Financial Self-Improvement: How to Save Money in a Globohomo World

In an era of increasing government, increasing global conflict, and increasing handouts for semi-human third-worlders, it can be difficult to hold onto your hard-earned money. There is plenty of literature available on building a budget and what percentage of income you need to set aside, but I find that the particular execution is not spelled out. Hopefully, this will give you some insight on how to effectively set aside your money for a rainy day.

Step one: Identify your major expense categories

Where does your money go every month? Common ones usually include:

  • Mortgage/Rent
  • Groceries/Food
  • Car payment/car repair
  • Gifts

Also take a hard look at each expense: How much do I truthfully spend every month on these expenses?

Step two: Set up separate bank accounts with separate banks

The easiest way to make sure you don’t overspend on a certain category is to keep that money in a separate account! As an example: My primary debit card is with a major national bank, but I transfer $45 every week into an account with a small local bank for future car expenses. I then tore up the pre-paid debit card associated with that local bank account so I cannot be tempted to quickly spend those funds.

My justification is: It takes one or two days to transfer funds from the local bank to my primary account, so I’ve removed any temptation to use those funds for impulse purchases.

Similarly, set up separate accounts with separate banks for the following categories (and maybe more if you need):

  • Long term savings (for major purchases like a home or car)
  • Short term savings (for potential emergencies like a medical bill)
  • Christmas/Birthday/Wedding Gifts
  • Car repair fund

Step three: Set up a recurring transfer to each account

Staying on budget can be difficult, even for a low-time preference white man. Therefore, remove the guesswork and simply automate your savings. After you have the total of your recurring expenses (mortgage, car payment, groceries, power bill, etc), then subtract that from the total of your paycheck. The remaining amount should be transferred on a recurring basis to various savings categories.

How often should funds be transferred? I recommend you auto-transfer funds however often you are paid. If you’re paid weekly, then do it weekly. If you’re paid bi-weekly, then do it bi-weekly. Etc.

Here’s an example of how I transfer funds to the four categories in step two:

  • Long term savings: $150 weekly
  • Short term savings: $70 weekly
  • Christmas/Birthday/Wedding gifts: $15 weekly
  • Car repair fund: $45 weekly

Perhaps those numbers will be different you, but this should give a flavor on how to arrange the transfers.

The secondary effect of auto-transfers is that most of your budgeting is done for you! You don’t have to skimp on groceries if you need new tires, or forgot about your cousin’s wedding gift, etc. Also, the amount of money in your primary debit card account will be more reflective of how much you have to spend this pay period!

Step four: What type of bank account should I use?

For the long term and short term saving categories, I recommend a high yield online savings account. (As of this writing, Citi offers an online savings account with a 2.21% interest rate, for example. Aim for an interest rate of at least 2%.)

For the gifts and car repair categories, I would recommend a simple savings account with a local bank.

Lastly: If you are worried that you’ll be tempted to use these funds for impulse purchases, then tear up the card associated with that account. Better safe than sorry!

Please note: By federal law, savings accounts can only have six withdrawals per month, so make sure not to withdraw too frequently from those accounts!

Final Thoughts            

Calculate how much you can save each month, and then divide that into the four categories in Step Three.

Set up separate bank accounts for those categories (so the money will be difficult to access for an impulse purchase), and arrange recurring auto-transfers to each account.

Remember: Rome was built brick by brick, and your savings will be built the same way – week by week, and dollar by dollar.

Give yourself the financial flexibility to avoid Jewish credit cards and bad debt. Taming your finances is a necessary first step if you are to be able to be a proper dissident in clown world.


  1. You missed one of the biggest, medical.
    I know some ppl paying more for medical insurance than their mortgage and groceries, combined.

    Pro tip, get and keep a current passport, you may have to go overseas to get affordable medical care, to keep from being financially ruined. Example: quad bypass in USA , at least $250,000; in Thailand , abt $20,000 ( by a Harvard degreed doctor).

  2. What about just saving cash? Why use a bank at all? Only helps Jews. If we all saved cash it would decrease their power. Also Bitcoin and Gold. If you can afford it.

  3. Great job on the blog upgrade. The top looks like Amren with feature stories. Let’s do some more fundraising like Vdare does. Great job Hunter.

  4. A “high yield” savings account only pays 2% annual interest? You need at least $5,000 in it just to cancel the monthly fee and leave some interest left. Plus interest income is taxable income, so the IRS gets a cut as well. Not much incentive to open one IMHO.

      • Since 1930, when the jew Eugene Myer drove America into a depression, hoping to foment a communist revolution. Also, Arthur burns(tein) and massive inflation , taking us off the gold and silver standard. All the while pumping massive assets to their (fellow Whites) in banking.

        • I shouldn’t have written that like that. I know the problem goes back to the early 1900’s. I was just referring to the most recent point when people who try to save some money got jobbed by bank rates.

  5. You should save at least half of your net pay. For example you clear $500 a week, you should save at least $250.

    Naturally, you want to get the best interest rates on your money you can. S&L’s (Savings & Loans) generally pay better interest rates than commercial banks. But, not always.

    When you buy a car shop around for the lowest interest rate, a good car dealer can help you with this, but, you have to be aggressive with them, and always be willing to walk out the door.

    If you have a 401k that matches take advantage of it. Even if you only elect for 3% which is plenty in your 20’s, 30’s even early 40’s. You can always hit it hard later.

  6. You left out the fact that Faggots eat shit off of each other dicks, they drink semen and have every disease known to man. They are the most vile and most hated group of people and they always will be no matter that the msm reports to their feeble viewers and readers.

  7. I have enough self-control to “limit” myself to one savings account. Sure is simpler than this. You should also try to avoid paying any interest at all.

  8. I use a couple of credit carts that pay cash rebates. They offer some consumer protections that cash/debit cards don’t. The two key things with credit cards are: Don’t use them if you are undisciplined and fail to pay monthly statement balance in full and on time and never use them (or debit cards) for any purchases that you don’t want on your Big Brother data base.

  9. 1. Get rolls of American Eagle silver dollars from
    2. Spend $2k+ ( total – not on each, ) on these cryptos : Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, DigiByte, Reddcoin, Steem, Theta, Raven Coin and maybe Dash and Monero. Keep on hard wallet.
    3. Research BEST extended warranty on home and car(s). Buy them.
    4. Plan great non gmo meals. Make 4 to 5 days worth at once and freeze in small containers. Also grow organic garden in yard :
    5. Start side hustles. Build one into your dream business.
    6. Get back in shape, but … because you never know, get short term and long term disability insurance.
    7. Pray daily and get right with God.

  10. I became interested in gold and precious metals, once it was explained to me that having your money in a bank account is loaning the bank your money. The fees fees banks charge to borrow your money are high, the interest they pay is terrible, not enough to cover what they shave off by printing more of it. Also if there is an economic collapse and a run on the banks, despite the government guarantee, you will not get your money back.

    I understand the investment rich people favor is buying properties and charging rent for them. The rich do not work, they get other people to support them.

  11. How does it work in the USA? When transfering funds or during withdrawals, do you pay service fees or are transactions for free? In South Africa the transaction fees are very high.

    Very worrying:

    Also the prepper group, where I never was certain if it was a scam or goverment inflitrated (or can be closed very fast by government intervention and this restricts its range of flexibility if one permanently has to watch over your shoulder not to transgress any legal requirement, where the legal system is loaded against you), has now been joined by (not young anymore, pensioners but highly experienced combat veterans) an ex old South African Defense Force Special Forces colonel and a colonel who one was the Regimental Sergeant Major (did a officers conversion course) of the South African parachute battallion (Parabats), those that went into deep infiltration operations into Cold War Angola.These persons one can classifiy as being once having being big wigs, thus serious personalities. The parabat colonel warns big trouble is lying ahead and blood might flow. Not good. Very worried where everything may lead to. The problem is the last military conscript intake was in 1993 (compulsory service was then stopped) and us that still underwent the very rigorous before 1994 training are entering Volkssturm/Dad’s Army age and our skills are rusted (if this can compensated by many years of life experience yet has to prove itself in reality). The post 1993 youth (from my, this would be in your terms a Vietnam vet age perspective, in reality those “youth” have become todays adults and they again begot children) have no military training whatsoever.

  12. Not mentioned, one of the single best things you can do is cut your cable/satellite subscription out.
    It’s pure (((filth))) to begin with, and will net you a savings of $1200 a year easily.

  13. My advice for saving money is to make more money. Jews have turned America into one big cash grab, wanting a better community is a goal not a reality. This country is not our friend. I can not rip off innocent people aka the little guy but i have no problem syphoning money from the economy in practices i would want illegal in a sane country eg crony capitalists give aways.

    I suggest grifting off of conservative Inc, i do not endorse grifting off of civ nat 2016 trump positions. The wall may be a few decades too late but those people’s hearts is in the right place.

    Instead i suggest grifting off of cuckservatives. Anyone who would want a t shirt with “capitalism saves lives” is beyond hope and the best thing we could do is syphon as many resources away from those people and into our coffers.

    This has actually grown easier as Boomer conservatives die off, X’er conservatives LOVE horrible pop art, and really shit tier products. X’er conservatives desperately want to still be cool and to show horn in their love for low taxes into the mainstream.

    Simply rebranding popular memes/trends/iconography with a conservative twist will have 45 year old X’er conservatives throwing cash at you.

    While pulling my hair out over the bad takes coming from the alt right in 2018 i made over 5k on beer cozys during the kavanaugh confirmation with the shittiest design(probably helped) imaginable.

    *Kavanaugh is terrible and any pro white shilling for kavanaugh is a fucking a retard.

    **My advice for conservative grifting is basically just repackage cuckservative memes/themes for sale. The more cucked the better.

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