Foreign Policy: China’s Youth Are Trapped In a Cult of Nationalism

So, what you are telling me is that the Chinese have embraced authoritarian nationalism, social conservatism and post-liberalism, and that I should resent China and rally behind Western liberalism which has demonized me and made me a pariah in my own country?

Foreign Policy:

“In August, groups of Chinese patriots, ranging from dozens to thousands of people, held a string of rallies in the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia, France, and Japan to voice support for the Chinese government. On paper, this sounds somewhat innocent.

Following months of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong that have drawn international sympathy, many mainlanders, mostly students abroad, staged their own demonstrations to offer the world their perspective.

But that perspective isn’t pretty. And it’s one sanctioned by officialdom.

In Toronto, young nationalists drove Ferraris draped with Chinese flags and ridiculed Hong Kongers for being “poor cunts.” In London, a sign at a rally demanded that Hong Kongers “lick [their] master’s ass.” In several separate incidents in Australia, Chinese protesters attacked a journalist, assaulted Hong Kong sympathizers, and lambasted anyone who doesn’t love China with chants of “get the fuck out.” In response to “Hong Kong stay strong” on one university campus, young Chinese students shouted in unison, “Fuck your mother!” …

Let me spell it out: This is the Chinese version of the alt-right, except it isn’t fringe. Instead of “Make America Great Again,” the Chinese students were chanting “Long Live China.” Instead of blasting racist speeches against the ethnic minorities clearly visible in the West, this time the discrimination was political and regional—targeting Hong Kongers and their supporters. But the rage, the aggression, and the pride on the streets are all too similar. And they have largely flown under the radar as abusive speeches get lost in translation and go unchecked. …”

I’m optimistic about the future.

I will share my thoughts on the 2020s tomorrow, but it will suffice to say that I see China as a country on the way up and the United States on the way down. We’re only going to become more polarized and dysfunctional. No one in the world will want to emulate our system. They can protest all they want in Hong Kong, but Uncle Sam isn’t coming to their rescue.

Note: I laugh every time that I watch this video. American liberals have created a monster in East Asia that will ultimately devour them. It’s their fight, nor ours.

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  1. China might even be willing to throw some money our way in the future. I don’t see why they wouldn’t exploit the natural racial fracture points of the American empire by funding secessionist movements.

    • They still fundamentally blame Whites for their century of humiliation(and we could go into how not only did America have nothing to do with that, we pushed for respect for China during that time), that isn’t too likely. Even Gadaffi threw money at the Black Panthers, but wouldn’t do the same for any White dissident organization. Everyone else knows who runs this country, and none of them particularly want to draw their ire.

  2. BRICS nations will begin to pick up other countries such as Iran, Malaysia, Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, and possibly Lebanon and Iraq. The BRICS economic power will proportionally increase, as the decadent West’s G-7 weakens their hold on the world economy.

    Don’t be surprised if the BRICS nations form a military alliance to counter the threat from NATO/ZOG.

  3. “China as a country on the way up and the United States on the way down.”

    Sure, we’re being mongrelized.

  4. When is the government in Peking going to send the tanks in to Hong Kong? There are already thousands of Chinese troops and hundreds of armored vehicles a few miles outside of Hong Kong. The government in Peking seems unusually patient.

    Rioting in Hong Kong and the status of Taiwan are both Chinese issues and of no legitimate concern to the U.S. Government which more than has its hands full with all the mayhem it has caused over the last 30 years. Iraq looks like it is coming apart as different factions openly battle in Baghdad and other cities. The rest of the Mid East is about 1/1000th of an inch away from war. Our “greatest ally” and BFF Saudi Arabia want the U.S. to attack Iran.

    No doubt the U.S. Government has been discreetly encouraging the protesters although it will do nothing when they get crushed. China for the Chinese, it’s none of our business but the U.S. Government never lets things alone. No doubt there will be official U.S. protests when China clamps down on Hong Kong which will just poison the well worse with the government in Peking.

  5. Foreign Policy…Jew policy, they mean along with their Jew-splaining. Feel free to disregard everything that comes out of some Jewish oligarch’s mouth.

  6. In China non Chinese tourists and aren’t allow to vote,nor hold jobs in military,police and intelligence party.Cucksurvatives calls them communist China.They’re National Socialist.DC regime will not be able to infiltrate China goverment as they have on Europe after WWII.

  7. Every one of the dystopian novels on the fringe, has China occupying the West Coast, and using us like slaves. At first, I thought it was leftover “Red Menace” mindsets, in the wake of Russia’s supposed break from Communism. This, however, clearly points out the idiocy of everything we have done, to enrich the Chinks; from Nixon’s visit, to every piece of junk you buy today, having ‘Made in China’ stamped on our foreheads.

    Perhaps it’s time for High Schools to read, instead of “1984” rather, “Ways that are Dark,” instead.

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