Trump Has Been Reading Yoram Hazony

Oh, well that explains it:

Nationalists were aggravated by the speech.

“America First” is nothing more than rebranded conservatism with a new set of dog whistles. The centerpiece of the speech was Trump’s utter subservience to Israel and Saudi Arabia, “fighting anti-Semitism” and his warmongering against Iran which is a regional power in the Middle East. He can call his belligerent neoconservatism “America First,” but it doesn’t make it so.

Blompf is against “globalism,” but he wants to spend trillions of dollars on the military to preserve the liberal world order. He is against “policing the world,” but that is exactly what he proposes to do in Iran. He is against NAFTA which was the most horrible free trade deal in history, but he wants to replace it with USMCA. His gripe with NATO is that it costs too much, but he has expanded it to include Montenegro, has armed Ukraine, has withdrawn from the INF Treaty and is sending troops to Poland.

Ronald Reagan cut taxes and regulations. He presided over an increase in military spending and illegal immigration. Political correctness intensified under Reagan. He promised to Make America Great Again. Supposedly, Trump’s nationalism is a sea change from Reagan’s conservatism. In reality, the changes are purely cosmetic and this could be the Marco Rubio presidency.

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  1. Zionism vs Globalism or is it all the same damn thing? A parade of despicable people being front men or women for the evil behind the curtain.

    Never, ever trust a man wearing a Brioni suit. It’s almost guaranteed he sold his soul for it.

    • Globalism is a simile for Zionism. But you know that. You are correct about the Brioni suits. They are status signaling items. The public token of belong to a particular (((club))). I wouldn’t trust any-one who is tacky and stupid enough to pay so very much for frankly tacky, rather ordinary clothing.

  2. It’s funny that an Israeli would advocate for “nationalism” when the existence of his nation is dependent upon leveraging the global jewish diaspora to secure the protection of the American empire. If America were also nationalist, it would rightly view Israel as an enemy state and withdraw protection, leading to Israel being wiped out by its neighbors.

    But that is assuming he is speaking in good faith, which is not a good assumption.

  3. This sounds like something Jared Kushner leaked even though Trump never reads anything other than the WaPo’s sports section.

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