Axios: Trump Is Planning To Cut Refugee Resettlement To Record Low

This is nice.


“The Trump administration is proposing to cut the number of refugees permitted to resettle in the U.S. next year to just 18,000 — down from a record-low of 30,000 last year, according to a State Department press release on Thursday. …

In addition, Trump issued an Executive Order on Thursday evening instructing the federal government to resettle refugees only in jurisdictions where state and local governments have consented to receive those refugees, with “limited exceptions.” …”

These four cuts in the refugee cap are the sole bright spot that comes to mind in the Trump administration’s immigration record. It’s not nothing, but a 12,000 a year cut in the annual intake of refugees doesn’t come close to making up for the huge surge in illegal immigration.

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  1. Functionally, this means nothing because they don’t enforce the borders, or deport any meaningful amount of invaders. It’s just a bone for 2020 MAGAsuckers. Typical federal BS.

  2. The cut in “refugees” to only 12,000 is not as bad as 30,000, true. If the quota were cut to zero or, even better, negative (as in mass deportations) that would be real progress. The first ones deported should be the people in charge of the refugee resettlement agencies, all of them, in spite of them being citizens.

  3. Drumpf is “planning to?”. That’s a laugh. And whatever he actually does,

    will – if he wins – be immediately undone post-election. The

    average “refugee resettlement” shitskin insourcing will continue to be c. 3,000/month.

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