Jewish Groups Decry Refugee Cuts

As we noticed here yesterday, American Jews and British Jews share the same agenda when it comes to immigration and refugee resettlement.

The Times of Israel:

“JTA — The Reform movement and HIAS, the leading Jewish immigration advocacy group, have decried the Trump administration’s new restrictions on refugees as a moral abdication. …”

I find it interesting that Israel feels no moral obligation to take in Syrian refugees considering how it has supported ISIS and has repeatedly destabilized its next door neighbors for years in the region. Why isn’t HIAS concerned about Israel’s moral obligations?

“This order is in effect a state-by-state, city-by-city refugee ban, and it’s un-American and wrong,” HIAS President Mark Hetfield said Friday in a statement. “Is this the kind of America we want to live in? Where local towns can put up signs that say ‘No Refugees Allowed’ and the federal government will back that?”


My only complaint is that there haven’t been drastic cuts to illegal and legal immigration. The wall hasn’t been built. Interior enforcement is unimpressive. The refugee cuts are nice, but it is a bandaid on a mortal wound. I’m also not satisfied with the rate of deportations.

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  1. Oy vey! You must be a KNAZZEE if you refuse to take in the genetic detritus of da vorld, and pay all shekels for them and their chee-drun unto eternidee.

  2. there are no “refugee cuts”. They are

    “proposed” cuts. And, like the Wall,

    will never happen. Everything that comes out of the TrumpZOG

    is horseshit.

    • As far as government statistics in the U.S., take them with a grain, no a pound of salt. There are many ways of lying i.e. not counting things, re-classifying, changing methods etc. to show a particular outcome. Politicians and their keepers are masters of these techniques.

      Reporting that 10% of interracial crimes are committed by whites is one example. Bullshit; whites avoid coloreds and Hispanics/Asians committing crimes are classified as white while Hispanic/Asian victims are correctly counted. This is done by government at all levels to try to avoid showing the true nature of minorities.

      An example of this technique (which failed because of video recording) is the recent racial assaults of whites in Minneapolis. The local government ignored the vicious bastards until the video went viral. The black criminals were arrested but the black police chief, mayor, local newspapers etc. reported this wasn’t a hate crime, just “robbery gone bad”.

      Ann Coulter exhaustively documented the undercounting of illegal aliens in the U.S. before the 2016 election. The number was stuck at 10 million for years and used by the MSM to “prove” there really wasn’t a problem. DJT lied about the number of miles of new wall built, older barriers were repaired but his administration cannot identify on a map one place where even 100 yards of new wall has been built.

      Lies are the stock in trade of governments.

    • “. This is done by government at all levels to try to avoid showing the true nature of minorities.”

      Bingo, the man wins the 64000 dollar prize.

      TThey make negative lies about Whites, all the time.

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