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  1. We are witnessing the end of 900 years of Western academic tradition. Good riddance, it was all bullshit anyway.

  2. None of these students will profit anyway, as the Republicans and Democrats import millions of pajeets and asians to take their jobs. All these fools will be left with is gig work and crushing debt.

    Academia is not about teaching you skills to do a job, it is about teaching people what they must BELEIVE IN to be allowed to have a job. So they are using state funds to illegally preach a Religion, and that religion is Political Correctness.

    The only reason you would ever go to University is to learn how to be a Politically Correct Fool. Academics brag about what they are doing in ways that would get anyone else charged with Tax Fraud. They openly call it a ‘liberal education’,

    There’s far better people with practical skills teaching online. Unlike academics, they do not push the Religion of Political Correctness, and they are very affordable.

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