Big Tech Probe Splits The GOP

As long as the GOP is controlled by big donors like Sheldon Adelson and Charles Koch, there is no point in voting for Republicans because these people are buying the policy agenda. We’re not going to actually get anything that is sold to us during elections.


“Washington’s growing antitrust war against Silicon Valley is opening a rift among Republicans — with the Koch family’s vast political operation and other small-government groups emerging as the tech industry’s key allies on the issue.

The split is starkest between free-market conservatives who view the mushrooming antitrust investigations of Google, Facebook and Amazon as government intrusions into private enterprise, and GOP lawmakers and regulators who believe the companies themselves now pose a threat to market competition, privacy and free speech. That latter group has found a rare piece of common ground with Democrats, who are broadly and increasingly calling for tougher Silicon Valley regulations. …

The Koch network shelled out $400 million on political and policy fights in 2017 and 2018, according to previously reported figures outlined by the network, and at its peak rivaled the Republican Party itself in its power and influence.  …

“The Koch network is led by people who would like to be running the economy,” said Stacy Mitchell, co-director of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, a nonpartisan group that fights market concentration. “There are many members of Congress who turn to them for campaign financing and they finance many of the organizations on the right, so because they’re the source of so much money they are hugely influential.” …”

Delivered: Tax cuts.

Delivered: Deregulation.

Delivered: End of Iran Deal.

Delivered: Jerusalem embassy.

Delivered: Sholom Rubashkin pardon.

Delivered: Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

Delivered: Criminal Justice Reform.

Delivered: Antifa violence.

Delivered: Soaring illegal immigration.

Delivered: Global crusades to decriminalize homosexuality.

Delivered: Government crackdown on White Nationalism.

Delivered: Deplatformed by Big Tech.

If you bought a product off Amazon and every single time the seller delivered to your house a completely different product, would you continue to spend your money on that seller? Such is our relationship with the GOP. It consistently runs on populist and nationalist rhetoric. It consistently delivers the policies that its wealthy libertarian and Zionist donors want.

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  1. I am starting to get many people near me in my life to start to understand how poisonous and useless the R party is.
    They are catching on that ‘conservatism inc’ has conserved nothing and what it has done is serve as the main weapon against the European peoples interests and needs.

    • When I discovered james carvill and mary maitland were a married couple I finally understood, ” there’s not a dime’s worth of differance “

      • Anti-boazian,

        The only difference between the two controlled political parties is how quickly they fall to their knees for international and domestic jewish interests.

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