British Girl Describes Being Raped By Over 500 Men

The Muslim sex trafficking gangs that are thriving in the UK and preying on young White girls are a feature of the moral utopia it has become under liberalism.

The Sun:

“She was under constant control of a man who used her for her body until the age of 19.

Jennifer claims police refused to get involved in the matter and instead repeatedly arrested her for prostitution from the age of 16 to 19.

Yet not one of her abusers has been brought to justice despite multiple reports to police.

She told The Mirror: “I must have been raped by more than 500 men.

“When I told the police, they told me I’d chosen my lifestyle. I asked to make a statement because I’d been raped and beaten by so many men and I wanted it to stop.

“An officer said, ‘You’re a common prostitute. Don’t you think that comes with the job?’ He said a jury would never believe I was a victim of abuse.” …”

If you object too loudly to this type of cultural enrichment, then you will be branded a “racist” and “white supremacist” and arrested for hate speech. The police in the UK no longer protect the public. Instead, they protect the Muslim sex trafficking gangs from racist vigilantes. The sexual predators who are people of color are the true victims here.

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  1. This is proof of how far we have fallen. For contrast, here’s a true story for you…. I know of a small town in Wisconsin where the community found out about a female high school phys-ed teacher seducing one of her students. (This was in the late Seventies, btw.) A group of parents met with her, said they thought it must be hard to be queer in a small town and lonely for her, but she mustn’t abuse her position or her students ever again. If you agree to that, she was told, this will be forgotten and you can stay. The teacher’s reaction was defiance, threatening to sue over anti-gay discrimination, telling them homosexuality is natural, she will call the cops on them, and so on. Finally, she told them if she wants to have sex with any of her students, there’s nothing anyone can do about it. The parents meeting with her then said nothing, other than she had a month to make other arrangements. The teacher subsequently went to her union, school principal, and anywhere else she could to get sympathy and support. She even moved her underaged lover (of legal age by then) in with her. The locals seemingly went quiet over the matter; nothing was initially done about the situation.

    The week before the lesbo pedophile’s deadline was up, things suddenly changed. “Some people” took the young girl out of the predator’s house and moved her back home. Protests, if any were made, got ignored. The night before the month was up, a “committee” showed up at the lezzie’s place and told her, in no uncertain terms, what would happen to her if she didn’t leave the next day. It was hinted to me that somewhere in the thousands of acres of forest and farmland in the area, they had brought her to a specific spot, where she was assured no one would ever find her. Certainly, no one would tell on their friends and neighbors over a pedophile, even if her remains were somehow found. The following day, she left town, giving an apology to the school and town for causing so much trouble before leaving.

    I was told that not so long before that, pedos and rapists in the area got much harsher treatment. The local constable was the only law in those days, and he knew to stay out of the way in such situations. With consolidation of law enforcement to the county level, they thought that they had to be more careful. I tell you, that left an impression on me! One of the things I learned was, if people at the local level stick together, TPTB can be negated or ignored. Establish a network of such communities, and it would be difficult for the multicultural empire to interfere in other circumstances. Like if a gang of raghead rapists was to suddenly vanish, for example.

  2. At least, she isn’t speaking German.

    Good going Anglo-Saxon Protestant inhabit of cuck island. Now you’re paying the bill that came due for initiating the brother wars against Germany.

    • Yep…beat me to it. Thank god they entered those wars because they thought they couldn’t compete fairly. Now they’re living in paradise.

      • Thatcher’s Tory government was the most vociferous critic of German reunification, after the “Iron Curtain ” fell.

        The U.K. and the other (((allies))) still never apologized for the mass rape of German women and young girls by the primarily barbarian Cossacks and Tartars in the Red Army. Nor has even one the politicians and/or military personnel who oversaw the post-WWII death camps of German POWs ever been brought to justice.

        That’s why the biggest crime in war is losing.

    • Technically speaking, French girls deserve the most rape because of the devastating Napoleonic War. If it weren’t for the French, the Jacobins would have never inspired the Marxists and revolution would have been unthinkable.

      Actually, the more I think about it, American girls deserve the most rape because it was the American Revolution that bankrupted the French crown causing the conditions for the French Revolution. The precursor to the American Revolution was the French and Indian war which was started by George Washington, America’s first President. Yeah, White American girls are the ones that deserve the most rape.

      Imagine being this new to the movement and thinking girls raped in the 21st century deserve it because of some ancient war. If you want to reach far enough back everyone can be implicated according to this logic.

      • WWI and WWII aren’t ancient wars. The latter still has some very old veterans still sucking air in the present. World War Two ended 74 years ago,and is used by the Jews daily as their justification to fight pro-White movements.

        Of course, women do not deserve to be raped. But it was the actions that the victorious (((allied powers))) during the two brother wars of the twentieth century that directly lead to our current dystopian and dying civilization.

        Both living and dead citizens in the nations that destroyed NS Germany took/take pride in its destruction and theirs Pyrrhic victory.

        Let them deal with the chaos and fallout that they set in motion for being the jews golem against their own race.

      • I don’t think anyone really said they deserved it. The main point was that you should know who your brothers are, and who your enemy is. You shouldn’t fight your brothers for the benefit of your enemy.

  3. Jeez 500? I dunno its hard to care bout this type of shit nowadays being so hopelessly blackpilled but seriously how do you get raped by 500 pakis an not kill yourself?

    Don’t want to be all incelly but how exactly do you not escape or run away something tells me she is a drug addicted or is partly at fault I tryed waking up brits years ago bout this grooming gang epidemic but every time i told brits gods chosen was mostly behind this they got angry and didn’t want to hear anymore so whatever not much you can do i guess what do you guys think? British government is corrupt an screwed up they side with the evil ones and shame the victims

  4. Yes, this is GOVERNMENT LED WHITE GENOCIDE. Forget the jews and Muslims, it’s the Romanists that are doing this.

  5. Never forget that Churchill’s mother was a Yankee whore from Brooklyn….He probably inherited most of his negative characteristics from her.

  6. Imagine if Mosley’s British Union of Fascists had come to power and kept Britain out of the war. Even today he is still one of the most gifted orators in the English language if you scour You Tube for his videos-or Bit Chute if You Tube has taken them down!

    • The Klan was a very popular and powerful movement in the 1920s. There are photos of huge Klan marches in D.C. during this era.

      Imagine if a pro-Klan president was elected in 1932 instead of shabbos goy FDR.

      But we live in the reality of neither happening.

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