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After giving this a considerable amount of thought, I have introduced four new changes to improve Occidental Dissent as we move ahead into 2020:

1.) The biggest change is the layout. I’ve altered the theme to change how it displays from a chronological list of recent posts to a static page of categories. This should make the site more organized and prevent good content from getting pushed too far down the page. I’ve also added a classier font. If you prefer to browse the site in the old layout, click the Archive tab in the header.

2.) The second change is that we are adding more writers to post content to the categories. My friend Bellerophon will be posting Finance and Health and Fitness articles and hopefully to other topics.

3.) The third change is that the Recent Comments tab is back on the sidebar. This should make it much easier for readers to follow active discussions.

4.) The fourth change is that we have finally adopted the civility rule to quell the flaming and trolling in the comment section.

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  1. It’s a little weird to have the most recent articles so far down the page, but maybe we’ll get used to it

  2. Could you perhaps change the font you’re using on the article titles? It’s very grating on the eyes and interrupts the flow.

  3. Hunter- please go back to your old layout- the new one smacks of a desperation to imitate the daily stormer or renegade tribune- the problem with your layout is it doesn’t work- it’s just confusing and annoying – go back to your old format

  4. You will lose traffic by abandoning the simple chronological blogroll. It looks better than the present mess and it is easier to see at a glance if there is anything new on the site. I urge you to go back to the blogroll format.

  5. Two things.

    1) I don’t like the new site. Yeah, I know- who cares what I think? But there you are. You asked for opinions.
    2) Civility- Pagans and Liberals cannot be civil, Brad. I thought you understood that.

    In relation to point #2, above, I wish to joyously report that Cambria Will Not Yield is back online.

    And to prove my point (#2) I would like to quote him:

    “The antique Europeans had faith, they loved much. And we have lost their faith, the faith that He is with us all through the night. We cannot replace the loss of that faith by celebrating the end of racism and/or the triumph of democracy. Just the opposite is the case. We need a return to racism, which is white pietas, and we need an end to democracy, which is the reign of Satan, and a return to Christian Europe.

    Four more years of Trump might mitigate, ever so slightly, the liberals’ onslaught on the white race. But his re-election will not change the course of liberalism nor will it do anything to restore that which must be restored, our Christian European heritage. We need to step outside the liberals’ realm entirely and embrace the Star of Faith that leads us fearless through the night of liberalism toward the morning of Christian Europe. We can’t be part of their realm. Yet, as their realm, the liberals’ realm, becomes more blatantly satanic, our churchmen have become more blatantly pro-liberal and anti-Christian. At some point we must remember what we were and see what we have become. That which was lost was and is our hope and our glory; that which we have now constitutes “the horror, the horror.” “

  6. HW the old layout was much better and easier to navigate. As I mentioned before why would anybody want old articles and news first? Do yourself and others who enjoy your blog, go back to the old format of dated articles not old dated articles first, it doesn’t make sense. Also I see in #4, are you the thought police now like many liberal sites? Don’t you believe in the 1st amendment whether it’s flame or not? From what I’m guessing you are the thought police now which is totally against the principle of this blog, it makes you a hypocrite!

    • This isn’t a free speech website.

      If anyone could post anything they wanted, the comments would be overwhelmed with fed posting and we would get deplatformed like 8chan. The flaming and trolling detract from the comments and have long been an eyesore. It discourages the more civil, educated and intelligent readers from posting here. We lose far more people than we attract because of the flaming and trolling.

    • Don’t you believe in the 1st amendment whether it’s flame or not?

      Ha, ha. This site and its proprietor isn’t the U.S. Congress.

  7. “This isn’t a free speech website.” -Hunter Wallace

    I see your priorities are with leftist communist ideals. So you decide who is more civil, educated and intelligent? You sound like Carl Marx. I can see where this is going but do understand about the fed posting being toxic. Why would any anonymous (in your words, more civil, educated and intelligent) person be afraid of posting, after all they are anonymous? You sound like your above everybody else with your language. Let me tell you and hate to break your big brain Sargon of Akard bubble, you’re not.

    • It’s really a choice.

      We can have fed posting and be deplatformed OR stay online and post content.

      We can have the current flaming and trolling in the comment section OR we can have more civil, intelligent and educated discussions in the comments.

  8. Yes numba four is needed, the wild screams from CI bashers is an abomination!
    Thank you Hunter wallace.

    Praise yahweh and his great natural order!

  9. Loathe the changes. Site is hard to read and the comments section is utterly confusing. Won’t be coming around here much anymore; sorry. I have enough headaches IRL to deal with. Adios!

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