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  1. Speaking of links in the sidebar, you should know that Mindweapons in Ragnarok has been deplatformed by WordPress recently (along with some others.) They’ll probably be back eventually, but they’re down for now.

  2. Good info Hunter i’ve been needing something to replace my previous daily stormer readings gone two weeks without reading their usual bullshit and even tho i enjoyed the occasional article at ds, it wasn’t worth it in the longrun.

    Striker is a passionate debater, speaker/political analyst,activist and i look forward to reading his new site

  3. Eric Striker is a wealth of knowledge. I prefer lists to him without Mike Enoch or David Duke not allowing him to get a word in edgewise.

    • “I prefer lists to him without Mike Enoch or David Duke not allowing him to get a word in edgewise.”

      Striker not getting a word in edgewise? LOL! In what alternative reality does THAT happen???

      • Really?

        Duke must have gills because he goes on and on without taking a breath. I already know his political positions on most topics. Personally, I am more interested in hearing what his guests have to say.

        I enjoy Strike and Mike, but when they have a guest, Enoch tends to suck all the air our of the conversation.

        We must be listening to these shows with selective hearing.

        Anyway, National Justice is Striker’s baby.

  4. I applaud the effort, but his site is a bit too crude-looking and harsh (not the content; the site design). Just a tad more aesthetic polish would make it more appealing to– well, normies aside, let’s at least say, to fence-sitters. I like the aesthetic approach of, say, the AfD web site. Just a thought.

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