Smoked Boudin and Wings Recipe

It is game day here in the South.

I’m actually going to watch sportsball. As I have been arguing lately, a good life is about having lots of meaningful attachments. There is nothing wrong with having an attachment to your state and university. It’s one of the few attachments Southerners are still allowed to have these days. We used to have a much richer sense of identity before the Civil Rights Movement.

This is something that I don’t think a lot of White Nationalists grasp about Southerners. The fun and attraction of sportsball isn’t the black football players throwing around a ball on a green field. It is being attached to a team, tens of thousands of people coming together as a community and grilling out, tailgating, socializing and watching the games with family and friends. I don’t know of anyone who has watched a football game and come away from it any less attached to their racial identity. Blacks and Whites watch the games for pretty much the same reasons.

Yes, it is sad that our collective sense of identity has been reduced to guns and sportsball, but that is because so many things have steadily been subtracted from it under liberalism. The Left is currently trying to take the guns away. White racial identity was stigmatized a generation ago. Christianity is also on the ropes due to the rise of atheism and agnosticism. Most small communities in the South were similarly shattered by the postwar migration to the new large metropolitan areas and their suburbs where the dominant living pattern is anonymity.

In any case, I am getting a bit too philosophical here in a recipe post, but I am going to smoke some boudin and wings this afternoon in Dixie. I’m going to enjoy the fantastic fall weather and being around friends and family. I’m also going to put up with our disordered society to enjoy some of the things that I have missed over the past few years.

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  1. Captain: Like gymnastics, Montag?
    Montag: Yes, sir.
    Captain: And what about hockey? Do you like hockey?
    Montag: Yes, I do, sir.
    Captain: And golf?
    Montag: Golf. Very much, sir.
    Captain: Hmm? And football?
    Montag: Wonderful, sir.
    Captain: Billiards? Basketball?
    Montag: Oh, they’re all very fine sports, sir.
    Captain: Then increase the dosage. More sports for everyone, hmm? Strengthen the group spirit. Organize the fun. Hmm? Just keep them busy, and you keep them happy. That’s what matters. Hmm? Am I right?
    Montag: Absolutely, sir.
    — Fahrenheit 451 (1966): Script-transcript from the screenplay and/or François Truffaut movie based on the Ray Bradbury novel.

  2. Brad, as to the salmon recipe of about a month ago you posted. I never could locate the McCormick Fiesta Citrus Seasoning after trying 4 different stores. I tried to find it on the McCormick website, but failed. I substituted another seasoning and still enjoyed the fish. Where did you find the seasoning?

  3. Love the food post. I believe foodways are an important aspect of the regional cultures of a pre-diverse America that should be preserved. Diversity literally destroys everything, including food traditions.

    I also agree re: college football. I’ve been an outlier in my defense of the incredibly white culture of southern football tailgates and celebration. Its about the tradition, the friends, the alma mater, the region, the memories, and the fellowship. It really has little to do with the temporary mercenaries on the field at any given moment. The NFL has always been trashy and gross to me though – call me a swpl that’s fine.

    Also, boudin is damn good. Crawfish boudin particularly. I like to smoke wings over hickory then quick fry them to crisp the skin. Yours are looking pretty good though.

  4. “I don’t know of anyone who has watched a football game and come away from it any less attached to their racial identity.”

    However subliminal, the promotion of black-dominated sports was an intentional effort to disarm whites and aid in their accepting equality and integration. It was the start of black-dominated everything. Only whites with a strong self identity were largely immune. Weakened to some degree but still immune. The unison of the “program” was quite evident if observed. Sports has become an enormous money-making machine (intentional) which guarantees its continuation. It’s why many schools pump more money into their athletic departments than they do their academic departments.

    Another example of the masses being corralled and fed poison.

    Your local emergency room staff is more worthy of such adoration.

    It’s all about commerce. The method of controlling the world.

    • Snowhitey,

      I agree. I read in a Catholic book called” Who Shall Ascend” written by Father James Wathen that in the early 20th century at a meeting Jews and liberals stated that they should promote athletics which blacks excel at. The stated object of sports promotion was so white women would be more attracted to blacks and promote interracial mixing. The importance of sport obviously helps in integration and intermixing. Women are attracted to popular muscular men–sometimes even when those men are in another image. This meeting was around 1910 I believe.

      Football loyalty is more important than race loyalty in the United States. An anglo told several dozen of us that in a northern state the coaches and the alumini help get young white girls for dating for the black players as an unofficial incentive. His son was on the team and knew first hand. I believe the state was Wisconsin or Minnesota. This was at a presentation primarily dealing with the negative aspects of modern spectator sports. All were Catholics who attended.

      Last year at a pool party the mother of one of my anglo friends said that the only black she would ever have dated in college was someone named Tony Dorset. Obviously, athletics helps promote more integration/intermixing than would otherwise occur. In Texas sports are talked about even by women. I find this strange at least to this extent.

      • Yes, I’ve heard similar stories about promoting black athletes with the end goal being the same. One was a chapter in a certain version of “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” that I came across on the Internet more than 10 years ago. It was the first version I ever encountered. I swear I read it but have not been able to find it since. I even downloaded a version but that computer’s hard drive got corrupted and I was never able to salvage anything from it. And, since researcher Stan Monteith (whom I personally trusted) found a version of The Protocols among the papers of Edward M. House (Woodrow Wilson’s controller) at Yale University, I feel it was another confirmation that they are genuine. Monteith did state it was a version he had never encountered before (different translation and any English version is a translation) but was similar to ones he had. By the way, I recommend Monteith’s “Brotherhood of Darkness” as a must read (I couldn’t find a PDF link I trusted and the video is of poor quality). It’s an easy read, too, and I think you would find it quite interesting. I don’t doubt he came across extremely valuable information but everyone’s perspective on that information will be different and not necessarily in line with his. He was too good of a Christian to think about certain things the way I personally would or do (i.e., The Protocols). But then again, maybe he knew things that I did not or do not….or the other way around….one’s perspective makes all the difference.

        I wouldn’t even refer to myself as a lapsed Catholic because I’m more Agnostic at this point. My personal opinion is that very little good remains in the Church. But, I know some dioceses are better run than others. My childhood diocese was not a very warm and giving sector but it gave us great educations.

        Speaking of the Church… you have an opinion on Malachi Martin and his stories? I know he was a Jesuit and all that but his information was quite fascinating. I personally don’t have a definitive opinion on him one way or the other but he was never really promoted by “the machine” but that, too, doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Just curious.

        I’ve also read stories about white men recruiting white women for black athletes and it was more than once or twice. I believe it. Sports fanaticism is all around us. I think it was really solidified for me when I saw all those people rooting for O.J. Simpson in the Bronco after being identified as a suspect in his wife’s murder. It spoke volumes about our society. And, they were all overwhelmingly white. And, yes, white women are just as fanatical about sports as white men. Perhaps it is because whites have been in the control mechanism and benefiting from it far longer than other races. Some say whites are too domesticated and perhaps that’s true. The most comical part is that many genuinely believe they have 100% free thought. My opinion anyway.

        Well, Tony Dorsett was probably a fantasy for quite a few white women. And, I bet many white cheerleaders screw many of the black players. More back then than what we want to believe.

        • Snowhitey,

          Sorry for not responding sooner but I have school. I thank you for such a detailed letter.

          Most of the Church hierarchy have defected from the Faith. That is true. From a traditional viewpoint the Church started compromising due to the French Revolution. This became more apparent by the middle 19th century.

          I have vaguely heard of Fr. Malachi Martin but do not know much about him. One of my aunts is familiar with him and mostly thought highly of him but his statement that he read the 3rd Secret of Fatima (Catholic Prophecy) where on the Art Bell show in 1997 he said that World War 3 would be fought in 20 years —-meaning by 2017 is obviously false. So in conclusion I agree with a lot of what he said but I still take him with caution.

          • Christina,

            I know you attend school and I don’t expect a quick reply to anything. I often don’t see replies until days later. No need to apologize. Ever.

            That’s the problem with some predictions. Time frames are often the weakest point. His prediction may still come true but it could be delayed by many years. We’ll see.

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