#Reparations: Black Woman Runs Over White Male In Tallahassee, FL

Here you have a toxic brew of black identity politics, anti-White racism, ginned up resentment over a moot issue and anti-social rage all rolled up into one car wreck in Florida.

I will add here that even if the races had been reversed, this would still be a terrible act. Undoubtedly, it would be the top story in the country because a White male running over a black woman and celebrating it on Twitter would fit the narrative. White men are currently the enemy of humanity though so we aren’t allowed to talk about them like other races.

A few days ago, we saw that Whites were the victims of 9 out of 10 interracial felonies between blacks and Whites in 2018. Why don’t you think that fact is reflected in the mainstream media’s coverage of race? Why is there so much bias against the White race?

Note: The fact that incidents like this happen and that we are shining a spotlight on them isn’t a license to behave as badly as this woman. Instead, it should cause you to reflect on what has happened to our common culture under liberalism.

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  1. This seems fake. The scenario is plausible, but people don’t usually write like they talk. She’s trying so hard to match her writing to how ghetto street talk sounds. My guess is it’s either an educated 3-digit IQ black of either sex making stuff up or a nonblack prankster making stuff up. If I’m wrong I’m wrong, but gotta go with my gut reaction.

  2. In the United States there are cameras everywhere especially near traffic lights. She should be arrested shortly I hope. A deliberate act like this warrants a stiffer sentence than the white policewoman who accidentally shot a black in his apartment in Dallas. But I will not hold my breath.

    Granted that in once case a human life was lost compared to injury but morally a deliberate act of evil is worse than any accidental act.

  3. Younger Blacks really hate White people for some inexplicable reason. Just proves ass kissing, or as you wrote, “liberalism” doesn’t pay. Although, I think liberalism is a very over-used word, and I think there are other things at work here that defy political explanation.

    • It’s not at all inexplicable, imagine you were born into a society where everybody had a 190+ IQ, was orders of magnitude more competent and sophisticated than you, was so much better looking as to make you appear non-human, and then they toss you in prison for 170 years for trying your best to make money to buy the consumer items they manipulate you into desperately desiring by clever media tricks you can’t even begin to understand. This is a very hostile society and blacks are in hell living in it because they are too stupid and malleable to even begin to resist its worst cruelties. Of course they hate whites, just like you’d hate Satan’s demons if you were in hell.

  4. To the jungles with all these subhuman pieces of trash.
    They ALL belong in the muthalanz , and soon they will be openly murdering and raping our children in the streets exactly as they do now, but it will basically become totally tolerated to the point where even arresting a feral black in any interracial act of violence against a human will be deemed as “racism” and a “just act” of revenge for the collective white crime of slavery.
    Then the feds can juke their crime stats and justify their white flight and white existence taxes.
    Its already happening all over.
    In diversity destroyed places like Ooookland ,Chimpafornia the police only respond to felony calls, and there are actual felony 9-11 calls that are not prioritized for actual police officers to respond to.

    There is no way peacefully out of this wreckage.
    Blacks rape an average of 160 white women a day and murder an average of 15 whites a day nationwide in this country.(FBI victims of violent crimes reports)

    I wonder what those numbers will climb to in the collapse of the upcoming years?

    When 9-1-1 operating systems don’t work and are down for 15 mins and its announced on the news/SM , the butter-heads are already chimping out committing rapes ,robberies and murders in their local hoods instantaneously!
    What will happen when an entire state loses power for 15 days because feminists and unqualified/ lazy affirmative action hires are all that remain standing everywhere in every “profession” ?
    These orcs are going to learn very fast that without Europeans at the helm, things will start to collapse and all those (((other whites))) , well they don’t give 2 shits about them!

  5. Sadly, this will encourage retaliations by people smart enough not to publicly brag about what they did. When the civilized finally descend to acting like the savage, they will do so with quiet determination, not with apelike chest-thumping. With the entire system now against the White Man, the only sensible recourse against such pervasive tyranny is rebellion in silence.

  6. Now the shaved apes are using our inventions against us because they’re filled with the jewish anti-White mind venom.

  7. that was great. This she-boon is a true warrior for her race. And, HW,

    “liberalism” isn’t the problem. The problem is

    Jews. Jews formatting Blacks into an anti-White Einsatzgruppe.

  8. Ugh gary glitter no thanks despite rock n roll pt2 being a popular sportsball tune, pedo bastard was friends with even bigger pedo brit bastard jimmy saville

  9. My life is not good, but one thing to be thankful for is that there aren’t too many of these animals where I live.

  10. African Eve intentionally ran over a White male a week ago, bragged about doing the crime on social media, and there’s still no arrest of the beast!?!

    Since there hasn’t been a (((media))) outcry, we can safely assume that the victim wasn’t of the (((tribe))).

  11. Don’t worry guys, the respecties assure me its not White Genocide, its “replacement”. So this guy getting run over by an anti-white black is just him getting “replaced”.

    • Dart,

      Two immediate reasons come to mind.

      1. Ghetto negro virtue signaling.

      2 I.Q.s of approximately 85.

  12. Proof we need to put all niggers back in africa, and then invent a deadly chemtrail that will stay about 1 meter above ground for weeks.

  13. Anti-Whitism incites hatred & violence against Whites & should be declared a domestic terror threat.

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