Michelle Malkin and ACT For America Have Been Deplatfomed By Mar-a-Lago


New York Times:

“An anti-Muslim organization had planned to host its annual gala next month at Mar-a-Lago, President Trump’s private club in Palm Beach, Fla., before an apparent reversal on Sunday, a day after news reports appeared about the event.

The group, ACT for America, claims to be the nation’s largest grass-roots national security organization, and is considered the largest anti-Muslim group in the United States, according to the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks such groups.

Michelle Malkin, a conservative columnist, author and television commentator, had been the planned keynote speaker, according to an invitation that was posted on the organization’s website. …”

I was wondering who would be the next target.

Watch the Gavin McInnes documentary. He was destroyed by the mainstream media and the abject cowardice of his conservative allies. Not that he didn’t deserve it after throwing others under the bus. What brought this latest deplatforming triumph on?

A few days ago, Michael Edison Hayden at the SPLC wrote an article about the ACT for America conference at Mar-a-Lago.


“ACT for America is going in a new direction with the Mar-a-Lago event in Palm Beach, Florida. The group has traditionally held its annual conference, including a gala, around Sept. 11 in the Washington, D.C., area. This year’s ticket prices represent about a 400 percent increase over previous years, which ranged from $250 to $350.

The group is advertising the Nov. 7 gathering at Mar-a-Lago as a “National Security Dinner Gala” in which special political and legislative guests have been invited. …”

It was amplified by the Miami Herald.

Miami Herald:

“The anti-Muslim group ACT for America plans to host an annual gala at President Donald Trump’s South Florida club, Mar-a-Lago, according to an invitation posted on the group’s website.

Known for organizing the “March Against Sharia” in 2017, a nationwide protest attended by far-right and white supremacist groups, ACT for America is considered the largest anti-Muslim group in the country by organizations that monitor extremists, including the Anti-Defamation LeagueGeorgetown University’s Bridge Initiative and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

While Trump’s properties have drawn scrutiny from good-government watchdogs, ACT for America would likely be the most controversial group to book a major event at Mar-a-Lago. The club, often considered the crown jewel of Trump’s business empire, has seen its revenue dip after the president’s controversial comments on race. …”

Good government watchdogs?

This is why I have tuned out of this charade. I don’t have any confidence at all in mainstream conservatives to do anything of value to reverse our decline. Michelle Malkin and Ashley St. Clair are too controversial for them now? Why should I shill or vote for these losers?

If the ADL and SPLC and their allies in the mainstream media can dictate to the mainstream Right who is respectable enough to be given a platform or to have a job in the United States, what use is the mainstream Right? Is it plausible to believe that anyone being policed by the likes of Jared Holt and Michael Edison Hayden is capable of conserving anything?

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  1. Has this site gone into turbo mode with the censorship now?

    HW, for someone who claims to care about the plight of angry young white men, you sure do seem hell bent on denying them a voice.

    • I’m a yankee who’s critical to the South (hopefully I’ve never come off as disrespectful in my critism), i don’t post on most of his southern articles but when i have had critism HW has always approved my comments.

      Hunter Wallace only blocks comments that are either A) disrespectful for the sake of being disrespectful or B) potentiality to get his website booted from the internet.

      Hunter isn’t interested in fedposting or nihilist racism. Read his article on 3.0.

      If your vision of pro-white politics is just yelling racial slurs at people Hunter (and a lot of us) have no time for that.

      Hunter controls what he controls. Getting mad at website owners for keeping their site online is retarded. If you think Hunter or any other site is “cucking” start your own site or forum. Buying a website is cheap and if you want a place to vent go do it. You can allow all the racial slurs and fedposting you want.

      You won’t do it though because you know your site/forum will be kicked off net with in a matter of months.

      If you think I’m exaggerating go start up your own site and show the world internet censorship doesn’t exist.

      *Even without internet censorship i would oppose fedposting and over the top use of racial slurs/vulgarity’s. It’s not the language of a serious person and the most vulgar people end up either being fed’s or complete cowards.

  2. Michelle Malkin triggered the ADL and SPLC by appearing on RamzPaul’s Happy Homelands show.

    Cuckservative, Inc. cannot allow such bad optics to go unpunished.

    • November,

      Ramzpaul is quite mild in his agenda and delivery. When even he and his supporters are not tolerated by the powers in control that speaks volumes.

      You have been on fire lately with your comments.

      • Christiana,

        I’ve always had a biting sardonic take on events and fools. If done properly, it illuminates and diminishes our oppressors.

        Coming from you, I’ll take that as a compliment.

  3. A Patriot like Michelle Malkin is dropped under the bus because the CUCKS want to be politically correct……


    Anyone that stands and supports Communism, socialism and democracy is a TRAITOR to what America stands for !!

  4. “Is it plausible to believe that anyone being policed by the likes of Jared Holt and Michael Edison Hayden is capable of conserving anything?”

    Yes, they are conserving their Jewish SUPREMACISM, and the utter denial of anyone or anything else (i.e., Christendom/the Church) from articulating the Jews’ disenfranchisement… even though it happend, 2000 Years ago, at Calvary!

    Jews are PSYCHOTIC RACISTS. THEY MUST BE REMOVED from all white countries.

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