Donald Trump Addresses Hispanic Heritage Month Reception

I still can’t get over how weird this is …

Here you have a so-called “nationalist” president who is incapable of talking about the founding stock of the United States. He can celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. He can celebrate Rosh Hashanah. He can even celebrate a fake holiday like Kwanzaa. It is absolutely verboten, however, to talk about Americans of European ancestry. Can you imagine a world in which the president of Mexico honored every group in Mexico but Mexicans?

What use is this brand of “nationalism”? I can’t figure it out.

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  1. To blazes with those who say we have no choice but to vote for that no-good bum again. Only those who are worthy shall receive my vote – not that voting really matters anyway!


    • The “two party system” is a big anti-White scam,
      Voting for either party simply keeps the scam going.
      Save your vote for a real pro-White candidate or stay home.

  2. This is strange. I did not even know it was Hispanic Heritage Month. None of my family or friends mentioned it. My school did not mention it. A private school.

    We will honor Catholic Holy days at school but Hispanic Month? No. I will tell my family that President Trump is celebrating something most of us did not know about and really do not care.

    The reaction of my Mexican friends will be laughter. My Mexican-American friends might care a little. My anglo friends will not care and to their credit I doubt if they will pretend.

    • Here in Texas, Spanish Colonial and Mexican culture are just a part of what makes Texas, Texas. We take it for granted.

      • I’ll disagree a bit here. Texas, particularly the eastern half, doesnt have a real history of “Mexican culture.” If you look at demographics, Hispanics statewide didn’t overtake blacks as the largest majority until 1990 or so. The myth of Texas always being some Mexican hybrid state is simply false. Texas was essentially an empty piece of dirt with a few lingering Spanish missions when the white southerners arrived and built the place you know as Texas today.

        • I had known that Mexican Settlement in Texas was very sparse, confined to only three permanent sites at the time that the Anglos began to arrive around 1819. But, I only recently learned that there were only an estimated 2,500 Mexicans here then. I knew their numbers were small, but that is minuscule.

          Neither the Spanish nor the Mexican governments could entice Mexicans to take advantage of generous land offers in Texas because the “Indians,” primarily the Apache and the Comanche, presented a formidable challenge. So, first the Spanish, followed by the Mexicans, began to make the same offers to Anglos from the United States.

          Once the Mexicans thought that Americans had tamed the frontier enough for them to claim what they weren’t willing to make a stake on previously, they tried in vain to expel them.

          And, even though there has almost always been small pockets of Hispanics in most of the cities, and larger numbers in the Southwestern portions of the State, it has only been the modern, post-1964, frame of mind that has permitted them to come here with almost no restrictions.

          In my own youth, my hometown had two areas with a majority of Mexicans. The Northside, which had long attracted immigrant labor to the slaughterhouses, and the near Southside, which had formerly been comprised of upper and middle class enclaves. Now, almost the entire city has become an extension of Mexico and even the Negroes have been pushed out to the suburbs.

      • James Owen,

        The Latin influence on Texas is fantastic. The idea of the homestead exemption and Communal Property comes from us. It was different than the Anglo law where the husband owns all of the property. We tried to tame the Indians and convert them.

        Try paying property taxes in rural area without homestead exemption.

        We brought horses, mules etc. forever changing the landscape. The Spanish brought tilling and irrigation to Texas changing the landscape even more.

        Architecture such as patios came from the Latins.

        The Spanish principle of adoption was established in Texas. According to Wikipedia Texas was the first USA state to have adoption laws with the rest of the USA following.

        Those who minimize our contributions are fooling themselves.

        Evidently, diseases wore down the Commanche making it easy for the American Army to deal with them.

        Some of the information I knew already. Other information I derived from American sources.

  3. There has been nothing for legacy Americans (i.e. real Americans) for years now except taxes, military service, civic duties, blame from others and work that keeps the country functioning on a day to day basis. Without real Americans the country would look like a combination of Mexico and S. Africa. Failing electricity, clean water, hunger, anarchy, epidemic murder, disease etc. would be the daily grind of life.

    That is exactly what the ruling class has in store for us while they live in obscene luxury behind ten foot walls topped with concertina wire and the wogs are kept out by white men in guard towers manning M-60 machine guns. Democracy, it’s what’s for dinner. At least we will all get new MAGA hats every year.

  4. Usually, Blompf genuflects to Hispanics between bites of his toco bowl from Toco Bell. A year out from the 2020 election Blompf must’ve forsworn comedic relief.

  5. If you’ve lived in a place that has gone from very low hispanic population to very large hispanic population, celebrating this would sound completely insane.

    Nothing completely erases all trace of previously recognizable culture, texture of life and any sense of being within a society that tou could ever considered “home” like hispanic demographic growth. Nothing. Not black proximity – nothing survives it.

    Amongst the fear of Muslims and sharia law and Indian population explosion, much of the country has already become a mestizo colony.

    A nuke is culturally survivable. Hispanic immigration is not. Taco trucks, tomato beers and Mexican grocery stores serving fruit flavored sugar water – nothing else.

    • Mexican culture is a part of Texas. But most people still don’t like the Mexican invasion.

      Same thing with Northern transplants. We want Texas to remain Texas. Not become Mexico or New Jersey.

      • Texas is no longer anything but a diverse hispanic economic zone. Mexican culture is only marginally part of Texas culture, and since I am not a Mexican it’s not my culture. So I disagree. Its true that Texans have capitulated to Mexico and adopted wal-mart versions of cheap Mexican culture as their own to a large degree. White Texans fought Mexico to retain slavery and built the place separate from ethnic Mexicans. This is another reason Texas is doomed: the idea that many white Texans have that Texas has always been Mexican and their culture has always been Mexican culture leads to complete acceptance of hispanic population explosion. Similar to your comment about Texas “always being mexican” Ive heard countless boomers state that they are fine with being reduced to spanish speaking taco eating white Mexican replicas as long as the bad northerners dont come in. Texas is a joke.

      • James Owen,

        Naturally, I agree with what you said. I also agree that Taco Bell is funny to claim that is Mexican food.

        I am against illegal immigration to any country based on morality and moral and logical consistency. I do not like illegals In Mexico therefore…….

        I obviously favor a certain side during the 19th century troubles in the Southwest but I am definitely NOT going to be baited into a verbal war over the Alamo or the Mexican American War. Naturally, my comment is not directed toward you.

        Thank you for your gentlemanly ways.

        • Christiana,

          In 2016, candidate Trump made a video wishing everyone a happy Cinco De Mayo while eating a toco bowl from Toco Bell.

          Of course, that brought a fury of denunciations from white leftists, Hispanic agitation organizations, and the fake news media consortium. They interpreted his behavior as being insulting to Mexicans. But like Bill Clinton, Trump also is a known to enjoy fast food.

          • November,

            I admit I do not understand why anyone was racially insulted over someone eating at Taco Bell—–unless they admit it is not very good. It must have been just an excuse to flex political muscle.

  6. I see these Messicans all over the place, primarily engaged as “menial” laborers. They are largely ignored by the gringo, who is too busy consuming and supporting his hostile alien parasite overlords. But if one looks closely one can see a subtle expression on the Messican’s face. It’s the look of someone who is patiently confident that eventually his race will triumph over ours.

    • Yes, they may triumph but they will inherit what they have fled from, themselves. All of these wogs from third world shitholes are ultimately fleeing from themselves and the world they create. Wherever they go, they bring their world with them; trash, drunkenness, violence, child molestation, corruption and soon to be celebrated especially in diverse LA, the satanic pagan festival known as “The Day of the Dead”.

      They will be praying to and celebrating a cult of death that has been condemned by the Catholic Church as satanic but this hideous cult is more popular than Christianity in Mexico. Apparently Mr. President neglected to mention Santa Muerte, the Day of the Dead, the worship of evil. Perhaps he should get one of the hideously ugly Santa Muerte statues and put it in the Oval Office with a MAGA hat on it.

      • I agree with 12AX7, and I’ve even pointed this out to a few immigrants. I’ve straight out asked them where everyone is going to go once they’ve made the United States into what they fled from? Though they were palpably annoyed by the question, astonished silence is the only response that I have received. That smug confidence of the Reconquista is completely shattered by the grim realization that there is nowhere left to escape to afterwards.

  7. Oy vey it never fricking ends with this shabbos goy potato president and phony trickster. Loves jews, blacks and hispanics and they all stab him in the back and are his biggest critics good riddance blumpf these are your bedfellows wallow in the swamp together. You are just like Reagan a dementia brained republican fraud but with a yuge fricking ego to boot

  8. I’ll also note to my fellow southerners who still live in states with relatively low hispanic population numbers – you still have a place worth fighting for. Once the percentage hits 20% of the population or more, you no longer have a place to fight for. Its that simple. Texans will beat chest about Texas and its greatness, but it no longer exists aside from being a low tax haven of largely Mexican diversity and culture.

    In fact, more hated transplants from other states voted Cruz over Beto than did native born Texans – which are largely hispanic of course.

    I think many ignore the Hispanic population explosion, thinking of them as yard workers, but the existence of the South or any recognizable western society simply ceases to exist once they’ve reached a certain population threshold.

    Texans will fight you over their refried bean plates and how much tacos mean to them, but they’ll also move 70 miles away from their job in Houston to get away from them. Cozy ideas of Texas alwayd being Mexican and being one people, blah blah blah dies the moment you look at racial mapping in the state. Complete self segregation.

    So, enjoy what you have now. Issues between blacks and whites in the South will seem quaint when the taco trucks and La Michoacana grocery stores start multiplying across your state. Then all of a sudden the history of your state will become “always hispanic, actually” just like mine. Then it’s over.

  9. “It’s the Demographics…” Every brown family I’ve seen, both beaner/indio and pajeet, includes a gaggle of kids.
    THAT is the ticking demographic time bomb which will explode in the next decade.

  10. Any southern state that believes they can survive large scale mestizo immigration is doomed. They can’t.

    Hated white yankees(I agree about some of the complaints and would prefer homegrown southern population leveling out as opposed to endless growth)are able to become southerners, at least culturally, if they choose(this even happened in the old south), and their kids are just another white southerner if this happens. Hispanic immigrants are not able to do this and will not do this, they cannot do this. They have their own long, specific ethnocultural history that they cling to powerfully. And why shouldn’t they?

    Point: white yankee invasion is monumentally different than mestizo immigration to the South. Further, if the South was able to nationalistically cling to its heritage and cultural expressions, northern whitey would assimilate into Southern culture relatively easily. Many non-southern whites have fond feelings for southern culture despite being told it’s garbage for decades. Ive seen it myself, although admittedly anecdotal.

    Northern whites have more affinity for southern history, culture, and monuments than “southern” mestizos. Period. Dont let the small percentage of brain damaged fellow whites and nonbinary white antifa skew your perception.

    I could go on, but I wont.

    • Back then, something happened to Northerners once they arrived down South. Suddenly, they became friendly, gallant, and easy going. They began exchanging courtesies when passing others on the street. They started to cultivate manners and civility. They eschewed the hustle and bustle of the cosmopolitan, Universalism of the Northern cities for the less hurried pace in the environmentally minded, Christian South.

      Now, Northerners bring their crude, boorish, anti-social behaviors with them and the diseases of Yankee know-it-all, attitudes of self centered indulgence and self righteousness have infected almost every part of the State. It’s gotten to the point where even native born Texians are beginning to degenerate into acting more like Yankees, rather than Yankees adopting our values.

      Yankees Go Home and take the Mexicans and Negroes with You when You Go! You will all be happy up North; away from all of us illiterate, inbred, cousin kissing, racist, Hillbilly Dolts down here, and we will be deliriously elated as we wave goodbye to you while your leaving.

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