Joker Producer: Joker Holds “Mirror To Our Society”

We’re all looking forward to seeing Joker next week.

Every Groyper in America is going to see this movie several times.

New York Post:

“The executive producer of “Joker” has defended the movie over fears it may incite mass shooters — insisting people cannot “run” from the ugliest sides of society.

“Look at what I consider some of the most important films: What have they done? They’ve held up a mirror to our society, and there are times when people don’t want to see that reflection, they want to run from it,” Michael Uslan told the Asbury Park Press.

“They don’t want to acknowledge it because sometimes the reflection shows warts and all, whether it’s biases and prejudices or what’s happened to our society, reflecting the times.” …”

I think it is reasonable to be concerned about violence.

There are people out there like James Holmes, the Aurora shooter, who are nihilists who lack self control and who live in their fantasy world. The vast majority of people who are going to see the movie are not like this and want to see the film as cultural criticism, but this movie is going to be like a dog siren to the actual budding Arthur Flecks of the real world.

American Psycho was that film in my generation. I remember watching that movie and being very moved by it because there was something about it that resonated with me. After I read the book, I realized that the Patrick Bateman character was all around me consuming brand name products, echoing platitudes on television, hanging out at bars and restaurants, moving through disposable relationships and dominating our world. He lacked a healthy sense of identity. Bateman was driven insane by his meaningless life of consumerism and became a sadistic serial killer.

The Joker is a product of this same world. He is a product of the severe cultural disintegration and the mental illness and nihilism it causes in urban areas in advanced liberal societies. I will save further thoughts on this theme until I see the movie. Whereas Bateman represents one of the “winners” in our current social order, Joker represents one of the “losers.”

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  1. Frankly, Brad, I think you are turning into (if I am using this word in its original meaning) a scalawag – as Wikipedia calls it – those ” …white Southerners who supported Reconstruction after the American Civil War.”

    How so? With your continual acknowledgment of your Southernness, while being content to be ‘at ease in the Zion of the North’ – i.e., the ever- increasing usurping realm of the Kushner-flavored Trumpenreich, you seemingly reference history, while not learning from it – apart from, say, the ‘weev’ denunciations, I mean?!
    You acknowledge the early Colonists as Revolutionaries over and over, and you point out their common cry- “Liberty or Death” but by your fear of censure, by your foolhardy attempts to ‘avoid talking about violence’ yet ALLOWING THE JUDAICS to form our minds into their Bernays-programmed worldview by articles like this, while (subconsciously?!) continuing to parrot the party line (e.g., Tarrant bad; Iran war, good) via articles like this, I don’t know…. it seems to bespeak something like a ‘scalawag of the mind’ way of thinking.

    I am aware of all the issues facing the entirety of the USA. I am also aware of the great good you have done to illuminate minds mired in the “System” – I was one of them. But, at the same time, now that Cambria has come back to my purview as a weekly reading I can turn to, I was gobsmacked upon reading this, today:

    “I have not seen a news story from the official establishment media for over three years. There is no need to reference such ‘news’ sources because they are simply propaganda outlets for liberalism.”

    “…even though the alternative news sites are more accurate than the mainstream ones, there is a great danger involved if we do more than dip our toes into the world of news, even if that news is gleaned from the alternative sites. Because, whether the news comes from the formal propaganda agencies of the liberal establishment or the alternative news sites, we are still swimming, or at least attempting to swim, in the moral quicksand of liberalism. We are trying to find a spiritual homeland amongst a people, the liberals, who despise the spiritual homeland of the European people. Why did “Dixie” become the national anthem of the Southern people? It became their anthem because the song spoke to their hearts, invoking the sacred image of a spiritual homeland that they could love and defend against the invader. “I’ll take my stand to live and die in Dixie.” All political revolutions are preceded by a moral revolution in the hearts of the people. We live under a political oligarchy opposed to all things white and Christian because the European people have given up their spiritual homeland, incarnate Europe, in return for the right to live in Liberaldom. We are now spiritual orphans, dependent on the mercies of the liberal overseers of the orphanage for our every need. Have they tended to our needs? No, they have not given us anything close to what was provided for us in incarnate Europe; they have left us bereft of everything that makes life bearable – the love of kith and kin and the love of a personal Savior greater than reason, science, and the noble savage.”

    If that resonates at all with you, I would only hope that ‘civility’ and a ‘new format’ does not merely define a continuing ‘laissez-faire’ attitude of compromise with the World, the Flesh, and the Devil, as it were.

    Because you DO have something to say- but, as Luther said, ‘I fight against sin every day.’
    The battle is not to the strong, but sometimes, merely to those who merely engage in ‘a long obedience in the same direction.’


  2. Can we also say that mental secession must always precede actual political secession? In that regard how many of us have actually mentally seceded from this system under which we live?

  3. Brad has changed his views and political affiliations like most people change underwear. The guy has some serious mental imbalance going on. Oh well glad that I’m just here for my own entertainment and amusement now.

  4. Only Jews would flesh out such salacious characters. I’m glad Christopher Nolan did such a good job with his Batman trilogy before this. His Batman had a sense of noblesse oblige, he believed in redemption and sacrifice. Even the very first villain in the series, Ra’s al Ghul had the same sense of noblesse oblige and sacrifice – albeit inverted. Even Bane was a noble adversary.

    This Joker speaks to the lowest common denominator. The Jewish art of proclaiming the ugly beautiful and the ignoble noble. Your hero is actually the villian and your greatest aspiration is nihilism!

    I plan on missing this one, but have fairly high hopes for Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming version of Dune.

    • You think Nolan did a good job with his trilogy? Pfft memes aside he did a shit job on his batman films tho I would say Dark knight was decent and had its moments but the nolan trilogy for me overall was too bleek an boring and the pacing was slow.

      Nolan had bad script writers they guffed the whole thing up! Bale was a good batman but he was given such dregs to work with Nolan is no idealist I tell you. Morgan Freeman annoyed the fricking hell out of me too I hate that stupid untalented prick and I didn’t care much for Michael Caines pennyworth but it was a lesser offence compared to Freeman’s Lucuis Fox ugh whatever fanboy rant over Btw Liam Neeson’s Ra’s al Ghul was complete crap Gotham show one was way better

      • Yeah, Nolan did a good job. Personally I think Dark Knight Rises was the best of the series because Tom Hardy played a such a compelling villian. You find yourself rooting for Bane as much as you do Batman. They both know civilization is crumbling around them and they are both willing to sacrifice everything to achieve their respective goals. But Bruce Wayne making the climb shows that even Bane didn’t have the guts to truly risk everything. Something tells me the new Joker doesn’t include any covert messages about optimism and faith.

        I’ll give you this, the Batman trilogy was Christopher Nolan’s swan song. Interstellar was too CGI driven and pretentious. He hit it too hard with the strong womyn and valorious negro angle. He did a much better job with Inception, that was a genuinely outstanding movie to see in the theater. The ensemble cast working together was believable.

        • Bro Bane was literally the only good thing about Dark Knight Rises, everything else about the film pissed me off and bored me to death. Tom Hardy was a okay bane but the stupid goatse mask?! And thats another thing that pisses me off bout Nolans shitty redesigns. He’s “fixing” stuff that isn’t even broken, Banes previous mask was better looking he worked better as a minor villain with brute strength and combat

          I dunno I just didn’t care for how Nolan directed the batman films, so many things about it irked me I don’t think Nolan is even a batman fan himself and it shows in the end product it was just a big fat paycheck to him. Sometimes I think the disastrous schumaker batman films were somehow better in certain parts. Come to think of it most batman live action films were disappointing to me the tim burton ones were the films i enjoyed the most but far from my fanboy criticism. The animated tv shows and films I enjoy more. Its less room for hollywood ego and more accurate comic book content. I think thats one thing we can agree on, that inception was were Nolan was good for haven’t seen interstellar yet but heard others say its bs too

      • You’re not dumb Ron… sportsball is way worse for you anyway no matter how bad comic films can negatively influence you, but i don’t see much 80’s nostalgia in this film honestly which is sort of a shame

  5. As a DC fan I’m seriously pissed off bout this joker film but I’ll probably end up seeing it one way or another. Especially if my brother or one of my friends buys me a ticket Phoenix looks like a crap Joker and I don’t like the plot but whatever we’ll see

  6. Oddly, no one to the best of my knowledge has never been inspired to do anything as the result of reading a Stephan King novel or anything from thousands of horror movies out there. Japanese were known to watch plenty of mayhem but this did not translate into people being inspired by it.

    I’m not sure if I will bother watching this movie. I’m tired of all the ‘duh-versity’ and girl power BS and at best I’ll hit it up from the library or maybe the thrift store for a $1.

  7. @Brad, you’ve been a White Nationalist, Ethno-Nationalist, Alt-rightest, Conservative, Southern Nationalist, Golden circle advocate, Trump supporter, and Yang supporter. As I said all over the page signs of someone who has a mental imbalance.

    • Kevin,

      I don’t think my worldview has changed much at all over the years. I think you are multiplying labels.

      I’ve always been a nationalist, a populist and a reactionary. I’ve always had the same racial views. I’ve always been an authoritarian social conservative. I’ve always been an economic populist or “paleo-progressive” on economics. I’ve always leaned toward an isolationist foreign policy.

      I’ve always been pro-White. I’ve always been strongly pro-South. I’ve always been an independent voter. I’ve always hated mainstream conservatism. I’ve always been deeply interested in history.

      It’s funny you bring this up because I was just thinking about how little I have changed this week while redesigning the blog with the new categories based layout. I’m writing about the exact same subjects that I was posting about on forums 17 years ago.

      No, the only real change in my life in nearly 20 years of posting on the internet has been my view of Christianity. I used to be an atheist with lots of Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris books. I later became a Lutheran. But aside from that, I haven’t changed at all since my early twenties.

    • It seems to me that you are the one who has changed your views. You come here to tell us every single day. It’s kind of amusing how you “left the movement,” but comment here more regularly that most of the other commentators. You would think that after “leaving the movement” that your life wouod have moved on by now, but that isn’t the case.

      • Just sour grapes from Kevin here Hunter, obviously he’s out of the loop. Cause youve moved on from Yang 8 months ago you written numerous articles explaining why and Trump supporter?! How many times has Hunter critique and analyzed the disastrous (((blumpf administration)))? Kevin I think you are the one with the mental imbalance my friend

  8. No, not “dumb”, Arian.

    I used to live in that city and can easily see why it would send a person over the edge, and how many people did go over the edge. The city I live in now is child’s play in comparison to NYC in the 80’s.

    My money is going to Jews anyway, rigged system. But you already knew that. I hope the movie shocks people and makes them think about it. How fragile things really are. NYC in the 80’s was truly insane. The movie uses it for effect.

    I don’t have a problem with the Jews putting this out. They are overplaying their hand again, showing what happens under their control. Chaos, NYC is the Jew’s city. They run it.

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