Joker Rakes In $93.5 Million In Biggest October Opening Weekend Ever

Arthur Fleck has the last laugh on his critics.

Globally, he has raked in $235 million dollars so far from people laughing at his jokes.

USA Today:

“LOS ANGELES – The filmmakers and studio behind “Joker” have reason to put on a happy face. Despite concerns over its violent themes and ramped-up theater security, audiences flocked to the multiplex to check out the R-rated film this weekend, resulting in a record October opening.

Warner Bros. said Sunday that “Joker” grossed an estimated $93.5 million in ticket sales from nearly 4,400 screens in North America. The previous October record-holder was the Spider-Man spinoff “Venom,” which opened to $80 million last year. Internationally, “Joker” earned $140.5 million from 73 markets, resulting in a stunning $234 million global debut.

“This was a much larger result at the box office than we had ever anticipated globally,” says Jeff Goldstein, the studio’s president of domestic distribution. “We’re just thrilled that audiences are embracing the movie as strong as they are.” …

“Sixty-six percent of the audience was under the age of 35,” Goldstein says. “That tells you that the audience will expand out with that younger group as time goes on.” The younger audience also gave the film a more favorable A-minus on CinemaScore. …”

Why is this movie such a smash hit with Millennials and Zoomers? It is because Joker is on solid ground in the life experience of that demographic. The lonely, socially isolated, sexually frustrated, underemployed and nihilistic cohort of young White men is huge.

This is only a small sample of some of the horror stats that I am familiar with.

I saw the movie as a straightforward condemnation of the excesses of neoliberalism, which simultaneously generates both extreme social atomization and extreme wealth inequality resulting in general unhappiness and inevitable social unrest, but some people saw it differently. At least from my perspective, there is nothing rightwing about cultural and economic deregulation. Liberalism is a solvent that chews up and destroys organic cultures.

Every society has its losers. It isn’t normal though when only 53% of the population has meaningful social interaction with other human beings on a daily basis. It isn’t normal for a fifth of young people to have no friends or for so many young men to be incels. There is a massive systemic issue here that has led to this unnatural situation.

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  1. Loneliness….

    (Who) keeps ruining every effort to form White associations, White clubs, White social groups, White student groups….just (who) ?

  2. Hollywood knew there would be a huge audience of alienated young people for this movie. Sometimes they know us better than we know ourselves.

  3. who’s this loser snitch “joker?”, I’m more interested in national-socialist heroes like Hitler and Chechar.

  4. Just the thought of Michael Moore loving a movie is enough to keep me away from it. I can even imagine the manpig feeding on a trough of buttered popcorn, crunching and slurping loud enough to drown out the sound of the movie. So I’ll take a pass for now, let the bile settle down, and wait for the movie to come out on Redbox.

    • You left out Moore sucking the artificial butter off his porky fingers and belching loudly from his 64 ounces of carbonated flavored high fructose corn syrup beverage.

      • Thanks for making the image more vomit-inducing, November! At least I’ve lost the desire to have any junk food. Or any food at all, really.

  5. Moore thinks this will be a leftist rallying cry for revolution. He whines about his poor
    “Dispossessed” masses.
    Also know as the parasites, grifters, bums, thieves, druggies, sexual degenerates, the laughing filth of the world. Yep, they’re all clowns alright.

    Fuck ‘em, and fuck Moore.

    Bring it freaks. The producers in a Nation versus the takers. I’m waiting.

  6. I still gonna eventually see it had the chance the otherday when i was with my mom an brother but i opted out for spiderman far from home at the cheapies instead but i’m not impressed with the plot would of preferred some animated batman film stuff or another season of gotham (best thing dc has done for live action batman imho). I don’t care for the member of incel shit or forced alt right memes of this film its kinda throwing me off to be honest

  7. Hunter R you gonna do a article on the nword countdown joker guy on twitter? who got doxxed an is a member of the tribe apparently? Pretty interesting story guy turned out to be a attention whore big shock there

  8. Richard Spencer over on his podcast doubted that the film spoke to a generation. That it doesn’t represent a meaningful paradigm shift as to how younger people see themselves.

    This movie will be remembered fondly by Millennials and Zoomers much like Footloose is remembered by young Boomers and Old Xers.

    The idea of some well intentioned clown getting beat up by everyone in society to the point of snapping is not only understandable but relatable. Every man I ever met in my age demographic has expressed some sort of willingness to die at least at some point in their life and most of the women are taking drugs for depression or anxiety or birth control. I think that is why this film will transcend right/left politics, because it’s something that older people will have a hard time relating to that the younger can instantly relate to. An older man who is married, drives to work and then comes own to his own personal home to sit inside all day and work on his hobbies really has no idea on the depth of how harsh things are out there.

    The reality is that you have a generation or 2 of people who tried playing by the rules of society and have gotten fucked every which way they turn. If Joker’s gang is pledging to return power back into the hands of the average man, he comes across more as a folk hero not unlike Robin Hood. Indeed in this re-imagining of the Joker, Bruce Wayne and by extension Batman, is no different than Antifa. A spoiled, LARPing rich kid fighting to protect a rotten system in the interests of the elite.

    If not a paradigm shift on how we look at wealth and power dynamics in the early 21st century, a thought provoking critique of post-modern society at least. Spencer said Joker as portrayed is some sort of loser who shouldn’t be admired by the Alt-Right. Fine, but this figure at least deserves our sympathy. Otherwise we’re lost as a popular movement.

    • Really disappointing story arc in this film from what i read so far, btw its too short also would of preferred a 7 or 10 episode series on netflix to fully flesh out a decent story then a 2 hr film which just rehashes the original king of comedy and taxi driver together nothing really ground breaking there imo

      And yeah its just a edgy film made by heebs for sexually confused pissed off anti social goys they r laughing all the way to the bank while alphabet agencies entice the next Aurora shooter

    • @Greg Johnson

      Yeah, feel free to profit from HW’s generous stance towards free speech. But when someone criticizes on your movie reviews on your faggy site you will censor it. What a hypocritical low-life you are.

  9. Sigh:

    Jewish Bolshevism, Jewish Communism, Jewish Liberalism, Jewish hard core porn, Fake Jewish Neo Conservative/Zionist wars, joining a Jewish “Crusade” to destroy European nationalism led by German Nationalists in World War II – these have always been big sellers at the movies, in TV miniseries, to a lesser extent in books and poetry and of course in the corrupted, race denying types of mass religion.

    And when the only alternative to all these J things is anything goes Capitalism, Ron and Rand Paul Libertarianism with all the troubled orphans like the young lead character “the Joker” kicked out on the street to be supposedly helped by private Churches with the ending of all government programs for the mentally ill, homeless etc…. well…

    Baring the second comings of Jesus Christ and AH and Horst Wessel and some miraculous break up of the J Media Mafia with the media back in the hands of the likes of Ted Turner, Walt Disney, Frank Capra or even some more explicitly nationalist types like Leni Riefenstahl and Goebbels ….

    Our people, our civilization look to be seriously F#*&$*#$@!

    Please try to live and die with honor in these terrible days of Kali Yuga.

  10. In my mind I saw the clown masked demonstrators not as some virtuous National Populist mob but as Antifa on steroids. Thomas Wayne-father of Brice Wayne-was portrayed as a right wing Capitalist as*hole. whereas the
    original comic conception of Thomas Wayne was that he was a philanthropist helping to reform Gotham with sympathy and affection for the working class. The person who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents was the Joker in the original story. I noted it wasn’t the joker who killed them in this movie.

    • Interesting take heartland, thats what i’m getting from it too. Also the mulatto love interest smdh at that bullshit, joker is suppose to only like crazy psychopathic submissive white girls like harlequin

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