New York Post: These Men Love Their Sex Doll Wives Because They Won’t Cheat

I know a few of these guys.

They are people like Matt Forney and Andrew Anglin who call us “wignats” and who say we are a bunch of anti-social weirdos which is hilarious, considering …

New York Post:

“John expected his family to embrace his wife of 10 years, Jackie, with open arms — even though she’s a sex doll.

The Chicago couple has been living blissfully as man and silicone doll since April 2009, when they were wed on an episode of “The Jerry Springer Show. …

The documentary delves into the the subculture of proto-robot relationships, which are typically made up of heterosexual men who fall for fake women, says Dr. Danielle Knafo, a psychoanalyst and professor at Long Island University who studies sexuality and technology.

Doll owners have their reasons — and they aren’t always purely sexual, she says. John’s first wife, for example, cheated on him, as he tells gawkers in the film. Jackie would never. “

This documentary Silicone Soul came out a few days ago on Starz.

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  1. Stories like this make me wonder if the human race is even worth saving. The world will be a much better place when it’s ruled by the evolutionary descendants of bees and dolphins.

  2. Whats more pathetic or worse tho fucking a plastic doll or race mixing? I personally have no qualms on having causal hookup sex with another race of female however producing offspring with another race is a greater offense because it destroys your heritage and culture

  3. I do enjoy the photo of the happy couple outside Thier mobile home, it reinforces my stereotypes of weird Whyte pipo.

  4. Not Really Hunter.Guys like this exist everywhere in the west,they are just afraid of being stomped again,unfortunately most will turn like this,others will hire escorts and so on.They are the simpton,not the problem.

  5. These men are not normal, and therefore, should not be given a public forum to flaunt their mental aberrations… just like Sodomites.

    • The (media) is always putting some freak out in front. It both gets attention selling ad space and skews our perceptions. It’s double good for the (enemy).

  6. Use your new friend as a
    personal body servant or a tireless field hand. The custom tailored, genetically engineered humanoid replicant designed especially for your needs.

    Billy’s mama gets soft, when it gets hot.

  7. The GOP will be granting these “love dolls” birthright citizenship because only something without a brain would vote for cuckservatives, inc.

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