20 Predictions for the 2020s

Of all the contemptibly unscientific soft sciences, none is more detached from reality than political science. Mere detachment would be an understatement, as getting ahead in political commentary actually requires you to be relentlessly wrong, it seems.

Making a living in political analysis requires you to be in tune with the current zeitgeist, with your key donors, and with the system’s favor. This is why Hunter Wallace doesn’t make a living with political analysis, despite being dramatically more accurate and predictive than absolutely anybody who makes a living at the game.

While his list is impressive, I think I can do better. After all, I squarely defeated Hunter in 2012 by calling it strongly for Obama when Hunter’s models showed a narrow Romney victory. I then went for a victory lap in 2016, betting $500 worth of bitcoin on Trump’s primary victory and $500 in Trump’s total victory early in October, 2015. This was the political analyst’s equivalent of a figure skater’s elusive quintuple jump, given that it also rode the dramatic increase in bitcoin’s value over the same period.

Months later, Richard Spencer, and only Richard Spencer, exactly timed the popping of the cryptocurrency bubble in early 2018. While I lack Richard’s oracular power to actually time markets, I have performed well enough over the past decade to warrant making some specific predictions for the next decade.

Popperian Falsifiability is the least you should expect from people who expect you to read our opinions on the Internet. This is not an act of arrogance, but of humility. In the coming years, we can look back on this clear and direct list of predictions and adjust our analysis accordingly.

#1 – American Austerity

We’re nearing the conclusion of an upswing in the business cycle that’s timed to coincide with the Baby Boomers pulling their money out of the market to pay their filipina home health aides. Millennials and Zoomers will not prove an equal economic substitute. Nearly half are lacking the raw human capital to remain in the lead in the global economy, and the rest have lost the work ethic and drive for economic status defining prior generations.

#2 – Bond Bubble Bursting

An iconic aspect of the film The Big Short was when the financial analysts took the time to dig into the portfolios and then travel to the root of their investments to see if they’re fundamentally sound. The bond market, which has the same reputation for security and stability, is resting upon a monkey’s cage of derelict and dysfunctional municipal and state governments.

Any private citizen is welcome to attend the meetings where the money from these bonds is “invested.” I remember watching the live footage of the City of Charlottesville city council meeting and thinking to myself, “This is a college town. How dysfunctional must the major inner cities be?”

As with the real estate crisis, Joseph Kennedy’s stock market reforms have been long forgotten and atop the teetering bond market is a thriving ecosystem of clever derivative instruments which will exacerbate the fall-out when Peak Boomer (2029) strikes.

#3 – AltTech Revolution

My Protocols of the Elders of Google essay back in 2011 uncannily predicted this decade’s crackdown on the formerly open and free Internet. We’ll see this problem work itself out in the coming decade as the workarounds under development will go mainstream.

Unless the Big Tech oligarchs figure out some fancy Quantum Computing trick for breaking public key cryptography, it will remain possible to speak freely on the Internet. And the oligarchs aren’t going to resist the temptation to push the general public hard enough that they take an interest in the Dark Web, in end-to-end encrypted messaging, and in anonymous cryptocurrency transactions.

#4 – Trump Will Lose

Trump won’t just lose by a little bit. It will prove an historic defeat. Even if Trump had all the same enthusiasm today that he managed to achieve in 2016, the changing demographics over the last four years alone would result in an electoral college defeat. And unlike in 2016, the DNC will be so afraid of another surprise “Brexit Effect” defeat that they’ll spend the entire time during the general election wandering around Appalachian and Rust Belt towns in hard hats talking like John Mellencamp to appease the white working class.

#5 – AltRight Glasnost

There will be a bit of an indian summer for our movement after Trump’s defeat, as Trump Derangement Syndrome subsides and the general public gets over its panic about Trump’s fabled fascist shock troops. MSNBC will get boring, with little market for Rachel Maddow and pals’ delusional conspiracy theories.

#6 – White Rapture

The next stage of white flight after the suburbs is the small towns and rural enclaves. The homesourcing revolution will enable more white families to flee the cities and suburbs in search of “good schools” and “safe neighborhoods.” This process will be exacerbated by the bond market crisis, which will end the cheap money boom that the cities have enjoyed and put crippling property tax pressure on white urbanites.

#7 – Black Riots

We’ve gone so long without any major race riots that we’ve just about forgotten them. They’ll make their return, with the government affording the rioters plenty of “space to destroy.” These will push political polarization, with white heroes, martyrs, and victims emerging to drive white identity even more than the Trayvon Martin incident.

#8 – White Riots

In response to Climate Change concerns and as the only way to punish whites who flee to the countryside, they’ll recapture their lost property taxes in the form of dramatic fuel tax hikes. Given America’s demographic layout, fuel taxes are a racial tax on white people which is going to result in an American equivalent of the yellow vest protests in France.

#9 – Infrastructure Humiliaton

This will be the decade when America’s infrastructure crisis comes to the fore. With the austerity and bond market crises, there won’t be the money to repair roads, highways, bridges, and aging public works projects. There will be at least one incident that dwarfs Hurricane Katrina’s administrative and infrastructural blunders.

Meanwhile, China, Russia, Iran, and the Silk Road countries will be enjoying an infrastructure investment boom.

#10 – Go East, Young Man

“Go east, young man” will become a byword for the exodus of bright and ambitious young men (and women), with vibrant little expat communities of White Americans springing up in Kazakhstan and other unlikely locales.

For the first time ever, we’ll be talking about a “brain drain” from America. You’ll be invited at least once to a friend’s home in some exotic rainforest, and you’ll feel like you’re in the French Plantation Scene in Apocalypse Now if you take up his invitation.

#11 – Mexodus

Mass migration will slow, primarily on account of economic realities. Many will even return to their home countries on account of America’s racial antagonisms, economic strife, and our astronomical cost of living.

#12 – Declining Jewish Power

Several broad trends are working against the sort of monolithic power that the Organized Jewish Community enjoyed throughout the Jewish Century (20th). Implicit antisemitism has gone entirely mainstream, with popular opinion broadly turning against their political and social objectives alike.

While they’ll naturally wish to blame it all on outright antisemites like yours truly, the truth is more mundane. America’s tested the outermost boundaries of clapping along with the Jewish agenda and have nothing to show for it but lost wars, a hollowed out economy, and mutilated genitals.

Their jokes also stopped being funny, in part on account of their being gaslit by Trump’s trolling, but also because their style of humor relies on there being moral standards and assumptions about proper behavior to relentlessly critique and deconstruct. We’re arriving at the end of that lifecycle, where the only taboos and moral hang-ups left are their own.

Several major cartels that they relied on for their power and influence have been napstered in the past decade, and that process will continue. From the taxi medallion racket to distributors in the pornography industry to record label executives, it’s been a rough couple of decades for corrupt middlemen and their profit streams.

The bloom is off the rose, and even the Evangelicals are losing their fervor. They always overreach, and they’ll continue dominating the American political conversation for the foreseeable future. Our cause will continue to face persecution, but they’ll be too distracted by greater challenges to their hegemony to focus exclusively on White Nationalists.

#13 – Smart Contract Lending

Smart contracts are capable of facilitating tokenized loans, which can be repackaged and sold to a secondary market. The pieces are all on the table, but haven’t been put together correctly yet. They will be. And when they do, a large part of the economy will drop out of the conventional financial system.

Loan sharks will become a thing again, as enforcement of black market loan contracts will get creative.

#14 – Smart Contract Zero-Reserve Banking

Smart contracts enable one to tie up 100% of one’s balance in diversified investment instruments until the exact moment of withdrawal. The technology isn’t quite there yet, and the ecosystem isn’t quite there yet, either. But they will be. And normies will begin moving their savings into the cryptosphere.

#15 – Open Source Warfare

The best way to screw with the oligarchs is by empowering their citizenry to communicate and collaborate despite the empire. This is one reason why I’m optimistic about AltTech. Only a few million dollars would be enough to overcome the tech obstacles currently impeding left and right dissidents alike.

We don’t have that kind of money, but others who aren’t friends with our government do.

#16 – Failed State Problems

Aside from the infrastructure issues and economic troubles, a lot of the problems we typically associate with exotic third world countries will become facts of life. The cops will be more crooked. Bribes, kidnapping, and other banana republic bullshit will become more common.

#17 – Home School Wars

The technology has reached a maturity and the public schools have reached a crisis point where home school rights will replace gun rights as the ultimate implicitly white “security blanket” political issue. Even the parents whose kids are still in public school or private school will be anxious enough about the way things are heading to have an eye on the possibility of “pulling the kids out of school.”

The government and media which have largely humored this as an eccentric and exceptional fringe choice will try to treat them like the new anti-vaxxers, and you’ll start to see migrations as red states attempt to lure home school parents, blue states crack down with more “standards,” and it becomes the GOP’s biggest implicitly white issue.

#18 – Athleisure Cozy Craze

Pajamas, hoodies, and sweats will work their way up from Wal-Mart to Wall Street and the fashion walk. Suits and ties will look absurd and tryhard in more and more contexts, until funeral directors., Nigerians on the make, and young fogeys are the only ones still dressing “professionally.”

This isn’t to say that fashion will get cheap and comfortable. The more fashionable will flaunt designer brand athleisure wear, invest in expensive and uncomfortable shapewear, and spend more than ever on plastic surgery. The pinnacle of fashion will be looking like a wealthy and sexy person who absolutely could and would go jogging at the drop of a hat.

#19 – Eldercare Abuse

If you’re an attorney, you’ll want to be out in front of this. Baby Boomers going into assisted living and nursing homes will make their fear of mistreatment, neglect, and abuse a massive nationwide issue. Whatever the boomers think matters is the only thing that matters, at least for another decade or so.

With the exception of my own parents, who are wonderful people who deserve only the best, I couldn’t care less. It’s sick that this country leaves no elderly behind but leaves most of its infants and youths to struggle in deprived, poverty-stricken, and institutionally neglected (daycare) environments.

#20 – White Nationalist Growth

White Nationalism will become an actual youth subculture which will grow to match and exceed the development of the nineties skinhead subculture. We’ll have our own music scene. There will be some speakeasy-style event going on within driving distance of just about everywhere just about every weekend.

Young men will see it as the only truly rebellious and self-possessed posture against this evil empire. Young women will be drawn to a subculture of men who take health, fitness, family, and career seriously. They will neither take on a young fogey or “skinhead” look, but generally blend in with a “gray man” look that has its own very subtle in-group signals.

Explicit WN will finally become a popular thing because austerity and demographic change will make it impossible for all but the upper classes to buy or borrow their way out of third world depravity. Thinking and speaking explicitly about avoiding “minorities” will be Becky’s new “good schools” priority.

The “Fapocalypse” will continue, with most people of all races getting too lost in video games, pornography, and similar addictive distractions to reproduce, succeed economically, or be politically relevant. WNs will stand out and excel with RAM-style self-improvement and TWP-style community support strategies.

We’ll meet 2030 in a much worse demographic and economic situation but a much stronger political and social situation. We’ll have the basic building blocks we need to identify and execute a survival strategy for our people in the unstable and unpredictable decades to come.

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  1. Well, Matt, that is one damn good post and I can whole-heatedly state I hope you are 100% correct.

    I laughed at the tax medallion statement due to reading a fairly-recent article whereas the Jews screwed Indian, Pakistani, and other Asian taxi drivers with a NYC medallion scheme. They saw Lyft and Uber affecting the cab business and got out just in time. As we all know here, they are masters of weaponizing human weaknesses. Even I felt my blood boil reading the stories.

    Also, being a tail-end boomer, I had to look up the term Zoomer generation.

  2. Great article! I disagree with number 4, 11, and 12. Number 4: How can Trump lose. Basically most people who supported him still do. We are a very small minority. And the democrats have no good alternative again. If they had someone like Clinton I would agree with you. But their candidates all have so much baggage they can’t appeal to on the fence whites.

    Number 11: An interesting one. Your the first person I’ve heard say this. So Kudos. But 10 years isn’t that long. The Jews will find a way to pay the browns coming in. As it fits with their ultimate agenda of genociding whites. No way they let this one happen. And Millenials and Gen X still on a majority love to help the browns. America will still be a better place than where they come from for now

    Number 12: Many have said this one. I don’t see how this happens yet. They control all financial systems. Except Coin but who’s to say they won’t figure out a way to. Also they have so much dirt on so many people. Lastly historically speaking for them to lose power it would have to come by a strong leader expelling them or sacking them love you Titus. Or a Nat Soc type populist. I’m not sure America even in 10 years will be ready for that. I agree about the social aspect though of this point. That is spot on. The amount of power they yield has never before amassed in History. Look at France. They have convinced French policemen to shoot and maim their own people all for a pension. And that’s on 35 weeks in a row I believe. With multiple injuries including to women and elderly! That is what control of money looks like. I pray I am wrong and you are right though. 88

    • Their control of the financial system isn’t written in stone. All signs point to a steady decline in their financial influence. And with that decline will come a steady decline in their political and social influence.

      They’re in a downward spiral where buying control of discourse is getting more and more expensive while they have less and less liquidity to afford it.

      If they were really on the move, their journalists pushing their agenda would be known for their extravagant lifestyles, not known for being destitute.

  3. Great list.

    “White Nationalism will become an actual youth subculture”
    We are already at this point. The largest youth hobbies like video gaming are dominated by our guys. You can’t even play an online game without seeing our memes everywhere. And most of it flies right under the radar because the memes have become so high level esoteric. IMO gaming is the most fertile ground for current and future cultural outreach.

  4. My prediction:
    National Red Flag Law enacted (((with))) or without Trump in office.
    AWB of 2019 or 2020
    More gibs for Zog
    And most importantly, that you don’t have nearly enough ammunition for what’s coming.

  5. regarding #19-“Eldercare Abuse” Matt should care about elder abuse victims more than daycare kids-why? because most of the elderly are white, while most of the very young are nonwhite.

    • My point could be easily confused.

      So I’ll clarify.

      America’s elderly have left their posterity to choke. I would rather support universal healthcare for children regardless of race than subsidize a generation that has already bled this country dry.

      Let’s attend to the old folks who aren’t scum and leave the rest to neglectful third world CNAs.

  6. Nice to hear from you Matt. I miss your posts on Twitter. The entire site has become a crushing bore. I predict Twitter will follow MySpace and Jack Twitter will become a depressed house bound loser.

    Yes, Trump will lose biggly and the nogs will be flooded in faster than ever, to ensure another Trump will never rise again.

    If the Chinese don’t lose patience with Trump and nuke us, actually useful robots for the home will start to become a thing within 10 years, giving house bound computer literate people something economically useful to do with their time. Robot powered cottage industries will spring up everywhere revitalizing small town America, this will make big cities less relevant. Barter and tax avoidance will become a big thing, as these independent minded people will seek to trade goods and services off the books with like minded folks who live in or near their small towns.

    • Exactly.

      Mass society is screwed, but we’re not obligated to go down with that ship. We can and should retreat to enclaves on the periphery and develop socially and economically autonomous networks against the modern world.

  7. Andrew Anglin will be pronounced dead on the frontpage of DS, and weev will release a few photos of him pissing on Anglins grave in israel and all the DS spergs will love it and donate everything they have left.

    • The site’s Alexa rank will continue to soar despite DS being dedicated exclusively to weev’s shirtless rambling tirades about being held accountable for computer crime for a few months a decade ago.

  8. My prophecy sounds that financial crash will hit, economy does down in flames, then all social problems and tension rise and then will be Soviet Union style endgame. Liberal left does something horrific what freak out entire society and there will be the end of entire political system.

    Like they impeached Gorbachev back in 1991 and Soviet Union came down as result. Blowing up the Empire overnight was not popular but the fact that few drunken lunatics can arrest the president and bring tanks to the streets and rotten defunct system is totally impotent left the people no choice.

  9. Matt, good thought provoking article.

    What is happening with your idea to build a comprehensive race wise library?

  10. Thought provoking, but if you don’t think the government is going to try to outlaw: crypto, VPN’s, any form of internet anonymity, or anyone like us to have access to a “public square” then you have drastically overlooked the federal government’s primary obsession: control. Financial and Information control to be specific.

    We will no doubt see mandatory splash screens enforced by your ISP which require Driver’s License info to log onto the net. Said legislation might get shot down a few times, but by 2025-28 we will have this. Every elite politician praises China’s internet model.

    I also saw no mention of nascent social credit scoring by big tech in these predictions. This will naturally piggyback the surveillance state.

  11. “We will no doubt see mandatory splash screens enforced by your ISP which require Driver’s License info to log onto the net”

    You sound like David duke, when he told don black that “Stormfront won’t last, the powers will shut it down”. Thanks to Don’s dedication, it’s been up for over 20 years. If we had more ppl like Don Black, this movement would be roaring.

  12. Highly disagree with # 10. It will become “go south young man.” Agree with the other 19 and highly agree with many.

  13. Any large organization of the type Parrott mentions here will need to strongly gatekeep against conservative influences. This includes especially faileocons like Scott Greer, who is already gearing up to provide free labor to the GOP who hates him during election season. Conservatives are our worst enemies.

  14. Good post, this is how I see it. I don’t see boomer/normie conservatism morphing into us, sadly. In the 2020’s, nationalists in Europe will be in power in many countries and will also be more open about identitarianism. That will influence white Americans to be more accepting of their own identity and move past this “I’m just an Amurican, I don’t see no color” nonsense.

    I agree that whites will be more open about “want a majority white school/town.” I have seen that talk openly lately in the NYC area, of all places. Part of it is that many areas are full of asians or are middle class but a mix of asians, hispanics, arabs, indians, various random immigrants and whites. whites still live in those places but few are moving in. You can’t call these places “bad” in the traditional sense, but white people don’t want to live there.

    We are seeing the nice suburbs in many metro areas starting to divide into white native ones and diverse ones full of asians, upwardly mobile hispanics, middle eastern people and various immigrants from all over. The whites favor pre-war, smaller towns, more walkable, more historical. They like big trees, naturalistic landscaping, and gardening. Diverse middle class people favor new builds, post-war, with condos and mcmansions and near big malls and highways. They like flash and conspicuous consumption. These suburbs are full of bmws, bmws and more bmws.

  15. “Today’s elderly left us to choke”-your quote. First, the Boomers aren’t to blame-the so-called “Greatest Generation”(great in the eyes of the Jews) were the ones in power when the liberal cake was baked-Boomers(1946 to 1964 births) were mere children when the Brown decision, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the Immigration Act of 1965, no fault divorce laws etc were passed into law-it was the “Greatest Generation” that dropped the ball, not the Boomers. Like you, they had to live in a world their fathers made. Secondly, what generation since the Middle Ages has dealt effectively with Jewish power and influence? Zoomers and Millennials don’t seem to be doing such a bang-up job either.-don’t fall prey to infighting-we need all of our troops-not to mention voters!) to marshall an effective resistance-keep those old folks alive and get them to the polls to vote for our side-now You and yours get some credible pro-white candidates from your generation to run so the old boomers can vote for them before they die-so far I hear nothing but crickets As Elvis said, “Too much conversation, not enough action”. Meanwhile , don’t squander valuable heathcare resources on our enemies.

  16. #19 – Eldercare Abuse

    Once can only hope that a lot of white libtards will die with open infected bed sores eating their own crap while under the care of the many turd duh-versities imported in the never ending game of ‘muh cheap labor’. My Mom and I were able to take care of my bed ridden dad until he passed away at home. I’m guessing not many others will so lucky. I myself don’t have kids, so I guess my only option is to stay in good health as long as possible.

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