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  1. What a sorry looking bunch of cucks, queers and kikes. I have far more respect for militant leftists than I do for any fagservative.

  2. 🙂 If Richard Spencer stays on the “move to center then center left so (((they))) won’t ban me,” course he’s on … THIS is his future AT BEST. Look at these milk toast whimps ! I’d love to see them sent back in a time machine to a Viking ship 🙂

    All white southern nationalist bloggers speakers and platforms have to ask themselves one question : Do I feel lucky ? ( Just kidding. I couldn’t resist. ) Ya have to ask, “What am I doing this for ? What do I want to see happen ? Is this just a hobby ? ( Which is ok. ) Or do I want to be part of the creation of a white ethno state that saves the south and what’s left of the real America ? ”

    So far no one’s doing crap. Not one southern platform even mentions re-booting Dixie … a white ethno state … or anything at all !!! OD does do a great job on the southern history series … which paves the way for such a thing. David Duke identifies the bad Jews behind a LOT of crud being done to us … but no plan. No concept. No manifesto to create Confederacy 2.0.

    Is there ANYONE out there that wants to see A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITE CHRISTIANS ONLY …. or is everyone just whistling Dixie ?

    Look EVERYWHERE. Not a single peep anywhere about the south rising again. It’s very sad. Our enemies are laughing.

    • I always enjoy reading your posts but do you honestly believe it’s possible to resurrect the Confederacy? At this point that seems as unlikely as restoring the Hohenzollerns to power in Prussia.

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