Grift Right Schism

Can’t stop laughing about this …

So, here is where we are now in this story: Nick Fuentes debated Jacob Wohl at Grift Con in Miami on the subject of American foreign policy, Ashley St. Clair aka Sexlaptop appeared in a photo with Nick Fuentes and was fired by Turning Points USA after Jared Holt of Right Wing Watch reported her transgression to Charlie Kirk and now Will Chamberlain has had a big falling out with Ali Alexander and much of the rest of the Grift Right over the respectability question.

For those who are unfamiliar with Will Chamberlain, he is a Jewish trust fund baby who resurrected Human Events – a site which no one reads – so that he could be the gatekeeper of a dead conservative magazine. He is still massively butthurt because he lost a few debates to Nick Fuentes on Israel and isn’t taken seriously as a thought leader. We last encountered him when he wanted to topple the Swedish government to liberate A$AP Rocky.

Ali and Will are exchanging fire on Twitter:

The fight has also spilled over to YouTube:

Is Nick Fuentes irredeemably bad optics?

The Washington Examiner and Will Chamberlain think so. It is all one big joke to us.

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  1. Trust fund red diaper baby (((will chamberlain))) certainly didn’t inherit the infamous jewish high verbal I.Q. Though he does appear to be kind of doofus that walks around in public with a visible booger in one nostril and wearing shirts that are incorrectly buttoned.

  2. This is good for us. How did Sexlaptop end up in the hospital? We never heard what that was about.

  3. Israel-first is the primary feature of the GOP platform – it’s not a bug. It’s not some fake issue like immigration or abortion that can be debated on. Israel is the primary concern of the party. Israel is even more important to them than free-market capitalism which is another topic that cannot be debated inside the GOP.

    Kirk firing St. Clair over being seen with Fuentes was simply another reiteration of what Mike Pence already stated – criticism of Israel in any capacity or even entertaining it will not be tolerated inside the party – period. They can either shape up or ship out. Grifters and pretty faces are easy to replace.

  4. The writing for this new reality show is terrible. The conservative Jewess mudshark, the Messican Whig, the other Heeb pretending to care for traditional American values.

    I don’t care for any of the characters, the producers should tell Ethel Rosenberg to flash them Khazar Milkers.

  5. Ali Alexander is one ugly MF. He looks like Sammy Davis Jr’s love child.

    I’ve never heard of either of these people before and it makes me wonder how they come to be. Do the Republicans advertise for the role of paycheck conservative e-celeb in the National Review? First you convince them you’ve sold your soul to the Devil, then they build up your fake social media presence using bot farms.

  6. Are we witnessing the Republican party in its death froes? Are they vying over who will preside over the next scam replacing it or will we actually get a pro-White party out of it?

  7. Is calling for “groyper rape season” live on air bad optics? Is saying traps are more feminine than women bad optics?

    Perhaps if you’re some degenerate fapper who sleeps with 3D’s you wouldn’t understand how lusting after traps, and rape is totally wholesome.

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