The Hill: Sarah Jeong Out At New York Times Editorial Board

Sarah Jeong is out at The New York Times Editorial Board.

As some of you might recall, the Sarah Jeong controversy was a big deal last August because of all her racist tweets about White men. The Times chose to ignore the backlash.

The Hill:

“Sarah Jeong is no longer part of The New York Times’ editorial board, an editor with the newspaper told CNN on Friday, with the writer maintaining that a tweet she sent this week was not a call for people to “unsubscribe” from the paper.

“Sarah decided to leave the editorial board in August,” deputy editorial board member Kate Kingsbury told CNN on Friday. “But we’re glad to still have her journalism and insights around technology in our pages through her work as a contributor. …

The news regarding Jeong’s status came hours after she raised eyebrows on Twitter over her response to a columnist for The Guardian who urged against people canceling their subscription to the Times. …”

What changed?

Sarah Jeong was in good standing with the woke crowd at the Times as long as she was enjoying “being cruel to old white men” in its pages.

It was only when Jeong explained the difference to her fellows SJWs on Twitter between what counts as real outrage and superficial outrage that she had to go. The appropriate metric isn’t racism. It is unsubscribing from the Times.

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      • Noce to hear she’s no longer at NYT. Now, she just needs to ‘go back’ to her country of origin. End of Story.

        “And all went to be taxed, each to their own city/land.” – Lk 2:3

  1. For the most part, East Asians don’t really buy into SJW bullshit. However, the ones that do (especially the women) are REALLY into it. Margret Cho is a fine example of this.

  2. “I’ve eschewed children and a mortgage exactly so I can have the freedom to follow my conscience”

    She has traded a life worth living for a job.

    Globohomoschlomo on display.

  3. Yet more proof that Orientals cannot be assimilated into western culture. They have a hostile, alien way of thinking.

  4. Jeong was hired because she checked off three boxes.

    1. POC

    2. Feminist female

    3. Anti-White with emphasis on White male.

    Jeong lost her job due to the jew york slimes losing subscribers which lead to less shekels from advertiser revenue.

    The slogan “Truth: Now more than ever ” the slimes rolled out after Blompf was elected was true but a parody when they used it

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