Jew Belong

Jew Belong is an ad campaign that is going on in New York City which is encouraging secular, deracinated Jews to reconnect with their ethnic and religious heritage.

New York Post:

“When New Rochelle resident Jackie Saril, 53, was sent pictures of the notorious kugel ad by friends, “I thought, ‘I don’t know who these people are, but anybody who can do an ad about Judaism that uses the word ‘vagina’ is OK in my book.’?”

The ads have also gotten the seal of approval from a local Orthodox rabbi.

“If the ads get someone to stop and take just 10 seconds to think about being Jewish, then it’s a victory,” says Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz, of the Upper East Side’s Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun. …”

Sounds interesting.

Is this similar to what we are doing? Maybe the Jews are just like us. No, Jewish culture is disgusting and utterly opposed to Christianity.

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  1. At first, I thought I was looking at ads by a mainline Protestant church. It really might as well be Judeo-Christianity these days. Will there soon be Presbyterian and Methodist rabbis? I look forward to attending the first bris at my local United Church of Christ.

      • I don’t belong to a denomination. Most denominations have been infiltrated with Zionism, which makes no sense. Jews rejected the Messiah, as that would’ve made their power structure redundant. So, do we want to support those who have sabotaged God’s plan, His order, for the world? I can’t imagine why that would be a good idea. But we just ignore all the history of the heebs rejecting and working to undermine the established order of every nation in which they’ve lived.

        It’s also odd and disturbing that most Christian denominations ignore the Bible to change for the fallen world, adopting its’ destructive and selfish ways. It should be obvious to a sincere believer that once you put social convention above your sacred beliefs, you have hollowed out your faith and made it merely convenient — and therefore empty.

  2. As a child I attended a largely jewish elementary school in the Boston area. Even at that young age I sensed an “otherness” about them.

  3. HW, I wonder what is happening to your site?

    Recent columns -this one, the Joker ‘review,’ and Uhuru (especially) have about them, a ‘National Enquirer’ content mindset- one that is more akin to the ‘trash talk’ you so willingly denounced about AA and the Daily Stormer, rather than the tone and focus of OD in the past. I know that meaningful news items may have dry spells, and/or time constraints may make deep, thoughtful columns harder to come by, but this seems to be a trend I have noticed.

    You mentioned recently that you are almost 40- that seems amazing to me. I remember stumbling onto your site from DS, I believe. Is the site morphing lately, then, a function of becoming ‘middle-aged’ and having nothing to show for it? (Or are you actually assuming your ramblings are worthy of a salary, and thinking yourself productive, from solely writing on a personal website? Are you basically an Alabamian Pewdiepie wannabe? – this last, just dawned on me… I assumed you merely wrote as you did, to chronicle your thoughts; not to pay bills…)

    If it is this latter scenario… if I may be so bold, could one call this ‘focus’ change then, adopting a rather ‘Jewish’ mindset? One that doesn’t GAF (is that the correct term?) about the world qua humanity, but only instead a ‘me and mine’ attitude, if that? Is this focus therefore increasingly one that is iconoclastic (nothing is sacred, nothing is valuable, everything is open for ridicule); mildly nihilistic (unlike so many of the current commenting crop here, you at least have maintained – I thought- a Weltanschauung that ‘kept up appearances’ with your articles relating to history, and Southern-ness); and a quiet, but subtly more secular – or secularizing, rather than biblical, or least, aware of Christendom’s continuing incarnational stance (your comments on another post -that Christianity will continue to decline in numbers and influence, minus the dispensational rhetoric, is at odds with a standard LCMS confessional orthodoxy) – or is the whole thrust of Christ’s rupture with talmudic Judaism, and the Edomite/Khazarian Enemy, no longer something that colors your entire life view?

    Or is this just a function of your generation? Is it somehow tied to the column you noted here?

    Yes, I am a boomer. Yes, I am almost a quarter-century older than you. Yes, I still hope for better times, but no- I am not spending my children’s inheritance, I don’t have stock options, and a condo in the Bahamas. I merely am an academic, and a cleric, and a father, who was raised in Middle America, and who wonders what the heck is going on. I am not ignorant of the necessity for hedging my bets against a post-Trumpian world, and no, I am not a fan of accelerationism. But I do see benefit in having read this, and other columns on your sidebar, for lo, these many years.

    But what I am trying to more clearly understand is the lack of energy so many exhibit, in not wanting to fight the darkness… So, forgive me if I am wrong in my assessments. But I want to understand the world of today, while still seeing things through the lenses of eyes that once knew an American, circa 1965. And the willingness to both ‘give up’ in the face of a Talmuddied worldview, as well as the Eternal Enemy of Christian civilization.

    • Hmm, let me see.

      Should I review and write something about a blockbuster movie that White males under the age of 35 are going to see en masse? My answer to that question is yes. I agree with Anglin that we should be engaged with popular culture. I also agree that we should be engaged with mainstream politics. My strategy on this blog is critique, not mainstreaming or vanguardism, which I have explained in previous articles.

      As for the extreme nihilism and social atomization of young White Americans, that’s a pretty important social fact, right? I haven’t endorsed social isolation or nihilism. Instead, I have condemned it many times including in the Joker review. I’m not living in the world that I want to live in. I’m writing about the one that exists.

      • Hunter;

        You sir are engaging in a “Culture of Critique” as Dr. McDonald has written about. Keep it up.

  4. Maybe we should encourage white Southerners to get in touch with their ethnicity and religion? Oh no, we can’t that. It would be racist. .

  5. So you like weird ritualistic sex like Roman Polanski and Jeffrey Epstein?
    Relax, the ADL and numerous Jewish Senators with dual Israeli-US citizenship and the State Department has your back!

  6. Here is an article that belongs under this heading. I came across it just this afternoon.

    “This list is shocking. It is also very abbreviated. In no other area of advocacy are the Jews this dominant and controlling. Every single major homosexual leader and activist is Jewish. It is therefore safe to call the homosexual movement in America a Jewish ethnic cause. ”

  7. The strongest supporters of Judaism cannot deny that Judaism is anti-Christian.

    Jewish World, March 15, 1924

    Judaism is not the religion of the Bible.

    Rabbi Ben Zion Bokser, Judaism and the Christian Predicament, 1966. p159.

    The great ideal of Judaism is that the whole world shall be imbued with Jewish teaching and that in a Universal Brotherhood of Nations, a greater Judaism in fact; and all the separate races and religions shall disappear.

    The Jewish World,
    February 9, 1883

    The Jews, I find, are very, very selfish. They care not how many Estonians, Latvians, Finns, Poles, Yugoslavs or Greeks get murdered or mistreated as Displaced Persons as long as the Jews get special treatment.

    Yet when they have power, physical, financial or political neither Hitler nor Stalin has anything on them for cruelty or mistreatment to the under dog.

    Put an underdog on top and it makes no difference whether his name is Russian, Jewish, Negro, Management, Labor, Mormon, Baptist he goes haywire. I’ve found very, very few who remember their past condition when prosperity comes.

    President Harry S. Truman

  8. Over time who put these vile people’s on a pedestal?
    Answer – Our own White traitors that put shekels before morality, White freemasons and other White 322 death cult personalities!

    That’s why we’re losing

  9. Mark, Interesting comment but your date of Truman’s speech has to be wrong. It could not have been 1883. What is the correct date?

  10. Yet more dirt uncovered on the Khazarians…Lindbergh was correct, in 1941.

    And, another resource to merely confirm the facts by a valid Academic… and Orthodox Christian:

    “This is powerful evidence of several things. First, that the people of Khazaria, en masse gradually became Jewish and that this was a large population. Second, that the explosion of the Jewish population in Europe can only be understood this way…

    ‘Recently, there has been some controversy on the “Koestler Thesis” concerning the origin of the world’s Jews. The charge is led by David Duke, a man from which this author has learned quite a bit. He is not an academic as he claims, but his research into this area has been substantial. He is not a historian, linguist nor an anthropologist and does not read any of the Slavic languages. This does not mean his work should be ignored. However, it does need to be answered.’

    ‘Regardless, he cites quite a number of genetic articles neither of us have the expertise to fully digest. The problem is that there are far more than argue the opposite. A few include the Bray study of (2010)8, which argues that DNA evidence places Ashkenazi Jews squarely in southeastern Europe.9 Almut Nebel10 writes in his study, “In comparison with data available from other relevant populations in the region, Jews were found to be more closely related to groups in the north of the Fertile Crescent (Kurds, Turks, and Armenians) than to their Arab neighbors.”11

    Just this year Anatole A. Klyosov and Tatiana Faleeva’s wrote an article called “Excavated DNA from Two Khazar Burials” in Advances in Anthropology 7 (2017). They conclude that the “R1a-Z93 is very common in present-day Turkic-speaking peoples such as Caucasian Karachaevo-Balkars, also Tatars, Bashkirs, Kirgiz, and other populations who apparently descended from Scythians, and have their common ancestors in the R1a-Z93 subclade dated back to 1500-2500 years ago.” The real issue is the definition of a “Khazar.” Their identity, after the adoption of the Talmud, was religious, not ethnic. They used mercenary soldiers. They were an ethnic mix.

    Political agendas on either side should not color this debate. Many studies supporting the Khazar thesis have been published in Russian, a language Mr. Duke cannot read. They include work by Igor Semyonov, D. Sobolev and D. Kudryavtsev.’

    Just sayin’…

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