Alek Minassian Interrogation Video

I’ve never been one of these people.

In my personal life, I am utterly normal. I dated a few women in high school and college. Several years ago, I met my wife at a nationalist conference. We got married and had a son. I never had anything to do with the manosphere or the trolling culture on the chans.

Rolling Stone:

“Newly released video footage of a police interview with Alek Minassian, the suspect in the 2018 Toronto van attack, sheds light on how he became an incel, a term used to describe an “involuntary celibate” male, as well as how he was subject to a slow radicalization process that ultimately led him to kill 10 people.

In a four-hour interview after his arrest, the transcript of which was unsealed by a judge and released on Friday, Minassian admitted that the attack had been motivated in large part by his resentment toward “Chads” and “Staceys,” incel terminology for conventionally attractive men and women, respectively. He said that he was a virgin and that he resented women for having sexually rejected him in favor of “giv[ing] their love and affection to obnoxious brutes.”

Minassian also told police that he intended the attack to serve as a call to arms for a “beta uprising,” meaning that he hoped to encourage other disaffected young men (or “betas”) to commit acts of violence. “I was thinking that I would inspire future masses to join me,” he said during the interview. …”

There is a huge loser sub-culture on the internet.

The Alt-Right got mixed up with these people. I’m not talking about the manosphere per se. I’m fully aware of the distinctions between MRAs (Men’s Rights Activists), PUAs (Pick Up Artists), MGTOWs (Men Going Their Own Way) and incels. There are people who follow the manosphere who are fully capable of picking up and dating women. There are also these people like Elliot Rodger or Alek Minassian who are full of rage against women. Some of these losers are violent accelerationists in the sense of wanting to inspire an incel revolution.

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  1. It was stated years ago that “Propaganda of the Deed” is a useless gesture as far as Americans are concerned ( they’ve been lobotomized by too much TV.) Trying to promote any kind of revolt in this manner is doomed to failure. The only thing that will wake up most Americans is being chased down the street by machete wielding diversity trying to kill them. Even then, I have my doubts.

    • If 9/11 didn’t wake whites up, why would shooting a few innocent people in a shopping mall or place of worship do anything? If reporting the rapes and murders of whites by blacks and mexicans don’t make whites give a damn, why would adding more dead bodies to the pile do anything? The intellectuals pushing these ideas have discredited themselves. They have beclowned themselves.

      @Hunter Wallace
      “The Alt-Right got mixed up with these people.”

      From what I saw, they showed up uninvited and wouldn’t go away, despite people telling them repeatedly to leave.

      Imagine a Youtube channel promoting white survival, then these whiny nerds show up every week, complaining that women are mean, nasty and evil, and men should not have families. And despite most telling them to leave, they keep coming back and doing it again and again for months and years. I assumed they were trolls from an intelligence agency trying to disrupt nationalist channels.

      It should be unsurprising that no one likes them in real life either. They are too stupid to take a hint. They are the uninvited guest who never understands he isn’t welcome or wanted, no matter how often he is told to get out.

      • @Bally

        9/11 got Americans to support levelling the entire Middle East. If you read stuff from Arab Insurgents they say the fight against Russia was different from fighting America, because while Russian soldiers were more brutal their Media net was weak whereas Americans had less brutal soldiers but their Media net was insanely strong. The violent reaction to 9/11 was there but it was channeled in a way that the system benefitted. Without breaking the rules of this site, your logic is faulty. On the contrary, piles of bodies are the only thing that seems to spur Americans into action

        • You say 9/11 was used by the establishment to further its goals in the Middle East. You also say it didn’t motivate Whites to do anything for THEMSELVES.

          Arab immigration into America was ramped up massively after 9/11, and Whites did NOTHING to oppose it. Instead they went off to fight for the welfare of non-Whites in the Middle East.

          First you discredit your own idea and then you promote it.

          Your problem is you are really SILLY.

          • @SooperClown

            Bally insisted piles of bodies are not enough to spur people into action, my argument was that they DO spur people into action, we werent arguing about whether 9/11 spurred us into action for ourselves or not.


            This is why I’m not a White Supremacist, White people even nationalist ones are still mostly lemmings with poor reading comprehension and an arrogant attitude. If we are gonna win then the vast majority of ignorants and idiots will need fall in line instead of spouting off at the mouth

    • Most real revolutions are started by starvation and despair. People haf to be cold, hungry and faced with death, before they’ll revolt.

      In the case of America, it’ll be when White flight is no longer an option. And when there’s a shortage of the comforts of Civilisation.

    • Thanks for giving the meaning behind a few of the many Alphabet Acronyms we are all ‘supposed’ to know, but really don’t. Maybe a lexicon of terms on the right sidebar, might be a nice touch to newbies (see, I know one term!) coming on the site. Just sayin’….

  2. Given the current state of females, I sympathize with these guys. Condemning 80% of men for not having access to females in the “female sexual utopia” of tinder hook ups, on demand abortions, and the anti-man legal system, is just as bad as Anglin condemning every activist for being a “wignat”

    Frankly, I’m sick of hearing Brad bash unmarried people. Not everyone meets “born into Nationalism” women like Brad did. Understand that women like Brad’s wife are EXTREMELY rare. I mean, you can spend years in the movement and STILL not meet one. You have the EXCEPTION, not the RULE when it comes to females nowadays, and that is a rock solid fact. Try to see things from other people’s perspectives. Just because someone is single doesn’t mean they are a bad person, it simply means that the state of females is horrid. No amount of “manning up” changes the conditions that create whore culture, and put men at too much legal risk.

  3. There was a time when I was hoping that disillusioned Gulf War vets or even the Hell ‘s Angels might be used as muscle for an organized revolutionary white uprising. Well that’s obviously never going to happen. Now we’re supposed to rely on angry, alienated young men with no jobs or girlfriends to save us?

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: We deserve to be under Mongol rule for a few centuries. We have forfeited our right to be free.

    • Its people like Alek who tune into AZZclown radio. He hates women and gay’s so much he has to be a closeted homo. Referring to AZZclown. He’s running Lee’s InfoStormer into the ground.

      • Yes, that is EXACTLY what Azzholemador intends to do, ie, run Infostormer into the ground. Him, Weev and Anglin are bad characters with bad intentions.

    • The Anglin group is bad news. Azzmador is trash, a complete degenerate that is for sure working for some law enforcement agency.

  4. I can drive for miles through North and East Texas and never meet any of these people that are causing all of this political violence and unrest.

    I don’t know of any incels, Antifa, radical homosexuals or SJWs.

    They seem to only exist in the media. Not in my everyday, real life.

    • Do you have a Whole Foods near you, James?

      Bet you $50 if you go inside and peruse the aisles you’ll run into at least a few homosexuals and societal misfits.

      They seem to be attracted to the Kombucha or something…

  5. Seems like a big paradox this whole thing about women. First these alt right/ alt lights try to project to others being alphas etc, and then the next day its all about how evil women are.

    But if you’re truly an “alpha” that means you chase women, right? Why would a real man do that. It seems to me that the only thing an honest man would do these days would be to get as far away as possible from women; or get women out of society.

    I think its also a paradox that most of these “alphas” dont have any sociability with other males. How can we ever get back to Sparta if we cant even hang around other males? I can assure you, Sparta will not be rebuilt by a bunch of whiny, “alpha” manosphere women-chasers.

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