Community In Shock After Man In Wheelchair Robbed Near Minnesota State Capitol

I highly recommend watching that YouTube livestream video of Dr. Kevin MacDonald explaining how Northern Europeans evolved to be individualistic and egalitarian and how since the 17th century the descendants of the Puritans have been obsessed with the ideal of creating utopian moral communities in our Northern states.

CBS Minnesota:

“MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Two 14-year-old boys are suspected of attacking a man in a wheelchair and robbing him on a light rail platform near the state Capitol.

The robbery was captured on surveillance video, and the images are disturbing,

The incident happened Sunday, Aug. 25 at 4:30 in the afternoon. The video shows the two boys on bicycles approach the man, eventually knocking him over and stealing what appears to be his cell phone.

The man was sitting in his wheelchair on the eastbound platform when the attack happened.

From two different angles, the two teens are seen harassing the man. He tries to hide his phone, but they continue to go after it, eventually grabbing it and knocking him backward before taking off.

Metro Transit riders who watched the video were shocked …”

This is what that project leads to in practice. Daily.

Robbing this man in a wheelchair isn’t grotesque. Shame on you for noticing it happened and calling into question such a dysfunctional social order.

You are the wicked racist who ought to be punished!

Your skepticism has prevented us from reaching our perfect utopian society!

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  1. Were either of these fine young men robbing a wheelchair bound White man used as the model for the sculpture “Rumor of War?”

    Perhaps a new sculpture should be commissioned for Minnesota’s state capital using a still frame from this felony. I suggest it be called “White Privilege.”

  2. What are the chances that the honky was a Minnesota liberal? I hope so and if he is, I hope the spooks get a slap on the wrist.

  3. Decades ago, I got so sick of ppl from Minnesota and Wisconsin telling me ” southerners are so evil an racist, they treat poor blacks so badly, they are evil bigots”. Now, I laugh, there’s a mass exodus of Whites out of Minneapolis and Milwaukee. Those evil northern racists, why don’t they get along with blacks?

    • Minneapolis and Milwaukee are among the very last places on Earth I would ever want to live, even if they weren’t being overrun with “teens” on bicycles.

      • There should be a website that documents all the mayhem that “teens” commit. With a completly straight face and absolutely NO MENTION of race… just headline after headline and accompanying pictures and videos of “teens”.

        There should be no mention of race ever… just let the left connect the dots for you and accidentally expose the fact that they themselves know very well who does this stuff.

    • My wife visited relatives in Scandinavia, back in the 1970s, and they were already guilt-tripping her for being an American, with all the “racial disharmony” that we dealt with…back in the 1970s!

      Moral posturing by Whites is not unique to the North, but it does seem to have a common thread, this trend coming from all-white countries…until the likes of Minnesota (or Sweden) are “enriched” with diversity.

      All it takes, is for a bunch of Nordics to meet non-whites head on, and soon the whole world will know what our ancestors knew- only Whites live in White lands. If only Europe can exist until that knowledge becomes common again.

      • The only thing that will wake up these good liberals and conservatives (looking at your ugly face here, David French) all over the West is when the system breaks down bad. 2008 on stilts without the Government being able to recover the stock market will finally get their attention. A rapid issue of money to pay back everyone followed by an explosion of inflation followed by more money followed by more inflation followed by more money etc. and it’s off to the races at the Weimar race track, ca. 1923.

        This process was documented in a 1975 book: “When Money Dies”; a great read.

        This will destroy the Government’s ability to fund their pets in their urban zoos, ruin those sucking on the Government tit and ultimately destroy the legitimacy of the current regime. No evidence, argument, experience or anything else will get good liberals’/conservatives’ attention, nothing. When their faith in their Government’s ability to deliver Utopia is finally revealed to be a nightmare they can’t escape from, the current system will be replaced. The timing is unknown but the instability in the system increases daily caused by the logic of the current system.

        That which cannot be sustained won’t be sustained. Our task is to prepare, explain the failure of the current regime and propose real alternatives. Events are in the saddle, not lunatic violence from crazy, suicidal people.

      • I am 27% Norwegian, and the only good thing that it provided me is the ability to handle cold and snowy weather better than most.

        Post WWII Scandinavians are the weakest link in White survival in Europe.

  4. I doubt anyone was really “shocked” over that incident. We all know what those “teens” are capable of. TV news is such a waste of time.

    We are all going to be a lot better off under 300 years of Chinese rule.

  5. Note how these gud bois were riding taxpayer funded “free” metro bicycles. All of this free stuff and free transportation attracts this vermin. The socialists who run metro Minneapolis are not “above average” in coming to terms with their cognitive dissonance.

  6. No matter how often this garbage happens here in Minnesota, people are shocked. Shocked, I tell you! Somalis recently attacking white people with hammers at another LRT stop was, wait for it…shocking! Blacks attacking old white people, handicapped white people, or otherwise “impaired” whiteys on buses and light rail trains, over and over again? Why, it’s just always astonishing! After a few of these incidents, supposedly intelligent white adults should have caught on to the fact that dark-skinned people are just a tad more likely to be criminal and violent than fellow Europeans. But the self-destructive morons keep reelecting “progressives” that hand over public housing and benefits to the savages, not to mention continue to legally coddle and make excuses for them, so this will keep happening.

    Yes, the elites (through foundations and other NGOs) put the dark uncivilized ones in our midst, but we’re not doing anything about it. The costs of having a multicultural paradise have been socialized by those same virtuous elites. And we put up with it. The peasantry pays for it all, but we just keep handing over our taxes, hoping everything will somehow turn out alright.

    Things have changed for the worse here in Minneapolis. When traveling in the Nineties, even to European cities, I could hardly wait to get back here. We had beautiful parks and lakes, high-quality cultural amenities, terrific music and restaurant scenes, so on and so forth. These days, well…some of it’s still nice, but diverse enrichment is quickly destroying what we had here. We are participating in our own destruction, so I don’t feel sorry for us.

    I had wanted to leave, but I don’t want to run away. I’d like to find areas here where people haven’t given up and won’t give in. So far, it has been a challenge, especially in the urban areas. Attachments are keeping me here, so I want to make the best of it.

  7. Hussein Abdi Abdinasir, 16, St. Cloud — terroristic threats, possessing a dangerous weapon on school property, second-degree riot
    Mohamud Afi Ibrahim, 17, St. Cloud — aiding and abetting third-degree assault, third-degree riot
    Abdisahal Ali Elmi, 17, St. Cloud — aiding and abetting third-degree assault, third-degree riot
    Abdishukri Khalif Dagane, 17, St. Cloud — aiding and abetting third-degree assault, third-degree riot

    A few of the fellas expelled for riot last week in moneysoda.

    The swedes are run amok!

    This is who we are govenor Dayton!

    • It’s governor Walz now, not that it matters. The multicultural disease rampages merrily on through the Minnesotan body politic, just under a different name.

  8. Hopefully all cities literally collapse in this corpse of a country and these weaponized negroes are left to their own madness to take care of themselves.
    That is all that has ever had to be done to deal with these useless, worthless violent simians.

    Black on white predation is set to surpass black on white crime in the next ten yrs according to something i read on the American Renaissance website.

  9. This is a very common in MN. The area around Target Field averages a robbery every other day. 182 from 2018. I wonder what this year’s numbers are going to be.

  10. I keep telling my friends that this is their future as an elderly White Man. Attacks on White Children, Women and Elderly are on the rise. Able-bodied White Men are not usually as susceptible if they aren’t confronting more than two or three average Negroes. It’s usually when they gather together in packs, or if they are significantly larger than their target, that they feel more emboldened to attack a real White Man.

    But, as we age, our frailty will naturally increase and there is no way to avoid it. You can slow it by exercising, eating well and living clean, but you will still eventually get old, less mobile, and become more vulnerable. So many of those who have dismissed my warnings, because they have never personally experienced being singled out by Negroes who are actively seeking out a White victim, may soon find out the hard way.

    I was immediately enrolled in and graduated Magna Cum Laude from The School of Hard Knocks, and I have had quite a few opportunities to continue my education since. So, none of this is new, or “shocking” to me. What remains “astonishing” is how many people are still willing and able to ignore it.

  11. Only Whites in complete denial about the real nature of Diversity are “shocked” by never ending incidents like this. Their response? “It’s our evil history of racism and white supremacy that caused it”.
    White self hatred is sick.

  12. Christianity is a problem. It has robbed us of our notion of blood and soil. We are not semites and our religion should not be either. I can not wait for the day Europeans throw this trash out and embrace our ethnic european faith.

    • European dogma should be eugenics. Not 2000 year old ridiculous fairytales that violate every law of nature.

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