Washington Examiner: Keep Those Associations Kosher, Or Else

UPDATE: What’s going on with Ashley St. Clair?

Nick Fuentes is bad optics.

If you want to be a mainstream conservative personality, do not associate with people who have been blacklisted for life by Conservatism, Inc. This racket is completely controlled by Jews and you can’t so much as be seen in the same room with a known heretic who doubts that ISRAEL IS OUR GREATEST ALLY. As soon as Right Wing Watch calls, you will have your kosher respectability card revoked and your career destroyed like Sexlaptop.

Washington Examiner:

“If you want to be a conservative personality, don’t associate yourself with white nationalists and anti-Semites. This should be pretty simple.

Unfortunately for too many conservatives, it’s not. On Monday, Right Wing Watch reported that Ashley St. Clair, a Turning Point USA ambassador and speaker, appeared at a gathering of anti-Semites and white nationalists, which was basically a who’s who of alt-right Twitter.

The group included Nicholas Fuentes, who attended the Unite the Right white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and hosts a podcast on which he recently had an anti-Semitic rant; conspiracy theorist and failed hoaxer Jacob Wohl; and Tim Gionet (known as the alt-right personality “Baked Alaska”), a scheduled speaker at the Unite the Right rally. …

Conservatives must distance themselves from all forms of bigotry, especially white nationalism and white supremacy. Iowa Rep. Steve King couldn’t do it, and he was stripped of his congressional committees. TPUSA is right to demand better of its ambassadors.

All conservatives should support the group’s decision. It’s not about “cancel culture,” it’s about rejecting hateful, evil ideologies. And conservatives must stop being snowflakes when they’re in the wrong, or some of the Left’s accusations against them might prove true.

Don’t you dare say anything positive about Western civilization either like Rep. Steve King because even the Diamond and Silk Act won’t save you. The whole purpose of Conservatism, Inc. – the “center right” – is to stabilize and assimilate the Left’s latest social revolutions into conservatism and to suppress White racial consciousness which is a hateful, evil ideology unlike militant Zionism and every other form of identity politics we celebrate.

Sexlaptop was doing fine when she was getting destroyed by big black niggas like Tyrone. She could have been the next Tomi Lahren on FOX News titillating Boomers.

Scott Greer is also bad optics.

CJ Pearson, a 17-year-old black conservative, is also being tone policed for defending Sexlaptop and appearing in Scott Greer’s mentions:

Washington Examiner:

“Conservatives completely oppose the exploitation of children for political purposes. Except, of course, when they’re pro-Trump, Black, and willing to provide cover for the far right.

Conservative teenager commentator CJ Pearson sparked a firestorm when he put out a (since retracted) tweet yesterday saying “white nationalism” is perfectly fine. And over the last few days, Pearson has relentlessly defended the Turning Point USA ambassador fired after socializing with open anti-Semites and white nationalists. Meanwhile, he pals around with fringe figures like Scott Greer, the former Daily Caller editor fired after writing under a pseudonym for a white supremacist journal. …

To be blunt, Pearson is a gullible teenager being used by bad actors to push a radical agenda. Sound familiar? Well, he’s basically a right-wing version of Greta Thunberg. The same way the Swedish teen is used as a prop by progressive radicals to push climate change alarmism and socialism, Pearson is used to provide cover to a far-right movement with suspect stances on racial issues and an unacceptable tolerance for fringe figures in its midst. …

Yet the thing that Pearson and Thunberg have in common most clearly is the way they and their supporters reflexively exploit their youth both as a prop and a shield.  …”

The article goes on to reprimand CJ Pearson for being a black prop and a shield which is doubly ironic because it is a racist attack on a teenager.

Jews call all the shots in Conservatism, Inc.

There is no room for debating these issues. Your actions have consequences.

Note: Here is the Nick Fuentes debate with Jacob Wohl in Miami.

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  1. Its going to be fun to watch conservatism inc crumble one day.
    Unfortunately , it seems as if the lunatic left will hand blormf the election next November.
    Can you all imagine the circus of wall flung poo we will witness on the talmudvision over the next 10-12 months before the “election”…???
    Cannot wait to hear the latest “dey ain nevuh did nuffinz” garbage about raping murdering nignogs and how nahtzeee supremacists who think its “okay to be white” are the greatest existential threat to the United States of Israel and all the illegals and virtuous POC we oppress with our mere existence.

    • It’s far worse than you can imagine. (((They))) are not giving up this prize (USA) easily. Remember how they were in Bolshevik/(((Soviet))) Russia?

      As Dr. Matthew Johnson noted in an article on the [recent] capitulation of even American ‘sic’ supposed Christian [i.e., Orthodox] Clergy to the Deep state –


      – self-preservation of the White race ALL OVER THE WORLD (even against such idiocy as optics) is not only TRUTH- it is a mandated Christian virtue:

      “Mass immigration of (almost entirely) young [non-White, non-European] males is meant to replace the present group of white workers with low-wage, easily manipulated foreigners. This, and only this, is the source of our desire for separation. The men [American Orthodox Clergy] who signed this document have blood on their hands. In a very real way, it is this attitude that’s permitted the mass rape of Europeans in their own country.’

      ‘This isn’t some ideological posturing, its life and death.’

      Isn’t it time we drop this whole charade, entirely, and acknowledge that the Deep State is engaged in a variety of fronts, in our GENOCIDE? And that only our preservation (what is that thing? the 18 words?) is all that matters!?

      • Yep, its our ancient historical battle, the racial struggle.
        All we have to do is take a look at formerly Caucasian lands all over Asia and Northern Africa and we can see that there truly is nothing new under the sun.
        This has all been done before ,and by “this” i mean open borders , mutliculturalism and utter degenerate barbarism.
        There is a reason why the jews hate Christ and hate morality and ALL values tied to Christianity.
        NOT a coincidence…
        Many people on this site equate all Abrahamic religion to jews, but we can all link the downfall of this country to the simultaneous downfall of Christianity.
        The Vatican is the tip of the spear of the beast system and (((these people))) have infiltrated all forms of our religion.
        Are they even people?
        But anyone can see that our country is dead and its the moral decay that has sped up the political corruption and apathetic tolerance that our own people have embraced.

        I remember reading in the comment section, about a week or so ago, the comments about the occult ,satanism ,transhumanism and the ushering in of man merging with machine & its ties to the fallen angels and their technology that the children of satan control the world with.

        We should all know that agenda 21s initial goals are to “end poverty” in the third world by spreading wealth(taking it from whites and handing it to nonwhites) in the first world.

        “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” in a world ran by crowleyism.
        I often read enemy literature to familiarize myself with the way of their thinking and to understand their endgame strategies.
        When you do this, decoding their symbolism and “guessing” their next move becomes easy.
        Helena Blavatsky’s literature is pretty telling.
        We are entering the age of Aquarius and its represented by the “divine feminine” ..which is why all this faggot crap and feminism is everywhere.
        But you knew that.
        One thing i tell people all the time who mock our religion, is that it makes no difference whether you or i believe any of this.
        They believe it , and that is all that matters!
        Oddly , those who deny creation and despise JC , use the KJV of the bible as a coded timeline in their zionist end game agenda.
        I can also relate to the idea that pathological altruism has destroyed the European races…and this comes from misinterpreted , manipulated versions of the Christian bible.

  2. The irony, is this behavior towards people like Fuentes, is it won’t really work. It just makes their opponents more determined. He’ll just keep building his audience, he now has “cred” so to speak. The young woman, who knows where she will end up. The narrative must be supported, but the narrative gets creakier all the time. Their desperation to shut all this down is an indication of how nervous they are about it. It’s become a giant game of wack a mole, they can’t eventually win…

    • Cred to speak for who? his fellow Hispanics? Fuentes will throw you and everyone here to the feds in a heartbeat.

      Once he gets banned from everything he will fade away, they all fade away to nothing.

  3. That article was true conservatism on steroids. It had all the markers of what “right-wing politics” in the West is all about – policing White voters to make sure all the left’s taboos are enforced.

      • Who are they kidding?The writer is trying to make a point that Pearson is being used by the radical right who use him as a cover? lol. Pearson is 100% what kosher conservatism props up for the rubes to consume. Pearson is a creation of true conservatism – not the alt-right.

        Pearson because he is Black and doesn’t have that hang-up trying to prove he isn’t a racist probably genuinely doesn’t see the big deal in White racial consciousness. Pearson learned that it is a BIG deal to the donor class the GOP establishment and he earned his lesson and apologized real fast. He will be forgiven because he is a promising young muh Black conservative.

  4. In Kirkian and Frechian cuckervatism, being “destroyed” by Tyrone’s BBC falls within the bounds of respectability, but providing hundreds of facts that Israel isn’t our “Greatest ally” is abhorrent and unadulterated hate.

    Zog’s GOP are being kept on a very short talmudic leash with a hyper-zionist chocker collar. Notice Israel’s innumerable war crimes, question the holyhoax, protest starting a war with Iran, or don’t play ball with every single strictly jewish interest , and you will become persona non-grata in the eyes of the rabbinical powers that be.

    “Goldstein” isn’t the enemy of Big Brother. Goldstein is Big Brother.

  5. Come on out here to Spahn’s Movie Ranch in Chatsworth. There’s no wi-fi, so there’s no talk about Castizo Nick or Ashley the jewess.

  6. Lol how is this stupid bitch all of a sudden in the hospital?! This is some mad grifter heeb stuff going on when jack posibitch is tweeting prayers to her. She was hospitalized after she met nick the raving antisemite and he headlocked her? lol this shit and grifter drama is funny

  7. Seriously why TF is she in the hospital how is no one acknowledging that?! Oh wait maybe because she got destroyed by tyrones bbc or is it because one of the her other tribesman or fellow grifters told her to go to the hospital an take a selfie of herself for sympathy points?

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