Live Thread: Joker Release Party

We’re going to see Joker tonight.

I’m looking forward to writing a review. I already pretty much know the plot of the movie, but I want to see it myself first. From what I have already seen, this movie is a social satire wrapped up in the origin story of an iconic comic book villain.

Joker is the story of one man’s descent into madness and violence which is caused by our current social order – liberal democracy and free-market capitalism. Arthur Fleck lives in the wreckage of the world that liberalism has created after it has destroyed the social fabric.

A whopping 47 percent of Americans feel alone, left out and lacking meaningful connection with others. 4 in 10 people in the United Kingdom report feelings of chronic, profound loneliness. 20 percent of Millennials report having no friends. Generation Z is the loneliest generation in history. Only 54 percent of Americans report having meaningful social interaction on a daily basis which is a profoundly unnatural way to live as a human being.

What happens to an atomized society where the individual has been liberated from all meaningful relationships, detached from any larger context that connects him to other people and has been cast adrift in the anonymous world of the marketplace and where as a result social capital has crashed to zero for at least a fifth of the population? You would get a world with a suicide and opioid epidemic, a mass shooting epidemic and a depression and a mental illness epidemic.

It’s tragic that our current social order seems to produce winners like Patrick Bateman and losers like Arthur Fleck. Both are nihilistic killers who inhabit a meaningless world and who compensate for the dismal real world by slipping into their fantasy world. A good life and a good society would be the opposite of the world of Bateman and Fleck. Instead of destroying the relationships and context that makes our lives rich and meaningful in the name of “liberty,” we should be trying to restore those things to reintegrate these lost people into a common culture.

Note: I’ve put the Joker up as our banner for the weekend. I think of him as being a kind of avatar for the absurd world we live in. He’s a cautionary tale, not a role model.

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  1. The things which have been ruined for us all were not destroyed in the name of “Liberty”.

    They were destroyed in the name of Diversity, Immigration, and Equality — D.I.E.

  2. A cautionary tale about the Joker that I’m sure you’re aware of. It is directed by the Jew Todd Phillips who co-wrote the screenplay with Scott Silver, another Jew.

    • Mr. Huber, your point about the ethnic/religious/ideological background of the Joker movie’s creators would be what exactly? If you are operating from the premise that all Jews are intelligent deception artists who each deserve to DIE NOW, there are certainty many such people working on behalf of the Oligarchs who control our reality through the narrative megaphones. However, in reality not all Jewish persons act that way: check out the Unz Review, where Ron Unz both allows contributors and commenters to expound on the subject and even has a series of his own articles, called “American Pravda,” which explicitly criticizes Jewish historical criminal and immoral behavior, sometimes for themselves, other times on behalf of the criminal/ political/ commercial entities and persons at issue.
      So, not all Jews deserve to die, nor do all blacks, or all females, hispanics, homosexuals, or whomever, while also acknowledging the race/sex realist or HBD perspectives that make stereotypes (that is, statistical discrimination) an appropriate rule of thumb, and generally accurate. Real people act based on a complex set of genetic and culturally-limited attributes that do not precisely match the average for their group. When Black Lives Matters murders random cops, not the actual agents of injustice in a particular case, or Feminists prevent men from getting a fair hearing in court or elsewhere, or when gays force persons or organizations to dishonor their heartfelt values on behalf of homosexuality, that deserves rebuke and more forceful action. But to say everyone in an identifiable group is evil is factually wrong, and prevents collective action against the real enemy, the greedy holders of society’s valuables. If you want to rage alone, ineffectively, instead of seeking out people of good faith and common human decency to combine to bring the real evil ones to heel, be my guest. I choose differently.

      • Couldn’t you have just said “oy vey, the goyim know, shut it down!” and saved yourself a lot of solemn, jowl-shaking typing, Schlomo?

      • You are making a typical myopic “individualist” argument. No one cares about the “1 good jew” that doesn’t eclipse the millions of hostile anti-White jews which are the RULE not the EXCEPTION. Same goes for blacks, mexicans, and homos.

        We have a higher perspective here, a population-sized perspective. Sure you can find 1 jew that can get along with 1 White person, but MILLIONS of jews DO NOT get along with MILLIONS of White people. Same goes for blacks, mexicans, muslims, and homos.

        Fuck individualism, we are trying to save our people and nation. Take the individualism back to your twitter hugbox, brainlet.

  3. i would never step foot inside of a movie theatre and hand those despicable ,evil kikes and shabos goy tools one single shekel of their own money they print.
    Nope, they can just steal it from me in the ways they have been for 20+ yrs with taxation…another agenda against whites.
    Not many blacks /millennials/mestizos paying taxes in weimerica

    • I understand where you’re coming from but I’ve made an exception for this movie, which I plan to see tonight at the famous Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd. I also plan on watching Quentin Tarantino ‘s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood this weekend at a small theater he owns on Beverly Blvd.

      • I can understand why this movie is intriguing to people but i won’t go..
        If i did, i’d dress in a trench-coat and excessive clothing with a MGTOW hat and a confederate flag tshirt.’s the third world Spahn?
        I am guessing you are visiting mexifornia?

        • Once upon a time in Hollywood is completely boring shit you were warned, Taratino is a rip off artist sergio leone’s Once upon a time in America was much better

    • I don’t understand the fascination with this movie personally. The Alt-Right is so damn thirsty for anything ans anyone to identify with that they get excited about 100% jewish productions like this. (jew writers, director, star etc)

      This WILL be subversive in some way that attacks Whites, I can guarantee it. Every Hollywood jew is pure subversion, they always have an agenda.

      And yeah, why pay to go to a theater where a bunch of niggers will just ruin the peace anyways?

      • I saw it, it is very jewish and degenerate in a jewish way but… I really didn’t catch anything explictly anti white about it, not like you would expect… there is the whole antifa angle where the Joker is anti capitalist but really this makes antifa look like the women that they are and their violence is meaningless despite their arguments, because the Joker has more of a right to be disgusted with the system than anyone, but he himself says nothing is motivating him outside of wanting to live in a world full of laughter.

  4. “Plato talked about what happens when you get this absolute equality and liberty bullshit. Tyranny.”

    Equality among unequals is inequality.

    (False equality is gross injustice.)

  5. I don’t have anyone in my life. Family is all dead. Both sides were small and bred late. They bred less and less over the generations. I was an only child, and a mistake at that. I’ve been alone for probably 15 years. Loneliness and depression are just words to some people. Life is hell when you are alone. Church didn’t offer me community, and the current state of females is a lost cause. More dangerous from a legal standpoint than they’re worth. The “movement” was the only place for someone like me, but that’s done with now. Destroyed by the shills at TRS and DS.

    Personally, I can only sympathize with anyone that loses it. The AmNats always condemn them instead of condemning the society that birthed them. I drink every night now, and live a life completely devoid of love. I hate what happened to this country, beyond my own personal sob story. And nothing is getting better.

    • “I don’t have anyone in my life. Family is all dead.”

      Keep your spirits up, we’ll find a solution to this dystopia. In the interim do everything to improve and advance yourself .

      This is why the jws do everything to torpedo our forming White association s, they don’t want us being mutually supporting.

      Find happiness in simple things. We will break this curse, with a vengeance!

    • Mark,

      If there is an animal shelter near to where you live, volunteer to walk the dogs that ar locked up in their kennels. That love that your life is devoid of will be overflowing with the unconditional love of “Man’s best friend.” In addition to doing something altruistic (that is our nature), the physical exercise you’ll get by walking or bathing the dogs will release endorphins, and you will experience a natural high.

      While walking the dogs, you’ll meet dog lovers, and make social connections. Many animal shelters are staffed by women under 35 years old. No one gets rich working at an animal shelter, so these women usually are more down to earth and less materialistic.

      That’s just my modest suggestion.

      It your life, and it’s not a dress rehearsal.

    • Not sure where you live, but if you really don’t have any roots, consider moving somewhere you can get back closer to nature.

      Most of the serenity i have experienced has come from long days and weekends spent hiking, hunting and primitive camping far off the beaten path in the deep woods. My best sleep has been sitting against a tree early in the mornings waiting for sunrise in my favorite hunting spots.

      Learn to hunt with a bow. It forces you to become truly familiar with your quarry. Ive found it to help my sanity knowing that clown world is only skin deep. Reality is still out there, you just gotta go look for it. You learn alot about the natural order of things, learning woodsmanship.

    • “Church didn’t offer me community”

      Is every church in your town supposed to bust your cuck shed door down and demand you go to one of their many many open social and community connection events?

      I get the depression thing, REALLY, but it’s not an excuse. Act like a european here and show some agency. Keep going to church be willing to put forth even the slightest effort and there will be many many traditional white christians who go out of their way to get to know you.

      That’s even considering what a delightful ray of sunshine you must be at parties. Don’t give up, it’s literally the only way to live through this thing.

  6. Brad, a/k/a Hunter, you have many bad people among your readership. The responses above are no doubt representative of a certain subpart of the human condition, but to be so scared of difference, to be incapable of engagement of the mind beyond literal observation, is both illuminating and pathetic at the same time. I might as well be trying to communicate with a corpse. No ability to understand anything beyond literal sameness. No care or concern about anyone else, no matter how those others act. That is pure evil. And of course, these same people nonetheless expect these others they hate to treat the haters with respect and love. Sorry, people, life operates on the mirror principle, reflecting back on you what you reflect out onto others. Karma, if you will, or the Christian concept of grace Frankly, Brad/Hunter, although your posts suggest you are not so narrow-minded, I would hope you would in the future exercise your prerogative as administrator of this site to not post such comments. They add nothing to the discussion.

    • J.R. Chloupek,

      So you’re a believer in karma, eh? Well, so am to the extent that in these maddening times we live in it is the only restitution for Zog and their shabbos goyim.

      Personally, I cannot wait for the karmic blowback predicted by Herr Zündel. In case you do not understand my reference, I believe that it can still be found on bitchute.

      • Karma isn’t real. If it was, evil wouldn’t be able to rule the world, it would be too busy getting punished by “karma”

        Once again, you are dumb. Go away

    • You write with the self-congratulatory style of a woke multiculturalist. Your understanding of the comments and commenters here is as superficial as your supposed enlightened wisdom. When you got pushback, your higher self left and was replaced by the dictator wanting to silence opposition. The way to solve your censorship problem is easy, General Grand-Poobah Bodhisattva. Go do your own blog, and then you can repeat your self-adulation ad nauseum, without fear of being contradicted.

  7. Who would ever promote and put a live thread on for jewish entertainment? SMH… Maybe a self described (autistic – left-right wing, doesn’t even know himself) intellectual.

    • HW does have to keep abreast of cultural trends.
      He can review it and make his critique, saving us the misery of enduring the pain.

      (It would be better if WNs used a prerelease ‘copy’, denying the crooks our shekels.)

      • I’m a pundit and cultural commentator.

        The strategy that we are following here isn’t mainstreaming or vanguardism. It is critique. I’ve written articles about it here before. See the 25 Points of 3.0 article in May.

    • It’s obviously because of the hype combined with the FBI literally on alert because they assume this movie is going to cause some kind of terrorism. It’s been all over the news. Hunter is just following the stories and investigating the hype.

  8. Re: the rambling post above:

    My God, are people still doing the “nothing is anything because look at this one outlier” garbage? Lol

    It’s just garbage libertarianism that has lead to the current state of this cesspool country.

    • It’s difficult to tell whether it’s a jew or a complete retard. Either way, one hopes it will have an “encounter” with some of the “vibrant diversity” it sucks up to so frantically and grotesquely.

  9. Very rare that I waste money to watch a movie on “the big screen”. This one doesn’t appear to be worthy.

    • Last one I went to was Blade Runner 2049. Before that it was YEARS before I last saw one. It’s all gone downhill. Redbox is horrible.

  10. How long will it be befu the SPLC and ADL add Joker haircuts and Joker Halloween costumes to their ridiculous but ever expanding list of “hate symbols?”

  11. Topic Askewed:

    Clint Eastwood has a film he directed about the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics fiasco involving zog’s person of interest Richard Jewell.

    According to some accounts, Eastwood lambasts the (((FBI))) and the jewsmedia for their rush to judgement to crucify an innocent AmNat White man.

    I know that Eastwood is a Silent Generation AmNat, but if this movie plus whatever effect “Joker” has on discrediting liberal democracy, mainstream media, and the FBI reputations to those straddling the fence; it can’t hurt.

    • Thats all and well that eastwood is doing this film to expose fbi but I’m not watching anything with that Jon Hamm faggot in the film not after his ‘white be gone’ infomerical that he did for hbo

      • Thom,

        I don’t have cable television, so I wasn’t aware of shabbos goy Hamm’s sickening utterance.

        From the trailer, the FBI prick Hamm plays is portrayed as one of the villains of the movie alongside another leftist shabbos goy shiksa Olivia Wilde who plays a anti-White “journalist ” for the Atlanta Constitution jewpaper.

        As I wrote, “Richard Jewell” supposedly shines a negative light on the FBI/DOJ and the jewsmedia by scapegoating an obese White security guard as a terrorist.

  12. Just another libtard PC film. White Joker with black girl. Gotta watch for this kind of thing. (((They))) will spend zillions on a movie to sneak ( or cram, ) 2 or 3 PC items down our throats.

  13. I’ve just seen the film. Very dark and strange, not the kind of movie Mr. and Mrs. HW are probably used to watching.

    • You enjoy it spahn? Seriously the more I find out about the film the more I hate the premise of the plot

      It apparently has absolutely nothing to do with DC’s usual Joker and is more of a bizarre combination of Taxi Driver, and the king of comedy In fact one can say this film is 40% the king of comedy, 40% taxi driver and 20% joker wrapped in one, leave it to the heebs to destroy and deconstruct a classic Judging by Hunters twitter feed he enjoyed it too Guess maybe he might do a review to better explain his experience of it

  14. November – that was a very beautiful, inspirational and practice help suggestion for Mark. One of THE best I’ve ever read.

    Mark I hope that you take November’s very practical advice and get in to this dog loving world – it will restart your soul and I’m sure as November said that you will meet other (White) good people in this dog caring world. You don’t have to be alone.

    F*#*&$# online dating, F*&** the bar scene. Why give your $ and attention to women who will not do anything good for you. I wish there were affordable, safe “escort” services near you, that’s a business our off the grid “movement” should invest in.

    But, yes, November’s advice is excellent.

    • Jaye Ryan,

      We all can get caught on the hamster wheel of despair, especially in this
      bad is good, up is down Orwellian clownworld.

      There is an epidemic of loneliness affecting Western civilization and it has lethal consequences, and that is not hyperbole. I watched a shocking TEDx talk by Dr. John Cacioppo who is the preeminent subject matter expert on this social disease.

      My advice to Mark is not anecdotal. It is more effective to kicking your blues away than any Big Pharm SSRI, and there are no side effects.

      Dogs are angels with tails, and they never lie about the love or gratitude they express. They don’t possess dark ulterior motives for their affection.

      Another reason volunteering at an animal shelter or another non-profit organization that tickles your fancy is that it gets you out of your own head. You’re doing something for others, and they welcome and appreciate your selfless time and energy. They will be glad to see you, and you’ll bond with them over a common passion. A sense of accomplishment will wash over you when you see your efforts pay dividends.

      I appreciate your acknowledgement, though I was not seeking any accolades.

      It was just one White person throwing a life preserver to another White person in need of rescue.

  15. Think we should instead let off mice in theaters showing this movie and all those like it. National Socialists did this to anti German pacifist movies like “All Quiet on the Western Front”.

    Seems like we missed the boat during the Netflex DVD rental years where we could sponsor great, decent White movies like John Ford/John Wayne movies Stagecoach and the Quiet Man.

    We could charge ~ $3 for a movie showing, have free popcorn and show them on big flat screens in churches, have date nights that sort of thing.

    Can’t understand why we haven’t ever developed a practical business model to break the horrible J Hollywood Media mafia monopoly.

  16. “Justin Huber | October 3, 2019 at 2:23 pm | Reply
    Thanks for the lecture. Still not going to patronize Jewish run Hollywood.”

    Exactly! Who patronize the fookun enemy? We live this distopian world why would we fill the destroyers pockets to RE affirm our torture?

    “Mosters from the id”

    More distractions from the unmaker that I dont need.

    Its hoi ioudaioi, all of them.

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