McKinsey: Black People Will Be The Hardest Hit By Automation

Slavery hasn’t existed in over 150 years.

Suddenly, the failure to get 40 acres and a mule back in 1865 has become a hot topic in the 2020 Democratic primaries. Why are the Democrats trying to stir that shit back up again? Why are we arguing over moot issues when no one works in agriculture anymore?

McKinsey & Company:

“We project that African Americans in the 13 community archetypes we analyzed may have a higher rate of job displacement than workers in other segments of the US population due to rising automation and gaining a smaller share of the net projected job growth between 2017 and 2030. By 2030, the employment outlook for African Americans—particularly men, younger workers (ages 18–35), and those without a college degree—may worsen dramatically. Additionally, we find that African Americans are geographically removed from future job growth centers and more likely to be concentrated in areas of job decline. These trends, if not addressed, could have a significant negative effect on the income generation, wealth, and stability of African American families. …”

We’ve all seen the creeping automation at Wal-Mart and McDonald’s. Andrew Yang has been talking about the retail apocalypse on the campaign trail.

In a serious country, this is what we would be talking about.

This is actually going to have a massive impact on the black community. As for me sharing takes on this blog about the news and American history, it doesn’t have any impact on them.

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  1. In a rational all White nation, those displaced by automation would be trained to a higher tier job. Each level of employment would move up and the higher levels would move to R&D to solve and invent for an advanced civilization.

    Instead, a mud society will take the gained productivity and spend it on the lowest tier so they can reproduce and add to social problems. The result will be a downward spiral to civilization collapse.

  2. All Presidential candidates should be talking about Automation. However few candidates and elected officials care about Workers. That’s especially true for Republicans. All Republicans will do is laugh and make jokes about Automation putting people out of Work. The whole Republican talking point of people being lazy and not Working. What’s funny about that is those Republicans will be Unemployed like everybody else. Deo Vindice !

    • Even if you like Black folks, and get along well with them, the “IQ” thing is a real serious problem.

      The other big problem is that Blacks often do some inexplicable things at work that screw up the process, and, 9 out of 10 times they get away with it.

  3. Just means even more money squandered on welfare, and probably an increase in negroid numbers with even more of them milling around with nothing to do.

  4. The real General Butt Naked will come alive and will feed off of its enemies if the ZOG food stamp/welfare reparations die. Living in a city most my life, very few blacks I knew worked, just imagine when none of them work and ZOG shuts all the .gov reparations down? I guess art imitates life just like the movie ‘The Planet of the Apes’ predictive programming. As I said many times, new Babylon was only created to be destroyed. You people from the south should know this from the useless civil (brother) war. Everyone may be comfortable now with a roof overhead and markets full of food but seriously can you feel the dissent in the air? There are several people I know who say ‘there is too much to lose’. I personally don’t believe it just from the history of our last century, two world wars wiping out millions of White European man. These people are playing to win. Isn’t the Georgia guide stones proof enough sitting on the 33 parallel in Georgia in the south you love so much? Maybe it’s time to know the real enemy before it’s too late. How many conspiracy theories you’ve known of that came true or predictive programming? Maybe some people who are reading this who are freemasons or other 322 death cult members can recognize, they’re using you and your talents and wouldn’t blink an eye at your death if it means progressing their agenda. Albert Pike comes to mind…

  5. Slightly off topic: An old Republican politician one intimated to me that in many respects we are better off paying out welfare to blacks and leaving them home on the front porch instead of all this welfare to work nonsense where it takes one extra white person at a workplace for every welfare to work black just to go behind them and clean up their niggra messes. Maybe we can automate the niggra mess workplace clean up function.

  6. Luckily higher education still offers robust basketball, football, and run-fast degrees. The strongest indicator of a successful civilization is 83IQ humanoids throwing a rubber sphere into a metal hoop. Future civilizations will worship us as gods.

  7. The more Latinos entering the USA, the more blacks will be displaced in housing, education, and Health Care. Also with their own criminal activity enterprises; human trafficking, theft rings, and Drug Rings.

    Automation wet back style!

  8. They won’t haf to worry about automation in America. Aside from turning a few hamburger joints into giant food vending machines, and automatic floor sweepers at Walmarts, the oligarchs will make sure that the U.S. lags thirty years behind the rest of the world in automation, especially in what remains of former industry.

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