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    • He looks like he has a nice joker smile in the above photo put on some make-up you never know… could be a convincing joker, speaking of which I don’t really like the nihilist take on joker in this new film but whateves its cool

  1. Just watched Joker. Couple of things were irritating.

    The three men he shot in the subway train would have been blacks. There’s no way three suits are down there at night in early eighties Manhattan.
    Only in Gotham.

    The Jewish writers are trying to Stoke the occupy wall street shit again.

    I found the character of Arthur Fleck to be sympathetic. Rough life. Basically his mother had been… Well anyway. Stop reading to avoid spoiler.

    Basically his mom was a piece of shit. There’s something Jewy about that writing on Arthur’s mom. If you see it you’ll notice that Arthur has a Jewish relationship with mother. Lots of projection onto whitey.

    In conclusion I’d say that it’s an very entertaining film that pulled one of two punches about race identity and criminality.

    It was a lot like watching the childhood Howard Stern story. Shitty mom and a hapless boy she wrecks.

    • What you mean by Jewish relationship with his mother? Was his mother in the film visibly jewish sounding and acting? Also what did you think about the antifa connection people keep talking about, also apparently the ancap theme in the film too

  2. Like so many, many historical and artistic themes – these Left wing memes, films, books, poetry can be just tweaked a bit to go very strong for us in a populist, socialist but nationalist way…. this joker character, he could have become Horst Wessel or AH Youth leader Herbert Norkus. The film Hitler Your Quex does a good job of presenting the tortured life, heroism, death and resurection of Herbert Norkus:


  3. It’s sad to watch Spencer fall. He’s gone from a guy I’d vote for for POTUS … to a Romney like milk toast. It was a very gradual decline. He finally reached bottom on the podcast just prior to this one when he said, “Obama wasn’t a bad President. I kind of like him.”

    You’ve heard of RINO ? Now we have ARINO = Alt Right In Name Only.

    Could be some psych 301 involved … the guy has been through a LOT of rejection and maybe wants to be liked by EVERYONE. Won’t happen Spencer. You might win over 1 or 2 % of (((them))) but lose 1/2 of us. Change or become irrelevant very soon.

    The main reason is lack of God. What will any of this matter at the million year mark in eternity ? God is 90 % far right conservative. BE like God. All of you with platforms and audiences ARE TARGETS FOR SATANS BEST AND BRIGHTEST. To save the south we need strong white Christian men who are mostly far right. Stand for something.

    (((They))) didn’t like Clint Eastwood back in the day cause he was too strong and white. He got bad reviews from the possessed left. Then about 1980 he started cucking. He then got good reviews but disgraced himself. Lately he’s been making half hearted attempts to redeem himself. Too late Clint.

    Don’t be like Clint Richard. You’re at a fork in the road and you’re going left with the watered down pseudo intellectual stroll down the CENTER … CENTER LEFT. Make a hard right at the fork ahead or you’re done.

    Don’t be “alt” right. Be RIGHT. And it isn’t “alt,” it’s really MAJORITY RIGHT.

    Choose. Majority Right … or ARINO.

    What’s your PLAN ? Manifesto ? Vision ? Don’t be a centrist version of The View, or worse The Squad. Our time is valuable. We don’t have 2 hours to waste on luke warm ARINO’s.

  4. Jewish mothers abuse their sons to a terrifying degree. The relationship is often quasi incestuous. Given the desire they have for the boy to marry a Yenta.

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