Brad Polumbo vs. CJ Pearson: A Battle For The Soul of Conservatism

How about a little joke?

What do you get when your token faggot conservative is calling your token black conservative a sexist and a homophobe and a White Nationalist sympathizer in The Washington Examiner for being cynically used by Charlie Kirk to advance a political agenda?

I will tell you what you get. You get laughed at on Occidental Dissent!

The Washington Examiner:

“It’s telling to follow Pearson’s intellectual journey before he ended up at TPUSA. Pearson was an Obama-hating critic, then a Bernie Sanders support and #NeverTrumper, and now an ardent support of the president. Guess what? It’s fine and normal for a teenager to wander ideologically. But that’s my point.

Any minor is going to be too intellectually undeveloped to be a meaningful spokesman for any movement. That makes the attempt to use him as a spokesman exploitative.

Signing Pearson is another example of Turning Point USA engaging in the same identity politics they’re so quick to decry. The organization (often rightly) blasts the Left for its shameful attempts to divide Americans by identity but then props up their own “black leadership summits” and employed activists such as Candace Owens who peddle in cheap, race-baiting rhetoric like “leaving the Democratic plantation.”

These people … are … a … joke.

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    • Allegedly, Ali Alexander is the boy toy twink orKarl Rove. It isn’t confirmed, but that’s the scuttle butt.

  1. Come on Hunter, you can do better than this, don’t try to deceive us. Everyone knows that “Conservatism” doesn’t have a soul.

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