Dutch Farmers Revolt Against Emission Rules

The Confederate flag is a symbol of rebellion all over the world. It is fitting that it would show up in the farmer revolt in the Netherlands.

FOX News:

“Slow-moving convoys of tractors clogged up nearly 700 miles of major highways in the Netherlands on Tuesday, as farmers inched toward The Hague to protest what they claim is an attempt to blame them over nitrogen pollution.

About 10,000 farmers planned the protest to argue they are unfairly being blamed after a court ruling found that the Netherlands is violating European emission rules. ..

“This is about our families, our future, the future of our children,” sheep farmer Bart Kemp, one of the protest’s organizers, said during an emotional speech. “It’s about our way of life.” …”

I completely understand.

IN THE STREETS? As with the Yellow Vests in France, that’s the only reason why this issue has drawn international attention.

Note: The pitfalls of street activism with us are much greater because we are dissidents who reject the legitimacy of the entire system and its ruling elite.

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  1. Alas – the Yallow vest are simply getting maimed and killed. They aren’t being intelligent about What to Do. I hope the Dutch farmers are more….practical…than street hysterics.

    • Hey, don’t fault the yellow vests, they are doing the best they can , under the very repressive French zog.

  2. I remember the 1979 tractorcade to Washington DC. It started in Colorado.

    ‘By the end of the first week in February 1979 thousands of farmers had descended upon the National Mall to lobby Congress for a new farm bill to increase crop prices and influence in agriculture policy. They barreled into the city, at a whopping 15 miles per hour, from as far away as Texas, Michigan, and Colorado.”


  3. The usual suspects hate the Confederate flag not because of slavery.
    They hate it because it represents White people.

  4. Oh, ik wou dat ik in het land van katoen was
    Oude tijden zijn er niet vergeten
    Kijk weg! Kijk weg!
    Kijk weg! Nederland!

  5. The French Yellow vests and the Dutch Farmers have the right idea, but their specific method of pursuing their goal is wrong. Forget everything you have been taught about the [ still-] Cold Civil War, that we must hate everyone who thinks or looks different, and disparage them based on IQ, gender, political ideology, etc. Identity Politics and Free-Market Capitalist Democracy are two sides of the same false coin designed to shift focus from the real enemy, the Oligarchy, who control the levers of authority, coercive power, and communication. The system is materialistic in function and desire, as are we all, but that is its weakness, which can be turned against it IF WE ALL ACT TOGETHER, DESPITE OUR DIFFERENCES. Just refuse to cooperate-no one does anything work-related, just shut it all down 100%. Watch the pigs squirm when they can’t make another $ without us. Only relent when they agree to a USA Sovereign Wealth Fund where citizens, through their government, own 50% of all businesses in America (purchased through monetary finance, i.e., quantitative easing for the people), which pays out a $25,000 per year universal basic income (social security for all) out of the yearly 50% cut of profits. If it’s good enough for the NBA, it is good enough for all Americans. The UBI will be mostly spent, as lower income people have higher marginal propensity to spend, as the economists say, so that UBI will stimulate investment and employment as Capitalists expand production to meet the increased demand for consumer goods and services. For once, everyone wins: Capital and Labor, men and women, black and white, Hispanic and gringo, believer and sceptical. It can be done, as the system is materialistic, and cannot run without everyone cooperating If we all stand and refuse to cooperate until the Oligarchs surrender, we can win.

  6. In preemptive reply to the poster Denise above, I agree that public marches or demonstrations like the Yellow Vests or the Hong Kong demonstrators is not wise tactically, as such people simply become literal targets for the Oligarchs’ formal or informal enforcers(police, national guard, Army, false-flag induced African American rioters, or antifa). That is why I believe the general strike against the machine would work: no targets, and even all the storm troopers available to the system can’t arrest or kill everyone ( no customers, no profits). But of course getting the wage slaves to give up their petty hatreds to fight for a common cause would require a ” motor personality, ” as my old political science professor Annoush Khoushkish (originally from Iran, no less) called the charismatics who lead genuine change, of a yet to be seen level of leadership. It needs a Huey Long level of understanding of the levers of available effective power and a ruthlessness and fighting spirit displayed by Donald John Trump in his best moments. Or we can do it spontaneously, without anyone’s help. Anyone willing to join me?

    • It’s not gonna happen. Period. Murka is too chaotic and individualistic. And GREEDY. In order for a general strike to actually HAPPEN – you must have social cohesion and complete trust and reliability.

  7. The whole problem with a general strike is that people still need to eat and keep cool or warm when. the temperatures reach life threatening levels.

    Which is exactly how the oligarchs have got us in a death grip.

    Solve the problem of how people are gonna live during a general strike, and such a strike may very well work.

  8. Das rite po pos, sic your po po dawgs on the hands that feed you your croissants. (donuts)

  9. Hello Denise and James. I of course share both of your general scepticisms of the capacity for normies, nihilists, bigots, and the rest to form a cohesive strategy for action against the weightier elements of society, as my professor Khoshkish called the Powers That Be.
    The controllers of the communications apparatus-the establishment media, the entertainment industry, the educational establishment, and the scientific community-have done a bang up job with their consistent message of distraction, away from the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain, towards the rest of us. People do find it easier to hate then to think.
    But everyone has the capacity to both perceive reality and to conceive of its possibilities. Let a few start acting on the underlying weakness of a purely materialistic life by withholding their link in the chains of slavery our acceptance of that philosophy establishes.
    Humans also are creatures of imitation and adventure. Show a genuine resistance to the system, and others will follow. That is the only effective way forward outside civil war. Nothing is guaranteed, but without trying no change is possible.

    • Yes, Negroes are very rational people. Once they hear your clarion calls for unity against The Man, they will respond with enthusiastic cooperation. The highly educated Hispanics will immediately grasp the novel genius of your plan and gladly leave their menial positions performing manual labor to walk off the job for YOUR undeliverable promise of Uncle Sugar funny money. That is, until the Weimar effect takes hold; tons of printed money without an iota of value because it’s not backed by any agricultural or industrial production or rare metals.

      Universal incomes. All businesses publicly owned no matter who conceived of it, created it, and built it with their own ingenuity and hard work; just strip the proprietor of his rightful ownership and disperse the proceeds to the masses and trust them to continue to operate the enterprise efficiently. This worked well in Rhodesia. Do you have any assets that we can divvy up?

      Workers of The World Unite!!! Where have I heard that before?

      Race is paramount. Period. And, if you don’t get it now, you never will.

      You sound a lot like Ocasio-Cortez, Sanders, Marx… etc…

  10. Cowtown Rebel, you display the specific attitude I was describing above that must be overcome if we wage slaves are to perhaps successfully fight the system. Yes, it is easy to point out weaknesses in other persons or groups as a basis not to even try to cooperate for the common good against common problems that impact everyone. If you and like-minded individuals want to stand alone, decrying everything but doing nothing because THEY might win, too, that is your prerogative-but don’t complain if nothing changes. The problem is not black, brown, female, homo, jew, or anyone else, it is US-all of us being too lazy and selfish do ever want to act positively instead of living and thinking negatively.
    As I also said above, it is easier to hate then to think. You disparage my suggested socio-political-economic solution, the sovereign wealth fund UBI, as a non-starter policy-wise because you view it as socialistic, and so attribute it to all the usual suspects: AOC, Bernie, Marx, etc. But as I stated, the owners would be paid by the government for its share of the operation, so no one is losing anything, but they would gain a steady increase in customers spending the UBI. The concept of a socially financed wage supplement such as UBI, sometime called a negative income tax or basic income, has been supported by libertarian or conservative economists or public policy persons such as Milton Friedman, F. A. Hayek, and Charles Murray. A similar policy, called the Family Assistance Plan, was proposed by Richard Nixon, as recommended by Daniel Patrick Moynihan based on Milton Friedman’s NIT proposal. This plan passed the House of Representatives by a comfortable margin, but was defeated in the Senate, where all good ideas go to die. Friedman was a consultant to the Alaska legislature when they created the Alaska Permanent Fund dividend program, a modest UBI paid yearly out of 50% of the earnings from investments of oil profits from oil on public lands.
    The point is my idea for resolving the capitalist conundrum that Capital must keep wages down to boost profits, but doing so prevents Labor from being able to fully consume the output produced, thereby reducing profits, thus causing recessions and depressions, is neither crazy nor unfeasible. That you and like-minded people cannot abide those you hate getting a benefit from society’s reorganization is an impediment to change we can all gain from. I can’t help you unless you want to live and let live. The choice is to fight ourselves or fight the actual source of the main problem, economic insecurity. I know what my choice would be.

    • What you are seeking is Utopia. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy made a movie about it. It doesn’t exist. I don’t know how much interaction you have had with other races. Mine has been extensive from childhood. These people fight for themselves and only themselves. White people are the only race that willingly sacrifices it’s own welfare for the benefit of others. There are plenty of us who have grown quite weary of being both the scapegoat and the solution for everyone else’s problems.

      In other words, I don’t care if other races succeed, achieve more than me, or if they live in squalor and starve to death. I don’t begrudge them anything, nor do I see it as my obligation to lend them aid and comfort. I simply do not wish to be forced into a situation where I am being lectured to, guilt tripped, ridiculed and berated, while simultaneously being expected to exhibit a spirit of compassion, goodwill and charity in return. These are the circumstances as they stand, and as they will continue if people like you get their way. White capitulation and appeasement equals White disenfranchisement and displacement.

      Your whole argument seems to rest on the ability to consume as much material production as possible. I could care or less about being able to obtain the latest cellphone, the newest, smartest television, or the most technologically advanced automobile. I’m just fine with a rotary phone connected to the wall, a cathode ray tube t.v. set, and a rear wheel drive, manual transmission, gas burning car without any G.P.S. (I can read a map, I know my right from my left, and I can generally tell if I’m going North, South, East or West). The one thing that I find is a must for any vehicle I own is a loud stereo.

      I am looking to form stronger community bonds among my own people and to put an emphasis on quality of relationships over the quantity of acquisition. Downsizing might actually be a good thing if it means that self indulgence begins to wane in favor of the collective interests of the White people and their societies.

      As far as not doing anything, you don’t know me. I am very vocal and active on many fronts. I stress tuning out the mainstream, minimizing expenditures, and turning inward for contemplation and solace, and turning outward to influence and assist those of my race who are lost or are in need. You have your goals and I have mine, but they do not seem to intersect.

      • Cowtown Rebel, thank you for your comprehensive and thoughtful reply. I now understand your perspective on cooperation versus self-sufficiency and reliance on family and neighbors where outside assistance is needed. That is a legitimate and effective way of life. If you can survive and thrive without engagement, no reason to go looking for conflict. Just so you know, I also believe nothing is more important to happiness then a proper stereo system, for me to enjoy screaming guitars. As a character from an old TV show once said, live long and prosper, sir.

        • Sorry for the belated reply, I have been very busy. Thank you for your courtesy. I don’t mean to be as mocking as it may seem. You appear to be sincere in your beliefs, even if I’m not in accord. It’s nice to know that we share a love of loud music and guitars. Music can bridge divides in a way that nothing else can. Unfortunately, it has been used to tear down quite a few walls that I wish had remained standing. But, I digress… It’s been fun corresponding with you and I wish you well.

          • Hello again, Cowtown Rebel. I appreciate that our conversation evolved into a mutually enlightening long distance encounter ( I live in Florida, specifically Orlando). No problem with your strongly expressed views; I much prefer honesty to what passes for “debate ” in the public square these days. That allows the possibility for both accommodation or collective action, depending on the situation, rather then unnecessary conflict. I have lost a major portion of my hearing to a condition called sudden sensorineural hearing loss, which apparently afflicts a small number of men my age. That had taken away much, but not all, of my ability to enjoy the shredding guitars of my musical indulgences. I do believe that I will get my hearing back in full one day. Anyway, good luck to you, and to those Dutch farmers referenced in the posting that brought us both here.

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