Refugee Influx Into Greece Hits Highest Level In Three Years

Liberalism is the philosophy of Western suicide.

The cost of the liberal world order is the demise of Western civilization.


“MORIA, Greece (AP) — There’s no room left at Europe’s largest refugee camp. …

As Heideri reached Lesbos in late August, the rate of arrivals hit the highest level since a European Union crackdown on migration three years ago.

Lesbos and other Greek islands facing Turkey’s mainland were used as a physical barrier to Europe’s mainland — set up with camps, international coast guard patrols, and new restrictive travel rules.

A year ago, Greece quietly relaxed those rules to ease severe camp overcrowding and calm tempers among islanders hurt by the crisis’s impact on tourism. Thousands of asylum-seekers were ferried to the mainland where the state-run camp network was expanded. …

Afghans make up the largest group of new arrivals, followed by migrants from Syria, Congo, and Iraq. …”

This is a stunning video.

“Human rights” ideology has completely disarmed the European elite and rendered them morally incapable of resisting the displacement of the native population by a tidal wave of Third World refugees and immigrants.

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  1. Or the beginning of the Purge of the Xenos, once and for all, from Christendom.

    “In a civilization in which the people have given a place to the incarnate God at their racial and familial hearth fires, a glimpse of heaven is given to all the men and women, no matter how lowly their station in life, who are part of the life of that civilization. Their daily lives become consecrated lives; they partake of His heavenly kingdom, the kingdom that is within human hearts imbued with a love for the Savior. What happens when He is not allowed into a civilization because that civilization is consecrated to reason, science, and the noble savage? The people of that civilization become the citizens of hell, because their daily lives are consecrated to Satan. We must feel the flame and fight back against all the forces of hell. We cannot be neutral: Satan does not take prisoners, he devours the lukewarm. Just as our Lord harrowed hell, we, in imitation of Him, shall defy the flames of hell and cling to our Savior all through the night, until we see His star of faith over Europe once again.”

    Greece has been co-opted by the siren song of the Whore of Babylon – whether you wish to see Merkel, or the Church of Rome under Bergoglio as that, take your pick. All of the BRICS nations were prostituted into believing the sodomite-ruled Berlin ‘Empire’ was somehow, either valid, or moral, WHEN IT IS NEITHER.

    We now know that the Phanar (the Orthodox pseudo-‘Patriarch of Constantinople’) has long been a tool of the American demonic CIA Government.

    Pious Greeks have fought a losing battle since the 1920’s against this ‘modernist’ Orthodox version of what Rome has dealt with, in the aftermath of Vatican Ewww. The following are just a few dates taken from the website linked here:

    “January 1920 – The Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople issues the disastrous Encyclical entitled, “To the Churches of Christ, Wheresoever They may Be”. In this encyclical, they incite the Orthodox Churches to forget their theological differences with the heterodox and enter into dialogue with the heretics, having as their ultimate end the unification of all Christendom as one Church. The encyclical called for the formation of a league of Churches. This ultimately led to the world-wide ecumenical movement.

    April 23, 1920 – Moustafa Kemal Ataturk becomes dictator of the “liberated” country of Turkey. He liberated it through much bloodshed, mainly from Ottoman rule. He was a high level member of the Italian Masonic lodge in Macedonia, named “Resorta e Veritus”. He will be sure that his fellow masonic members will be placed in the highest offices of the State, including the Patriarchate of Constantinople, while he is head of State until his death in 1938, as can be seen by the future installations of the future Patriarchs Meletios IV, Basil III and Photios II.

    Jan 24, 1922 – Meletios IV is uncanonically enthroned as Patriarch of Constantinople. His deposition as Archbishop of Athens is “lifted” on September 24, due to pressure from the Greek government.

    Sept 9, 1922 – Moustafa Kemal Ataturk, the victorious revolutionary ruler of Turkey, led his troops into Smyrna, as a flotilla of 27 Allied warships-including three American destroyers-looked on. The Turks soon proceeded to indulge in an orgy of pillage, rape, and slaughter. The Western powers, anxious to protect their oil and trade interests in Turkey, condoned the holocaust, remaining silent and refusing to intervene. Included in the list of Allied Powers is: France and Britain, were both well invested in Smyrna, owing to railways, trams, and the electric utility; American interests were in oil and tobacco; France was concerned about collecting on several pre-war loans made to Turkey; and, Italy was determined that the Greeks should not gain dominion in Turkey. Turkish forces then set fire to the city and destroyed her. Of the three million displaced and slaughtered Greeks and Armenians of Asia Minor, 1.5 million were Orthodox Christians.

    1922 – Meletios IV, as Ecumenical Patriarch, recognizes the validity of Anglican Orders! Introduces for the first time kneeling for all those present at Divine Liturgy during the consecration!

    Feb 1923 – The Revolutionary Greek government in Athens removes Archbp. Theokletos of Athens and replaces him with Chrysostomos (Papadopoulos)!

    June 1923 – Meletios IV convenes “Pan-Orthodox Congress” to switch Orthodoxy to the new calendar! All reject it. Meletios IV however switches Constantinople to new calendar, with prior notification by Chrysostomos (Papadopoulos) Archbp. of Athens that the State Church of Greece would agree with the change.

    Sept 20, 1923 – Meletios IV resigns as Ecumenical Patriarch after being ousted by dissatisfied Orthodox people of Constantinople for his false confession of Orthodoxy. He was subjected to assault and battery.

    1924 – Greece votes for abolition of the monarchy. The country becomes republic.

    Mar 1924 – Archbp. Chrysostomos (Papadopoulos) institutes new (papal) calendar for use in Church of Greece. The pious Orthodox Christians of Greece, choosing to use the traditional calendar sanctioned by the holy Fathers, refuse to accept the change, and are persecuted.”


    When Greece, indeed, when ALL of Europe tires of this Blasphemy, this idolatrous worship of the “heresy of Democracy” –

    [ ]

    and when America is removed from her position as ‘leader of the [sic] Free world,’ we may hopefully restore Godly rule by Bishops and Monarchs, once again. Trump is the new Julian the Apostate, and deserves everything the Dems can throw at him. Anathema.

    The ‘End Times’ mentioned in the Bible, happened to the apostate Jews, and Disenfranchised ‘Israel,’ in AD 70. That’s over and done with. We now live in the Reign of Christ, and all His Enemies will perish.

    • Exactly right. “Turn the other cheek”, “the meek shall inherit the Earth”…etc. It took hundreds of years, but this is the end result of the creed of surrender and submission.

  2. “Christianity says All GOD’s Children. THIS is peak Christianity.” Fixed it for ya.

    Universalism is a heresy. God’s Son came to save ONLY those who are ‘Israel.’ [Gal. 6:16]

    That is the clear message of all of history. Roman Catholi-schism CORRUPTED the Faith, to make her EMPIRE coterminous with the Ecumene, or the Inhabited ‘world’ Christ told to bring the Gospel to. This happened at the Schism in 1054 and Rome has been apart from the Faith, ever since, slowly dying over the centuries.

    Modern day Apostate Xtianity is NOT the religion of Christianity. Only GOD’s children are to be saved- it NEVER was a ‘universalistic’ faith- that is the lie of the Heretic. Those who are NOT of those ‘children’, are (as Christ so emphatically said “Ye are of the “SPERM” of Satan” John 8:44 are of another race – that is what the word is, in the Greek NT, when it compares the ‘seed’ of God, and the ‘seed’ of the Devil.

    This is an incarnational war, not a philosophical one. And Jews (for example) are on the OUTS with YHWH, and Christ.

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