The Washington Post Doxxes Coach Finstock

I’ve been sharply critical of the Trump presidency.

Generally speaking, we haven’t gotten the policies that we wanted in 2016, but our investment in Trump hasn’t been a total loss. Underneath the daily churn of American politics, it is true that the country has become much more sharply polarized and that the mainstream media has been thoroughly discredited.

The Washington Post:

“The president of their Leesburg, Va., homeowners’ association, as far as his neighbors knew, was all about the mundane issues of suburbia:

“Stray cats, Ash and other trees, snakes, large trash containers, development, fees for townhomes vs. single family, pool expense, sidewalk and bus stop snow removal,” were the items listed on the agenda that the president, Matthew Q. Gebert, 38, signed off on in the January minutes of the Greenway Farms Homeowners’ Association meeting.

His house on their Northern Virginia cul-de-sac is lovely, already decorated for Halloween and complies with all the association’s mandates to have the bushes and hedges neatly trimmed. The house paint is within the Duron Curb Appeal approved color palette. There are car seats, a pink tricycle and chalk drawings signaling the presence of children.

But those neighbors didn’t know about the swastika-shaped cookies Gebert allegedly served at his private parties, where he hosted some of the white nationalist movement’s key players.

Or about his lively online presence as “Coach Finstock,” where he allegedly pledged his loyalty to white nationalism and said black people should be separated from whites by “an ocean at least.”

The hate figure of Blompf will be gone soon.

What kind of country will Blompf leave behind in his wake though? Among other things, the mainstream Left has embraced political violence and doxxing as legitimate tactics against the mainstream Right. We’ve seen the politicization of the FBI and local law enforcement. Blompf has been labeled a “white supremacist.” Brett Kavanaugh was smeared as a rapist who wanted to turn America into The Handmaid’s Tale.

The Left has spent years filtering the news and American history through the prism of political narratives whether it was with the Russia conspiracy hoax, the 1619 project or now with the Ukraine conspiracy hoax. Most recently, it has caved to the fringe Left and embraced the impeachment of the president as a legitimate tactic.

In response to all of this, Blompf has labeled the mainstream media “The Enemy of the People.” The SPLC works with The Washington Post to dox and smear private citizens. This is the kind of ritual shaming which used to be practiced by the Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union. The ADL bans the OK hand sign and the bowl cut as “hate symbols.” As hard as it is to remember now, the “mainstream” used to be much more effective at repressing dissent because these Jewish disciplinary organizations and the mainstream media still had much greater bipartisan legitimacy than they do today.

Overall, I don’t think we will see Blompf’s true legacy until he is gone from the scene and the Left that has been transformed by his presidency returns to power. We’re already seeing a glimpse of that in the Democratic House and on the 2020 campaign trail. What happens when Blompf is gone and all of his followers wake up like Rip van Winkle and find out that Make America Great Again was a political mirage?

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  1. Which is why Tulsi finally folded.

    I’ll say it while I still can – to be Anti-Jew is NOT to be ‘Anti-Semitic.’

    Because Today’s “Jews” have never been, and never will be, “Semites.”


    • No, Tulsi finally folded because of her connections to the Council on Foreign Relations. She was probably instructed to do so.

      • Tulsi was Yet Another Scam and the Alt-Right fell for it again. Even when they were told she was on the Council for Foreign relations, they kept supporting her.

        Alt-Right don’t research the people they support. They just support based what their influencers tell them and feels. Politicians lie all the time. Lying is what they do. These kids need to wake up.

    • But our granted “rights” are being taken away. Which means they weren’t rights at all, but privileges granted by the kakistocracy. So now they’re taking away the plebe’s “right” to criticize any favored group, because they can. To paraphrase Lardner, “Shut up, White peasant,” he explained.

      In the future, we’ll have to establish freedom of non-kosher expression and thought through force, it seems.

  2. Funny how they never dox child molesters but always innocent people baking swastika cookies like Finstock… Alot of allegedys thrown in that article like they are assuming alot? I dunno heres my favorite part “One of the board members was visibly shaking when she read it online when she saw the profanities in the alleged post and the screen grabbed photos of those swastika cookies” Hahaha lol thats right Ladies and gentleman swastika cookies the ultimate form of evil and hate good job Washington post

    • Denise I totally agree with you. No one who HAS goveled was restored.
      I cannot imagine a SS solider or a Hezbollah fighter doing so.
      We need to be more manly, and the women more womanly.
      We will all need to be so for th future.

      Hunter you were quite the man when you did your OWN doxing of those who have destroyed people’s lives merely for their political viewpoints.

      That Mr Gebert who did nothing ILLEGAL has been SINGLED out by Mr Bezos’ newspaper is a very significant SIGNPOST that the former USA is going the way of Bolshevik Russia.

      You have, with reason, criticized Mr Anglin and his website, yet his call to readers to believe in Christ and it TRUE teachings such as Fr John exhorts us here to do, is really pretty powerful stuff.

      You write in a more traditional manner, which I believe is quite effective, Mr Anglin does it his way, and it may offend SOME but will reach those who are more the run of the mill people.

      He stands FOR morality, I like that.
      OD I found through DS and for that, alone, I am quite grateful.
      Keep us informed, please, Hunter you write superbly well and cover stuff I would not know of otherwise.

      And if folks want to know who is BEHIND the gun confiscation:

  3. “Generally speaking, we haven’t gotten the policies that we wanted in 2016.”

    I did.

    No Clintons in the White House. No no fly zone in Syria. No ISIL victory, no war with Russia, in Syria, over the aforementioned no fly zone. The delay, for a time, of the onset of WWIII.

    Beyond that, I expected and expect, nothing.

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