Haaretz: Clear The Kikes From Ukraine

This is interesting.

I’ve been so focused on American politics and history that I have neglected European politics for the past few years. I wasn’t aware that both the president and prime minister of Ukraine were Jewish. I was also under the impression that the CIA and the Jews had been backing some of these Neo-Nazi groups in order to stoke Ukrainian nationalism against Russia, but apparently there is growing resentment in Ukraine about being under the thumb of the Jews.


“Ukraine will belong to Ukrainians, instead of kikes!”

“Clear the kikes from Odessa and Ukraine!”

The first of these remarks was made by a leader of a Ukrainian far-right paramilitary organization. The other – by Ukraine’s diplomatic consul based in Hamburg, Germany. That they are indistinguishable is a loud warning signal for how far anti-Semitism has penetrated politics in Ukraine. …

That might be counter-intuitive for the only state in the world, except for Israel, where the posts of president and prime minister are both held by people of Jewish descent. The remarks by Hamburg consul Vasiliy Marushchinets in a Facebook post last year caused enormous indignation in foreign diplomatic circles.

During the event, Tatiana Sojkina, Odessa’s “Right Sector” leader, gave a speech calling “to clear kikes from Odessa and Ukraine”: “We will establish real Ukrainian order in Odessa. Ukraine will belong to Ukrainians, instead of kikes! No to oligarchy [a dog-whistle term for “Jewish power”]! Glory to Ukraine!”  …”

Volodymyr Zelensky is the Jewish president of Ukraine who talked to Trump in that phone call which is now being used to justify his impeachment. He was a Jewish comedian and television star before becoming president. We have shabbos in the White House.

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  1. This is interesting is right. Oh, I can’t wait for the next segment. Will it be a comedy flick, an action nail biter, a suspenseful thriller, or a war documentary?

  2. This country or Slavic region? can’t shake the (((Tribe))) it’s been that way since the Byzantine Empire! And very weak when it came to the Huns stopping on them after , let alone the Holodomor which no one can place the blame on (((USSR))) ?

  3. Let me see. The US spends $5 billion — admitted by undersecretary (((Nuland)))– to orchestrate a coup in Ukraine, after which the presidents and at least one prime minister of that country are jews.

    Were jew presidents and prime ministers common there before the US made Ukraine a puppet?

  4. The only anti-Semites in Ukraine are in the separatist militia. Otherwise it is the most philo-semitic country in Europe, even worse than Cuck Island according to a recent poll. I highly doubt that Right Sector has suddenly gone from openly waving Israeli flags and saying “the Jews control us and we are proud of that” (they actually said this) to suddenly talking about cleansing the kikes. I imagine this is fake news.

    • “I wasn’t aware that both the president and prime minister of Ukraine were Jewish.”

      DUH. Sometimes the lack of knowledge of the Eastern part of the Roman Empire, on the part of Westerners, is appalling.

  5. Don`t fan those Ukrainian “nationalists” . They are just local white liberals who changed name on more time again.

    Genetic white liberals using one simple trick all the time. They just changing their name and body. First they infiltrated church, burned witches, then marched away and accused Christians and church for witch burning.

    Second they made French and Russian revolution, then abandoned this and now blaming “uneducated proles”

    Now they are nationalists in Ukraine. Soon they change their name again and blame Nationalism for all bad things happening down there.

    So the liberalism becomes good. And when liberalism becomes toxic, then they change their name again and start fighting liberalism and taking away those small freedoms people still managed to defend.

    And here we go again to the next madness.

  6. If I got kicked out of 109 schools, clubs, jobs, restaurants, churches, I know it would have absolutely nothing to do with me.

  7. That’s exactly what happened. The news and government said Neo-Nazis violently took over Ukraine. Because, you know, Neo Nazis would want to take over their country to force it in the European Union and put all Jews in the top tier of the government (???). Sure. The “Neo Nazis” were shown constantly marching around with color coordinated accessories of their logo — yellow shirts, hats, flags, professionally made signs, because of course Neo Nazis are always funded with huge amounts of money to match perfectly like Cub Scouts. There were two f’ing American Jews in our government caught on tape deciding who they were going to put in the Ukraine government. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2XNN0Yt6D8). And Obama sent the Neo-Nazis huge amounts of our tax dollars to help them fight. Because that makes so much sense. (https://www.rt.com/op-ed/228379-obama-power-transition-ukraine/). And Israel was arming the Neo Nazis. Who’da thunk it. (https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/rights-groups-demand-israel-stop-arming-neo-nazis-in-the-ukraine-1.6248727)

    It was quite a circus to watch. You would have been stunned at how well the staged event worked on TV-watching idiots. I don’t have the links anymore, but there were literally Israeli Jews who went to Ukraine — they were the leaders of the militarized groups because they had training in Israel — and fought in the takeover. A billionaire Jew, who’s name you’d know — I’m sorry I can’t remember it — funded the whole thing.

    Surely you remember the beginning where they were at some public place in Ukraine holding vigils and protesting. I remember watching it live from work with the sound down. There were velvet Jesus type pictures all over the place. Years previous to that, I had read that Ukraine was one of the most Atheistic countries in Eastern Europe. I just thought, what’s with all the velvet Jesus pictures in a political protest? It was overkill and looked odd — because they’ve got to make sure you don’t realize they’re Jews, right?

    And then afterwards, the headlines scream about how much danger Jews are in in the new Ukraine and how there are constant anti-Semitic attacks on them. Sure, all the power holders in the government are Jews now and they were going berserk killing off white Ukrainians — a cleansing — that’s when the Whites were busy bullying the poor chosen ones during all that. Just so f’ing maddening. I’m sure the Jews collected a lot of donations from that lie from idiotic white Zionists.

    And don’t forget the convenient staged plane crash in the middle of all that.

    Ukraine is old Khazar territory, by the way.

    I’ve heard since then from an Eastern European that all the pro-White groups there and in Russia have been infiltrated and completely taken over by Jews for decades. So think of that the next time you pro-Whites want to buddy up with a bunch of Jews like Mike Cernovich, Milo Yiannopoulos, David Seaman, Stefan Molyneux, Lauren Southern, Faith Goldy and all the bevy of beautiful young women who burst onto the scene SIMULTANEOUSLY (stupid pro-White men) along with the men and immediately have 50,000+ subs and immediately are asked to do spots on TV, immediately seem to have unlimited money to make documentaries,fly to Fox News, have no day job, and immediately are embraced by shills like AmRen who say Jews are a valuable part of AmRen and if Whites don’t like it, they can stay away (https://www.amren.com/news/2006/04/jews_and_americ/), And it would be intelligent to think about that before you go to a rigged event with the permit secured by the ACLU and orchestrated by a two-time Obama voter who came out of nowhere like the rest of the “Alt-Right.”

    • It’s nice to find a little gem once in a while…”Ukraine is old Khazar territory, by the way.”

      Thank you, Ken!

    • “The “Neo Nazis” were shown constantly marching around with color coordinated accessories of their logo — yellow shirts, hats, flags, professionally made signs, because of course Neo Nazis are always funded with huge amounts of money to match perfectly like Cub Scouts.”

      Firstoff, precisely none of these guys called themselves “Neo-Nazis,” so there’s no contradiction in the fact that they aren’t behaving like “neo-Nazis.” Having matching uniforms and printing posters hardly requires billions of dollars. If it sounds like a daunting task to basement-dwelling wignats, that’s only a reflection of how incapable they are.

      “I’ve heard since then from an Eastern European that all the pro-White groups there and in Russia have been infiltrated and completely taken over by Jews for decades.”

      Unlike American wignats Eastern European nationalists are winning; they’re keeping the migrants out and the gay crap in check. If they are controlled by the Jews, I guess I have to go thank the Jews.

      • Eastern European “nationalists” aren’t exactly nationalists if they allow foreign troops on their soil are they?

        Part of the deal cut with Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, and the Baltic nations for NATO membership is that they can keep some of their traditional culture in exchange for a slow but steady seeping in of globohomo and racial diversity.

        Check back in in ten years or so, and their will be pride parades in the capitals of everyone of those countries.

      • My point about them dressing alike with copious amounts of matching hats and flags is that it was staged and funded to make sure it was glaringly obvious from photos or video clips on mainstream media to give the viewer a certain impression of them. And that’s the same point I was making about the all velvet Jesus pictures.

        As far as the label, I don’t even know what to call pro-Whites anymore after they started suddenly calling themselves Alt-Right. And what a bunch of idiots. Maybe Whites, even pro-Whites who have done their research for years, just have some kind of genetic defect that makes us want to follow, support and be slaves to Jews. It’s still a mystery to me how that whole “Alt-Right” takeover happened. But I can guarantee you, the media and the enemies of Whites called these “guys” Neo-Nazis. And they are NOT. They are not pro-White. They are carefully created groups by anti-Whites to give the impression of being Neo-Nazis.

        That’s all the time I’m going to spend on your reply. You’re like that Southern-hating Yankee goombah, you’re so confused about the issues, there’s really no point. You’re both just a ball of anger and bigotry towards other Whites. And you’ll get the same from me right back. I would have had a calm discussion with you if you hadn’t started the anti-American shit. My post was NOT against pro-Whites in Eastern Europe. You’re right about that, that they’re the strongest of us all — for many reasons. Old-time Christianity being one of them and because they still have a survival instinct after being enslaved by Jew Marxism for a century, which Western Whites have lost. My post is about fake pro-Whites created by Jews “and their creatures” in Western governments to make sure the public didn’t know that the Jews staged a violent takeover of Ukraine.

        It astonishes me that you think Ukraine is “winning.” I think you would be happier frequenting a blog that spends all day “thanking the Jews.”

  8. These low IQ nazi retards are nothing but tools of ZOG. There is zero chance they will overthrow the Jews who run Ukraine. Anyone trying to suggest there is some momentum building here is wrong. The Ukrainian people voted OVERWHELMINGLY for Zelensky in an epic landslide as a way to give the middle finger to the nazi Galician nationalists who wrecked their country with an illegal CIA lead coup that started a civil war. Voting for a Jew who only speaks Russian and not Ukrainian was an explicit rejection of anti-Jewish, anti-Russian Western Ukrainian nationalism. Zelensky is more sympathetic to Russia and the separatists than the coup regime was.

    We have to be very careful about Eastern European nationalists. Fundamentally, they are not white nationalists in the sense we are. Their nationalism is always primary about hostility towards some other European nation.
    The biggest exception is Russia, which is a multi-ethnic empire like the US. Because of that, many nationalists in Russia are more like us, rejecting narrow chauvinism in favor of white unity. Not all nationalists in Russia are like that of course, but many.

    I want to particularly warn people bout Estonian nationalists. They ape American style white nationalist rhetoric, but it’s entirely superficial and cargo-cultish. The only non-whites in Estonia are the ZOG soldiers that the Estonian nationalists want more of!

    I also think it is certain that pro-ZOG nationalists in Eastern Europe are full of CIA and other ZOG operatives who plan to use these groups to spy on and subvert white nationalists in America and Western Europe. We know for a fact that Right Sector militias were armed and trained by the CIA. Assume any contact you have with Ukrainian or Estonian nationalists is being monitored by the US Deep State.

    We also have a series of incidents that have been underreported where white nationalists in the USA and Western Europe have got into trouble with the law after going to Ukraine. There has always been a faction of the white nationalist movement this is pro-ZOG, pro-nazi and attracts a lot of career criminals and psychopaths. These people tend to stay in tiny NS groups full of informants and undercover police and aren’t a big presence in the movement overall. People like that fought for ZOG in Yugoslavia and were caught trying assassinate the anti-ZOG President of Bolivia among other things.

    Elements in ZOG don’t like using these people. Here is a ZOG report about that latest incident with these types:

    Former U.S. Soldier Wanted For Florida Killings Released From Ukrainian Jail


    “Lang’s case is one of a growing number involving U.S. military veterans, U.S.-based extremists, and white supremacist groups that have cultivated ties with Ukrainian far-right groups. Many of those Ukrainian groups’ members have fought in the five-year war against Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine.

    According to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Florida, where the 2018 killing occurred, Lang and former U.S. Army soldier Alex Zwiefelhofer allegedly robbed a couple in Estero, Florida, in order to fund a plan to travel to Venezuela and fight with an anti-government resistance group there.

    According to the complaint, Zwiefelhofer said he and Lang had fought in Ukraine alongside the far-right volunteer unit, Right Sector.”

    So they were planning to get involved in the CIA gay op against ZOG-critical Maduro. Interesting.

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