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  1. Funny how none of the Washington political / media establishment give a shit about the plight of Palestinians, Uighurs, Tibetans, Boers or any other persecuted ethnic group, only the Kurds. Why is that?

  2. Funny how the Washington political / media establishment always promote wars for Zionist world domination, yet they never enlist to fight in any of those wars. Why is that?

  3. The Khazarian strategy of TOTAL CONTROL:

    “Goy rights discourse tends to exhibit a standard lifecycle:

    Goy defend their own interests, pointing out some nefarious thing Jews are engaged in.
    Jews denounce this as a mad anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, motivated by hatred.
    Discussion of the nefarious thing Jews are engaged in is publicly suppressed. Anyone who attempts to broach any discussion of it is anathematized and sentenced to internal exile within their own land.
    After sufficient time has elapsed – after the goy rights defenders have gone to the grave, their reputations in ruins – the Jews will dust down the anti-Semitic conspiracy theory and admit that it was true all along. They will even demand credit for engaging in the conspiracy, claiming it made the world a better place.

    The length of time that elapses between the “mad anti-Semitic conspiracy theory” stage and the “we deserve credit for this” stage is a function of how tightly a society is under Jewish control. When a society is under super-tight control, as ours is now, the Jews don’t need to wait long at all. It’s quite possible, therefore, that we’ll see Jews publicly boasting about their role in White Genocide before the end of this century.”

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