Antifa Bravely Fight Literal Nazis In Canada

According to the mainstream media, we are “intolerant” and “hateful.” We are “bigots.” There is “no moral equivalence” between Antifa and the Far Right. Antifa are bravely fighting literal Nazis like this elderly woman at a conservative event in Canada this weekend.


“On Sunday, Canadian MP Maxime Bernier and libertarian commentator Dave Rubin headlined an event at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Canada. Just outside the event, a peaceful protest turned violent.

According to CBC, numerous violent incidents took place which led to several arrests, and in one alleged incident from the event, which has surfaced on video, masked Antifa protesters harassed an elderly lady trying to cross a road.

In the video, the unnamed lady, who is trying to cross a zebra crossing with her walking frame, is suddenly blocked by the masked protesters who repeatedly scream, “Nazi scum off our streets!” and refuse to let her through. …”

These people are terrible human beings.

The media is right that there is “no moral equivalence” between us and them. It would never occur to me to do anything like this. I don’t go to leftwing events and violently try to shut them down. There is only one side which routinely uses force to silence its opposition.

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  1. “These people are terrible human beings.”

    They are meanies, but they always win.

    “There is only one side which routinely uses force to silence its opposition.”

    More effective than violence at shutting the other side down, they do what the leadership of the respectable right absolutely refuses to do. They repeat fighting words endlessly, like racist, nazi, because they don’t care if they look clever or are liked, they only care that they rule.

    Meanwhile the respectble right don’t dare whisper what our enemies are guilty of, which is genocide aimed at whites. Our respecties use mealy mouthed words like “replacement” instead, because they want to be liked, they want to be seen as the “nice reasonble guy”. Its too bad that nice guys always finish last. Its a cruel world.

    • The left is protecting its own. Anyone not on their side is being persecuted and prosecuted by local, state and federal authorities. It’s obvious that those not officially approved by them will have to fight back in ways that make it unclear who’s actually responsible. It would be fun to spread chaos and distrust among the useful idiots on their side, for a change.

  2. Hi Hunter,

    I’ve got a new phone number – bad Communists, Cucks, Neo Cons outed me, harassed me and I had to change phones. Can you accept my call or e-mail? I would like to discuss submitting a simple once a week OD blog on the subjects of my Political Cesspool Radio show appearences with James Edwards the show is going very well.

    Thanks H/B


  3. Antifa are conspicuously not attacking biker bars, truck stops or other places where real working class folks congregate.

    • Very good point. I want to see these soyboys and faggot fiends get back some of what they dish out. Perhaps that’s not very ‘Christian,’ but then, war is rarely ‘nice.’ And that’s what they are- the ‘brownshirts’ of the Talmudics.

  4. I would like to comment but I’m afraid it would violate your rules. I’ll comment anyway. Grandma should’ve tasered Antifa for blocking her path.

  5. Antifa always leave the, (((Bank))) properties in big cities they protest alone of vandalism . You would think by now the liquor stores would be looted with their dark comrades stunts in these urban concrete high rise dildo shaped cities.

  6. How can any MAN sit idly by and watch something like this occur? I don’t know what the outcome would have ultimately been, but I can guarantee you that I would have knocked out at least one, if not ALL, of those miscreants. Given an opportunity (when allowed an inch, I will go a mile) it would have been difficult to scrape was left of them off the pavement. I would have stomped them so hard that they would have been permanently embedded in the concrete. Harassing and intimidating women, children and elderly people is despicable and inexcusable. There was a time when a MAN would have come forward to intervene on the behalf of the defenseless. But, then again, I’m from Texas, and this occurred in Canada. Where in the Hell was Dudley Do Right and the R.C.M.P.? Weren’t there any Lumberjacks around? Maybe, they were of the Monty Python variety.

    • Since 2015 we’ve seen antifa doing this crap, and the big turning point in 2017 marked the system stepping in on antifa’s behalf. They have been trained by lawyers and such for how to act, and if you lay a finger on one of these people this post would be cited as evidence of your desire to engage in pre-meditated violence against them. If you think otherwise, Field’s “I respect your right to protest but I’m late to work” meme of an SUV plowing through a road block protest was how they established premeditation for him.

      In America at least, it is on Trump to use the justice department against police that stand by while this is happening, and there is nothing that concerned citizens can really do about it.

      • I once read that a hero is often a person who is too tired and frustrated to care anymore. Like a soldier who, after being penned down in a foxhole for days, suddenly leaps up and runs towards the enemy, shouting and firing, and routing an entire battalion in his ferocity. Or, maybe he causes enough of a diversion, where, even though he sacrifices himself, he enables his comrades to push forward and prevail. These things have occurred and such men have had medals of honor bestowed upon them.

        I’m not comparing myself to a soldier in a combat zone. But, I am also not concerned about my words being used against me. Defense of those who are incapable of defending themselves is a moral obligation. I would rather be prosecuted by the law and favored by God, than the other way around. I know that there are a lot of people on this site who have no faith or belief in God, but I know that he has sustained me and blessed me in ways in which I was wholly undeserving. I am not a righteous man, but I am a God fearing one. It is his judgement that causes my heart to tremble, not that of the diabolical Federal government.

    • Oh and I clicked post too soon: I don’t expect Trump to do anything, or he would have immediately gone after the police departments who allowed for attacks on his supporters.

  7. These articles never honestly describe the depraved and vicious behavior of Antifa and their selective targeting of the frail and elderly, but only state that somehow things just “turn violent”.

  8. One side gets a pass always and the other side gets lengthy prison terms if they attempt to do what Antifa do.

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