha-presenting men (or legit alphas, in some cases) to fleece money from desperate betas off of book sales. In my experience, it was much less beneficial trying to to learn to “game” women in general than it was learning what sort of women naturally responded best to me, and then learning to recognize that type at a glance.

  11. Hilarious! Caught red-handed writing yet again about his weird fetish for imagining that men are fucking him and writing “erotic fiction” about it, he says the passage that was quoted on another thread here…this one, in case you missed it…

    “Dipping his index finger into my juices, he started doing circles around my clit, my hips gyrating in response to his touch. As I neared climax, it felt like my heart was going to tear itself out of my chest….As his manhood filled me, my agony gave way to pleasure. My breathing deepened and I moaned with each thrust. Ethan grabbed both of my breasts and squeezed them as I slipped into an orgasmic reverie.”

    .was not part of anything he’d ever written and was, in fact, just him quoting something to mock it.

    He lied again!

    Let’s prove it, shall we? He is one BAD liar!

    From: Matt Forney
    Reply-To: Matt Forney
    Date: Sunday, February 10, 2019 at 3:12 PM
    To: PGMI Letters


    I’m a freelance writer and author of erotic short stories who is interested in writing for Penthouse. I’ve attached my cover letter, resume, and two erotic stories I’ve written. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


    Matthew Forney

    Attached were not only a resume and a cover letter, but two “erotic stories.” The one about the clit and his “orgasmic reverie” was, in fact, a 2045-word story that began:

    “I wasn’t my husband’s first, nor I his.”

    There as nothing quoted. He lied. It was just Forney fantasizing about being fucked by men again and thinking it wouldn’t catch up with him.

    • The thing is it would be close to impossible getting a to write for penthouse or playboy you would need clout and history as a erotic writer and lets assume it is, do you think (((they))) would hire anyone attached to the alt right or manosphere scene? I’m guessing no

    • Charles Bukowski knew how to write good smut. Some of his X-rated stories were published in well-known porn magazines during the 70s and 80s.

      • Yeah, but Bukowski actually had women who were willing to fuck him.

        And he actually got published by “well-known porn magazines” rather than being laughed at by them and having his weird fantasies of being fucked by men passed around as a joke.

        And he didn’t pose as a Christian when his Alt-Right grifting fell apart, which happened after his PUA grifting fell apart.

        You need better analogies.

  12. The “ruin your life” line always exposes that these guys are not dissidents in any way. The implication being that living a “normal” life within clown world is some precious meaningful existence that should not be risked. Just keep your head down, take your hormone treatments, eat your bug paste, and continue to make monthly payments to the mass media streaming service of your choice.

    • There are a ton of formerly anon guys caught up in this thing that have had thier lives ruined for it. Hunter has been posting articles about them, the fed posty ones. Others, have done remarkable damage in their personal lives by alienating their families and friends, or getting doxxed from a piblic event etc.

      These are guys I genuinely feel bad for. Many of them genuinely lacked the life experience even that I have, that gave me enough sense to stay out of piblic view and to only donate through anonymous accounts using crypyo etc. Or even just the general sense to know this thing was becoming an albatross and that it was time to come out loud and clear against these guys for my own protection against legal liability.

      My “normal” life in clownworld is infinitely more valuable to any real movement than being doxxed and disowned by my family, unable to work a job and facing trumped up charges from the DOJ for shit I didnt do. Why should I risk that? For whom?

      TRS? Run by a guy with jewish kids.

      Anglin? Lol, dude isn’t even real. Has anybody even seen him IRL? The CIA probably invented the guy to fuck with us.


      Cantwell? Dude is less stable than anybody I would even trust to repair my vehicle. I sure as hell wouldn’t trust him to inform my worldview.

      Who else is an aspiring “leader” in this wild runaway hayride?

      I honor Hunter because he is honest and without pretense. He’s never begged for money or asked people to foot the bill for his bad judgment like the rest of these goofs have. He has actually done a good job from what I can tell, keeping a safe distance on this stuff so he can protect his family. This is an honorable guy. I wouldn’t follow him into battle, and he would never ask.

      Is there something i am missing? What has come from this that was worth any of us losing what we have?

      • “My “normal” life in clownworld is infinitely more valuable”

        Like I said, you’re not a dissident then. You’re worthless.

        • Unfortunately no progress is going to be made without some people willing to risk their job, reputation, freedom or even their life. We are dealing with an unusually hostile enemy which uses a vast mercenary army of our own people against us.

        • What I am is a credentialed professional in the financial sector with connections to alot of money.

          Worthless? Really?

          I doubt you have a clue what you are talking about if you think that is something better sacrificed to boost the headcount at a tikitorch march.

          Did it ever occur to you folks that there are people who could do more from behind the scenes, and are, than doxxed and unemployed?

          Is that the concensus on here? My contribution is worthless because im not public, regardless of what I would give up?

          Nobody is going to take that seriously. I sure as hell don’t, but if it is what the bulk of folks think…

          • There’s a place for both people on the inside and outside of ClownWorld.

            I think one of the unfortunate results of the Great Optics War was the development of this either-or mentality that swept both sides of the AmNat/WigNat schism.

            The AmNats/Irony Bros mocked people who self-doxed as “losers”, and encouraged everyone to leave the movement as their “lives would be ruined”. That was extremely demoralizing to witness. And yet the “WigNats” were mocking people who preferred working from within the shadows as “cucks”, which was equally foolish.

            There’s value in having people make a stand in public. This movement was a lot more depressing when almost everyone was anonymous. Seeing human faces to represent our movement makes it more relatable. And yet we also need people who have valuable jobs and possibly even political/cultural influence. We need support from “elites”.

            The two sides don’t have to embrace each other publicly, but instead quietly work in tandem.

            The good news is that it seems like the AmNat/WigNat schism is dying down, with butthurt losers like Anglin and Forney trying to stoke the flames to stay relevant. But most people seem like they want to move on and focus on the next chapter in our movement’s history.

  13. A story that doesn’t get nearly enough attention:

    Forney started flipping out and nipping at the ankles of all his superiors about a year ago when it was revealed that—get this—he actually conspired to get Antifa to disrupt an Ann Coulter event.

    Why? As far as anyone can tell, it’s because the event’s host, Jewish Holocaust revisionist David Cole, didn’t respond to Forney’s invitation to hang out with him in LA.

    It’s all documented here:

    He’s a buffoon, but of the school shooter type. A desperate and completely fraudulent individual.

    • Are you fucking kidding me?

      1) He gets spurned by a dude, so he calls leftist goons to attack Ann Coulter.
      2) A girl won’t date him, so he goes on a years-long smear campaign against her, pretending he had no choice, even though she had been silent about him.
      3) He sucks up to one person after the next with more sway then he has. When they inevitably tell him to shoo, it’s another school-shooter I WILL DESTROY YOUR LIVES threat.

      No one gives enough of a fuck about him to try to ruin his life. This cock-obsessed loser is projecting again.

      • “If you don’t agree with me that associating with the Alt-Right will destroy your life, I will do the righteous thing and destroy your life!!!”

  14. All right, it’s time for me to but in and set everyone straight around here….the problem with the recently deceased and unlamented alt-right is that there were no charismatic or competent leaders involved with it, just the usual assortment of flakes, frauds and phonies who are always attracted to “movements”. I guess no one is going to start taking the decline and demise of the white race seriously until we have to fight dark-skinned mobs for that proverbial last remaining loaf of moldy raisin bread on the Dollar Store shelf.

  15. Here’s a good rule to follow.

    Sex is not to be talked about.

    I don’t have a problem with White American guys seeking and getting safe heterosex with adult women of the appropriate age (not young girls, not very old women) – it’s a shame so many think they have to go to Asia or Eastern Europe for this to happen.

    White Americans of limited financial ways and means managed to get heterosex in the Old Wild West, mining camps in Alaska and the Yukon, but it’s pretty much not happening now on the campuses of the Yale University, University of Chicago.

    The gossip about Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh or The Prairie Home Companion Garrison Keeler touching some woman’s back inappropriately or Fox News host #1 guy Bill O’Reilly getting fired for saying “hey good looking” to some good looking Black woman getting off the elevator – all of this American S*$&@ is judged to be ridiculous by folks from places like Brazil, Europe.

    My Russian great aunt living in Paris France shook her head over the Garry Hart sex scandal that took down his leading Presidential campaign.

    She said:

    “You Americans take these sexual things so seriously. Here in France President Mitterand has a mistresses, everyone knows this and understands because his wife is a Communist and very ugly”.

    Anybody here surprised that Bill Clinton wasn’t faithful to Hillary?

    • Jaye ryan.This is true ,here in Brazil we laugh about this “muh harassment” almost everyday.Some months ago some retarded model tried to accuse Neymar of “rape”.But she filed the case in here in Brazil,now shes ‘s in trouble.Had she filed in the JewSA Neymar would be prosected and she would have gotten a TV Talk Show.

  16. I’ve noticed a pattern. An unbroken one, in fact. Matt Forney is consistently guilty, in spades, of everything he accuses others of.

    Notice how he never calls anyone handsome or successful?

    The most recent titanic failure: Terror House Magazine. Holy shit. Is it even cracking the 2 million mark at this point? All that effort at attempting to peddle a huge nothing. It encapsulates his life.

    Also: He actually pays brain-damaged wiggers to rap for his site:

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