Murdoch Murdoch: Coniugator

Moving video.

It is also reminder that we are in a civilizational crisis, not a regional one. The problem is deracination. The cause is the liberal order.

As much as I love the South, I can’t pretend that our problems are unique or that the cause is Yankees. If I fled the South and moved to Australia and New Zealand, I would find the same problem there at the far ends of the earth.

If I fled the South and moved to Canada, I would be confronted with the same situation. If I moved my family back to Britain, I would see the symptoms of the same disease in an arguably more advanced stage. I wouldn’t even consider going to South Africa given what has happened there. Similarly, I could drive all over the European continent and still find the same disease – radiating out from the West – because our whole civilization is infected.

We are staring into an abyss. It is one that is militantly conserved by mainstream conservatism which conserves nothing else.

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  1. Nice to see Murdoch get his own site after all the youtube take downs, wonder how llong it will be up until it gets banhammered from normal web tho

  2. “America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilisation in between.” – Oscar Wilde.

  3. Now the damned yanks taste the reconstruction that we’ve been under for 150 years. AmNats still haven’t caught on to that and live to lick the federal boot.

    • Gimley,

      Encourage fellow Southerners of military age not to enlist or seek a commission in zog’s armed forces.

      For the last 74 years, primarily Southern American troops have kept Western and Northern Europe under the tyranny of zog’s policies of deracination, miscegenation, and the great replacement.

    • Gimley – Amnats LOVE the Federal Boot. FYI – do some research on the Whiskey Rebellion. It’s not Yanquis oppressing Dixie. YOUR Southern POTUS Washington attacked and looted Northerners. And PUHLEESE get your Dixie Men to STOP fighting the Jew Wars. If the mostly Southern Evangeltards would STOP worshipping the Spawn of Satan – perhaps things would improve.

  4. Jews and their allies are doing this to us. They construct the (((liberalism))) and (((neo- Bolshevism))) which now infects our social institutions, commerce, etc. Jewish power must be dismantled. I intend no harm toward any Jew but their power must cease. Until this is done, we will keep sinking. They can be defeated by being exposed.

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