Poll: Large Majorities of Blacks and Hispanics Say Trump’s Agenda Has Been Bad For Them

So, Trump’s black approval rating is virtually unchanged since the 2016 election in spite of those Rasmussen polls.

The Hill:

“The Associated Press/NORC Center for Public Affairs Research survey found that about two-thirds of Americans overall disapprove of how Trump is handling race relations.

Just 4 percent of African Americans surveyed said that Trump’s actions have been good for African Americans in general, while 81 percent said he’s made things worse. Sixty-nine percent of Hispanic respondents said Trump’s actions have been bad for Hispanics generally, while only 19 percent think they’ve been good.

Both African Americans and Latinos also overwhelmingly said Trump’s actions have been bad for each other, as well as Muslims and women. …”

Charlie Kirk had the words “lowest ever black unemployment rate” tattooed on his forehead and has nothing to show for it. Even A$AP Rocky didn’t help. SAD!

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  1. None of it means anything. It’s now mostly identity politics. No matter what he does for negroes, latinos or jews they’ll vote against him in overwhelming numbers. And that even without the constant media drumbeat or hate hoaxes.

  2. Trump’s strategy of peeling off minority voters from Democrats is unlikely to work. Minorities are nature’s Communists and will always vote for more gibs and against the hated White man. Shrinking the pool of potential Democrat voters by ending immigration, deporting millions of illegals, building the wall and paying for it by taxing remittances to Central America would have gotten him reelected. Trump doing what Trump promised was all it would have taken although the Republican Party and its beneficial owners, not its voters, would have opposed him every inch of the way.

    Trump is not stupid and knows he is in trouble with what the lugenpresse calls the “alt-right”. Many of his voters from 2016 who wanted him to deliver what he promised are disillusioned after giving him the reluctant benefit of the doubt and will stay home on election day. His cult of personality followers will fill up auditoriums but he needs the votes of those who have given up on him also. His best hope now is that the Democrats go balls out crazy next year and frighten enough normies to get him reelected.

    Not a good strategy, relying on the other guy to fail so you can win but with Pocahontas and her ilk, who knows?

  3. Blacks and Browns want everything paid for by Whitey, and they want to do what EVER they want to do, without any consequences whatsoever, and Whitey cleans up their mess, with out a peep of protest. That’s what they want. Yet Whitey STILL bitterly clings to Equality, Liberty, Fraternity. Until we are no more.

  4. Blormp is not really trying to win over nonwhite voters so much as he’s trying to appease his jew media handlers. They are probably telling him to put as much distance as possible between him and us “white nationalists” .

  5. Three percent approval rating with black women. LOL

    That’s hilarious. He shouldn’t even bother implementing policy that improves the quality of life for blacks and black women, why bother? They are not going to appreciate it or vote for him anyway. Black women in general are even worse than the men,

    • That’s only 3% more of the black she-boon vote than I am receiving, and I’m not even running for POTUS. Haha

  6. The only candidate who I will even consider voting for is the one that explicitly courts the white vote. So, I guess I won’t be voting as well. Ever again.

  7. Trump just announced the lowest White, Male unemployment rate ever!!!

    Can you imagine the backlash from that racist headline?

    Actually, the reality seems to be the highest White, Male unemployed, unmarried and homeless rate ever. Not a news item that is likely to make the front page or even the back forty. And yet, far too many White people will still send money to foreign countries; wring their hands and fret over the plight of some refugees; gleefully invite illegal aliens into their midst; and attend any minority pity party that they can find time for.

    But, these same White people will look with utter disdain upon the lowly White Man who has a menial job and is trying to make an honest living by the sweat of his brow and the callouses on his hands. They will ridicule and deride the customer service representative who they need to fulfill whatever material desires or physical requirements they have. They will imply that if someone wanted to be able to afford a house and a car, then they should have become a sheisty lawyer, a pompous and unscrupulous businessman, or climbed over the backs of others to become the boss. According to these people (Donald Trump springs to mind) unless you are willing to say and do anything to get ahead, then you are worthless. They seem to believe that anyone working in an entry level position is not entitled to live.

    I don’t know how a company functions with only bosses, or with everyone wanting to be the boss. When I was young, if a person stayed twenty years on the job, even in the same position, he or she was usually rewarded with a gold watch and a modest pension. But, that was my father’s generation. Now five years without any inclination to move into management makes you dead weight. I don’t know what happened to the old adages, “Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians” or “Too many Cooks spoil the broth.”

  8. Black loyalty to their own is admirable. If whites had the kind of solidarity you see among the black community, we would never have gotten into the mess we are in now.

  9. Thanks to cucked white people Donald needs every last vote.

    Pro Donald Blacks Latinos Muslims homosexuals probably were those people who gave Donald those razor thin less than 1 per cent victories in different states. Michigan is 67 % white and Donald did not get 17% majority, he got 0.15%. 5000 blacks and other diversity put him over the top.

    In the Europe is the same. Why there is no pro white politicians ? Well, they losing all the time. White people do not vote for them. Why should somebody with common sense ruin his life for nothing ? Nobody want to fight a pre lost battle.

    White people in the west have deep problem in the society. Self preserving instinct is gone and nobody knows what to do. There were elections in the Austria last weekend. Well, the only anti immigration party got their pathetic 16 %. On the time when immigration madness crossed all limits.

  10. Dr. Johnson’s screed against the fake ‘sin’ of racism had this to say, about non-Whites in the ‘current year.’

    “Reducing the array of racial differences to “skin color” is both dishonest and stupid. There’s always another reason behind it, whether true or false. One might think the other race is criminal or corrupt in some way, but its never merely “skin color.” Color is just a marker for something else.’

    ‘However, even in the case of invasion, hatred can only be directed at the offenders and solely for the protection of one’s own people. Under no circumstances does it permit contempt for the race on a personal, individual level. The key distinction is that a race can be both a set of individuals as well as a social force. These are two very different things. A race is a social force independent of the individuals who make it up. On the other hand, to use one example, propaganda and bad leadership have prejudiced blacks against whites in the USA. This is an undeniable fact. Obviously, this doesn’t affect each and every person, but it certainly affects black America as a social force. Refusing to mention this is sheer cowardice. Black America is raised to be hostile to whites.’

    ‘This is the Babylonian idea of one world, one religion and one race. Its the lie of Lucifer that the prophets fought with every bone in their body. Ideas you project on people like me are of your own invention. You rely on caricature and public ignorance to get a point across. You have no other options.
    We nationalists stand in the place of the Righteous Phineas, while you proudly take up the mantle of Zimiri. The acts of Righteous Phineas were so pleasing to God that it served to atone for all the sins of Israel. We’re doing the same thing by resisting the ideology of the Babylonian whore. In this instance, you’re enemies of God, our people, our race and our nation.’

  11. Sorry, forgot to include the URL.


    Might want to check out some of the following recent columns of Dr. Johnson over at Russia Insider, also.




  12. All those living in ‘merka have to understand is that the jews manipulate the vote count any way they please. All you’re discussing here is (((their))) most recently presented theater.

    How can they do this you say? I say, HOW CAN THEY NOT?

    Government jews, CIA jews, FBI jews, NSA jews, EPA jews, SCOTUS jews, advisor jews, congressional staff jews, policy jews, censorship jews, banking jews, Wall St. jews, Israel first jews, Globalist jews, AIPAC jews, ADL jews, SPLC jews, B’nai Brith jews, holoHOAX jews, Climate jews, zionist jews, war incitement jews, immigration jews, human rights jews, civil rights jews, gun grabber jews, feminism jews, judge jews, lawyer jews, news jews, jounalist jews, publisher jews, author jews, newspaper jews, computer jews, education jews, university jews, historian jews, professor jews, wikipedia jews, facebook jews, google jews, corporate jews, labor union jews, the energy jews, the green jews, the agri-business jews, chemical jews, US patent office jews, entertainment jews, hollywood jews, music industry jews, porno jews, diamond jews, homo jews, paedo jews, pro-sports team owner jews, TV jews, Internet jews, YouTube jews, Google jews, Facebook jews, radio jews, doctor jews, pharmaceutical jews, abortion jews, insurance jews, white slavery jews, mobster jews, religion jews, dual-citizen jews, and finally, the all inclusive LYING JEWS, and all anti-White — You know, those jews, doing what’s good for jews to the detriment and for the extermination of the White Race, the driving forces behind open immigration of the turd world, special rights and privileges for nonwhite invaders and minorities that Whites can’t access, hate crimes for Whites only, multiracialism, race mixing, abortion of majority (White) babies, Feminism, pornography, perversion, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, Common Core, the destructive counterculture in general, everything fucking up America.

  13. Perfectly natural. These groups are not white people and have no connection to the history, culture, values, lifestyles, or ways white people like to live. Why should they? They dont come from closely linked ethnic white racial groups or a western and european tradition which is again closely linked to genetics.

    The marxist “rich whites hate working class whites, THEYRE the real enemy” stuff is bullshit though. Sure, classes exist even among whites and always will. Class exists among every racial group, but a broadly white upper middle and working class, with institutions for each group has been functional and comfortable in western countries for centuries.

    This rings of the culturally suicidal Texan shielding the mexican who is literally replacing him, his language, his culture, his manners, his traditions, his food, his schools, his dialect, his social machinations, his religious denomination, his cultural expression in every way, from the evils white midwesterner who will likely vote more similarly to him while the mexican votes for his own interest over the gringo.

    Marx is garbage and his class struggle versus ethnic struggle theory is corroborated by nothing.

    • “Marx is garbage and his class struggle versus ethnic struggle theory is corroborated by nothing”

      Yeah, but it is great way to get Whites to destroy Whites. Making the conquest o Whites much easier.

  14. I think it is pretty self-evident that all politics is identity politics. That the polarisation of America is not just due to a biased press or postmodern ideology in universities (though those things don’t help), but rather is the inevitable result of radically different groups trying to control the same central power under the liberal social order. It does not matter how well the Negro does empirically under a conservative government, or how much the White man does for them. They will vote as the fanatically loyal partisans of the Yankee Empire and subjugate the White people of the South, just as our forefathers said they would. Power expands by making alliances with the lower classes in the name of equality in order to destroy the independent social authorities that naturally serve to limit Power. This happened when monarchies raised plebeian clerks and commoners to positions of power thus subverting the role of the nobility. Then the king himself is done away with in the liberal democratic revolutions. Now the Left, the same force that has been at work in this process since the beginning of civilisation, has destroyed traditional religion and the patriarchal family order, the last line of defence. Except, perhaps, for the ethnic nation, which stubbornly persists despite claims of obsolescence in this global order. That is why we cannot compromise, and why we must defend the right of the ethnic nation at all costs. It is the last independent social institution in existence that can stand up to Power.

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