Japan Is Going Through a Virginity Crisis

Japan tells us a lot about liberal democracy and free-market capitalism.

It currently has the title of being the oldest country in the world. It has one of the lowest birth rates of any major country in the world. It is going through a virginity crisis. 1 in 10 Japanese men are incels in their thirties because the country is obsessed with work and materialism.

CBS News:

“Tokyo — All around the world, young people are having less sex than previous generations. At the forefront of the so-called global “sex recession” is Japan, which has one of the lowest fertility rates on Earth, and it could serve as a cautionary tale for the U.S. and other industrialized countries.

Shota Suzuki works as a building custodian in Tokyo. After work, he likes to hang out in an area known for anime and manga with his friends. But at 28, Suzuki has never had a romantic relationship, and he’s pessimistic that he ever will.

 “Yes, I’m a virgin,” he told CBS News. “I would like to get married, but I can’t find a partner.”

A review of Japan’s National Fertility Survey reveals virginity is on the rise; one out of every 10 Japanese men in their 30s is still a virgin. That puts Japan’s virginity rate well ahead of that of other industrialized nations. …”

Japan is dying.

It is dying in spite of its ethnic homogeneity and relative lack of immigration. It is dying because the values of its system are so toxic that its people have given up on the family. They lack both the will and the ability to perpetuate their race and nation.

Japan’s birth rate has hit its lowest level since records began in 1899.

The number of births last year fell to a post-war low of 918,397 – a decline of 27,668 since the previous record low in 2017. …

The ministry predicts the number of births will continue to decline.

Last year, the number of deaths jumped by 22,085 from the previous year to 1,362,48 – the most since the end of the Second World War. …”

Even without Jews, the Western system is toxic.

The birth rate in South Korea is 1.17. It is even lower than Japan’s birth rate. In contrast, the birth rate of the Philippines is 2.96, the birth rate of Laos is 2.70, the birth rate of Cambodia is 2.96. These poor countries in Asia have something that their developed neighbors lack.

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  1. Before Bob Whitaker died he made a prediction. He said the world will empty out due to collapsing birthrates. He included blacks in his prediction.

    So all we have to do is survive and the Earth will be ours.

    • “It is dying in spite of its ethnic homogeneity and relative lack of immigration. It is dying because the values of its system are so toxic that its people have given up on the family. They lack both the will and the ability to perpetuate their race and nation.”

      I don’t agree with this take. Nobody is forcing Japanese men – or White men, for that matter – to stay single and not have kids. Men are choosing to do that. Granted, in many cases, they are choosing to do that because it’s the rational thing to do. But then they shouldn’t be labeled as victims or as forgotten men. That’s letting them off the hook for their own choices.

      I firmly believe that the rise of Incel culture is 100% the manifestation of entitlement and coddling that has plagued the West for decades. We’ve seen the stories of single, childless women in their mid 30s who wonder “where all the good men have gone,” and we all know they are paying the just consequences of their lifestyle from their 20s. Well, the same rules apply to boys: If you are an Incel, its not because you literally don’t have good options, which is a load of BS. Its because you feel entitled to Taylor Swift in the same way that single, childless mid 30s chicks felt entitled to Luke Bryan.

      We could get rid of capitalism and classical liberalism entirely, replace it with Heuy Long or Eugene Debbs style socialism, and it wouldn’t change a damn thing about the Entitlement mentality that exists on both sides (pun fully intended). I know this take is not well received among populists, but I’m gonna say it anyway: A culture that preaches that you are entitled to economic goodies like Social Security, healthcare, a good paying job, a pension, etc. just because you exist, is a society that naturally gives way to men and women thinking they are entitled to spouses that are: 1. Completely out of their league. 2. That will somehow magically fall in their lap without any effort.

      In modern society, the strong figure out that they’ve been conned and lied to, and they adjust their attitudes and their lived accordingly, The weak whine and complain that bad people conned them. I’d encourage you to think about that Hunter, as you are one of the smartest thinkers I’ve seen in the Movement

      • Not Really.In Brazil,the Incels are starting to get momentum,and there is no mentality of entitlement here(or at least considerably less than the USA).I am afraid the system is more to blame on this,saying that modern man is entitled is putting excessive pressure on young men and radicalizing them(mostly women say these things,”you are not a real man if you cannot attract a girlfriend).

      • DO84,

        You are missing a very important and criminally underreported phenomenon that has been affecting Westen men in North America, Europe, Australia , and New Zealand.

        For the past 40-50 years, the sperm concentration has decreased by an alarming 52% and total sperm court has plummeted by an incredible 59%!!!

        Multiple studies have been conducted by universities and government health agencies over many decades in the nations being affected by this fertility crisis.

        So far, analysis of sperm concentration and sperm count in South America has not shown any decrease.

        Among researchers, environmental and lifestyle appear to the culprits, but no one yet understands exactly how this situation began or how to reverse it .

        Therefore, it can be assumed that there are millions of men who want to have children, but cannot because they fall into the subfertile or infertile spectrum.

  2. Japan went from the most powerful and feared nation in the Pacific eighty years ago to this. This is the same nation that controlled tens of thousands of square miles of territory and fought to the death over every square inch of it. Even after the second atomic bombing, which they knew they had no defense against and no reply to, the war cabinet was mostly opposed to surrendering. The personal intervention of the Emperor was required to end the war.

    The American culture of GloboHomo, mass consumption, and money chasing for its own sake didn’t really ripen though until the early 1970’s in the U.S. When Japan was still relatively poor in the 1960’s they had a growing population recovering from the war. The U.S. enjoyed a population explosion after WWII and mass prosperity, widely distributed too.

    U.S. culture didn’t really go bad until the late 1960’s although the rot was planted decades earlier and was growing in the background. The universities were the breeding ground for the bad social movements of the 1960’s – 1970’s but the universities’ malign effect on society wasn’t fully felt until the baby boom generation left college. Mass higher education failed because graduates didn’t recognize they were being lied to and manipulated by hostile elites, they believed evil is good, the West is bad; tear it all down.

    We are living with the evil consequences now.

  3. “Even without Jews, the Western system is toxic.”

    And, who added many of the ingredients to this toxic brew?

    The list is damn near endless.

  4. The Japanese, mostly the salaryman, is devoting to his cooperation with complete devotion , not family and tradition as was valued in classical Japan.

  5. This, by the way, is one of the strongest arguments for authoritarian government. 2017 World Bank figures give North Korea a 1.9 TFR, vs. 1.1 for South Korea. For less extreme examples, mainland China is 1.6, not good, but still better than Taiwan at 1.2 (number from INED), Macau at 1.3, and Hong Kong at 1.1. Japan, again, is 1.4. You will observe that authoritarian rule correlates positively with TFR across culturally and ethnically similar states.
    Time to #EndDemocracy.

  6. In all fairness, the decrease in population for Japan and Korea could be an evolutionary reaction to intense overcrowding of a small island and small peninsula. I tend to reject the idea that high level civilizations benefit from endless population growth. We could probably use a little pop shrinkage. The solution to the destruction of white countries is not to irresponsibly outbreed the third world, but to aggressively defend borders and demography.

    This is not to say western nations should not encourage ethnic majority births – they should – but not every place in the US, Canada or any other developed majority white nation should be fucking Houston Texas. Sprawling congested wasteland of nothingness.

    Summary: Japan is not “dying,” it’s merely shrinking in population from likely unsustainable overcrowding. At least thats an alternative perspective.

    • Fully agree. Stabilizing their population at a lower level, given their geographical and resource limitaitions, would better serve their long-term cultural and economic interests. They do not need to be the third or fourth largest economy in the world to secure health and prosperity for their race.

  7. Technically men can’t even be virgins, you know why? Because they don’t have fricking vaginas thats why! Men shoot loads whether they enter a women or not does not make them virgins ffs

  8. The victorious (((allied powers))) with emphasis on Great Britain and the United States are responsible for the post-WWII cultural abominations that Northern and Western Europe along with Japanese have devolved into. The Soviet Union was a soul eating and ghastly monstrosity but kept its captive nations were able to retain their ethnic identities without zog’s cultural enrichment.

    After the damage that the not anywhere close to the greatest generation and baby boomers have left in their wake, all we are left with are societies that are petrifyingly rancid. What sane person would want to bring a child up in this clownworld?

  9. Japan is dying because America wrote feminism into their constitution after the war and turned their country into a financial colony of the American empire.

  10. Even without Jews, the Western system is toxic.

    If the Jews disappeared overnight, we’d still have our work cut out for us. Because, without them in the way, most of our problems would be within reach of a solution.

    For all that they do, without millions of willing Goy stooges, they couldn’t do anything. If everybody turned on them, they’d be crushed in short order, and that’s their real fear, above all.

  11. Maybe they need to turn Andrew Anglin loose in the streets of Tokyo so he can “loosen up” the wymin there.

  12. “Even without Jews, the Western system is toxic.”

    I see that I’m not the only one who really likes that line.

    I also like Gulf Coast Observer’s take.

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