Times of Israel: American Jewish Community Has Grown By 10% In 7 Years

The cause of the growth spurt is that Jews have been undercounted due to Jewish atheists becoming more comfortable identifying as Jewish.

Times of Israel:

“NEW YORK (JTA) — In the past seven years, the American Jewish population has grown 10 percent.

t remains a population that is mostly liberal, college educated and overwhelmingly white. And it’s not getting any younger …”

New York City is the Jewish capital of the world.

There are more Jews in the United States than in Israel.

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  1. It’s genetic testing. For a while you could debate whether Judaism was really an ancestry religion with a few converts or simply a religious tradition that tends to shut off outsiders (like a really separatist religious community). But it’s now becoming indefensible to deny that blood is an important part of “true” Judaism. If you’re against this you’re practicing something else. The genetic tests sort of prove what true Judaism actually was, thus to make blood irrelevant is changing Judaism from the Judaism that preserved this blood.

    This doesn’t mean I am saying Jews are negroid or mongoloids or that they’re 100% pure. But it’s clear now that the Jewish people is not just some metaphor for people who share a faith and that converts are like adopted children.

  2. Birobidzhan oblast should be a population center for the chosen ones! However they don’t want that diversity of Russia and next to China to be their home land! Why the USA in the Giled age

  3. It hasn’t happened yet. Jew eschatology states six million Jews must die before the Jew return to Israel. There weren’t six million Jews in all of Europe in the period preceding WW2. Strangely enough there are now more than six million Jews in North America. Strange?

    • You make an important point which most people do not as yet comprehend, viz., the jewish belief that 6 million of their tribe must perish before their King or Messiah can defeat the gentiles and rule the world. That’s why they have been so eager to promote their holo-porn fantasy for so long. That, plus the fact that it’s a great extortion racket.

  4. I’ve been saying for ages that there are MILLIONS and MILLIONS more than they admit to. These bipedal versions of flesh eating bacteria have invaded every corner of the Earth.

    • One must consider the fact that there are millions of mischlinge who may not be officially counted as jews yet are raised to think and act like them, madam.

      Have you seen Joker and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, madam? They are the two most important films of our age, the equivalent of Jud Suss and Birth of a Nation.

  5. A cataclysm is coming to the US and these 6 million interloper merchant class fellow citizens.

    A colony ruled by these creatures? How long can it stagger on?

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