Turkey Invades Syria

Turkey’s invasion of Syria is overshadowing the synagogue shooting in Germany which otherwise would be dominating the news cycle.

New York Times:

“BEIRUT, Lebanon — Turkey sent warplanes and troops into northeastern Syria on Wednesday in a military operation aimed at flushing out an American-backed militia, Turkish and Syrian officials said.

The Turkish attack came amid a flurry of confusing policy statements from the White House, which on Sunday acquiesced to the operation, agreeing to move American forces out of the way, but on Wednesday, hours after it began, condemned it.

“The United States does not endorse this attack and has made it clear to Turkey that this operation is a bad idea,” President Trump said in a statement on Wednesday. …”

Look at how mad the cucks and neocons are about this:

We’re not out of Syria yet.

It doesn’t look like it makes much sense to stay there though.

Israel is activating all of its puppets in Congress to walk this back:

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  1. I’m still saying this withdrawal benefits Israel somehow. You know Trumps ME foreign policy is dictated by Israel, have you heard them wining? Will this be the excuse they need for the big prize, Iran? Don’t forget it is a big kike holiday, kippur day or some bs that is sacrificial.

    • You are dead wrong. Learn to think for yourself and not just react mindlessly. Israel and all its minions loudly oppose this policy.

      • ATBOTL,

        Ryan Dawson believes with good reason that one of the reasons Israelis are bitching about the U.S. pulling out of northeastern Syria is because Israel was buying oil from the Kurds at wholesale prices (surprise. surprise). The other reason is that Israel and Zog-USA used the Kurds in Iraq, Iran, and Syria as their mujahideen.

        The “No fly zone” over Kurdish territory in Iraq by the U.S. Air Force wasn’t to protect the Kurds from Saddam Hussein, but to keep the cheap crude oil flowing to Israel on the black market. That’s the same reason why HRC and the neo-cuckservatives wanted to institute a “No Fly Zone” in Syria. They were even willing to risk war with Russia, so Israelis could buy cheap gasoline.

    • Even if it is unfavorable to Israel, they will make lemons out of lemonade. They will complain about how this increases the threat from Iran’s proxies in Syria. They could ask for more security aid. Or more direct US intervention elsewhere. Plus it could create more refugees that Israel can help send to europe or the US.

      The Israelis might have concluded that they have gotten all they can out of Trump. That might be a decisive factor in his impeachment. Pence is a Christian-Zionist wingnut who really believes this nonsense about Jesus returning when the Jews build the third temple. He could do more for Israel without all the baggage that Trump has.

  2. If the reaction by the media and politicians to Trump pulling troops out of an area of Syria doesn’t show the American people that Jews and Neocons literally own American Foreign&Domestic policy then I don’t know what will. These (((people))) are the embodiment of evil and deserve to spend eternity burning in hell.

  3. I hope the Turks annihilate those Kurds, who are nothing but terrorists and mercenaries for ZOG. But like General B. Naked has already said Blormp’s actions, though laudable on the surface, surely must benefit the Zionist regime.

    • The Kurd Turd JEWS are going to be used as a destabilizing force, as they skid around the area. They serve the same purpose that Marines do – go in and break sheeyite up, and get shot at first. But TurdKurds are JEWS. Nation Wrecking psychos.

    • You are thinking in an illogical way. Just because Trump has sold out to Jewish interests in some ways does not mean that all of his actions must “surely must benefit the Zionist regime.” That’s not thinking, that’s superstition.

  4. The first Kurd that breaks a fingernail will go down in history as the greatest mass killing ever. The Kurds are Jews. They fight like Jews and they cry bitch and moan just like Jews. This is going to be hilarious. And Trump cut the refugees off, where TF are these clowns going to go, Israel?

  5. I’d like to celebrate this, but I can’t in good conscience. Another disaster. These wars are normal now. Trump completely sold out the Kurds. Under those airstrikes the ground shakes. People are getting blown up.

    Trump sold them out like he’d sell us out, and has.

    • War has been the natural state of humans … forever.

      Bawling and sniveling over a bunch of brown-ass kurds being blown up by a bunch of brown-ass turks is frankly pathetic and disgusting.

      Man the hell up. It’s not a “disaster.” And who gives a flying **** if these so-called “people” are getting blown up? Sit back and enjoy the show.

      • Flaming Wignat,

        Very true. Our species is warlike and prone to barbarism. If you’ve read some of Jane Goodall’s firsthand fieldwork with chimpanzees, it is easy to extrapolate where our propensity for violence derived from.

        The danger is that we have weapons that can quite literally destroy all or most life on the planet. Looking into the future, it is difficult to believe that we will ever become an intergalactic species because we are nuclear giants but moral midgets.

    • Yeah it’s a disaster. The worst thing about this is that it will probably cause a few million more to flood Europe.

  6. Why should Americans give a flying fuck about any of this ?
    We have major problems here while conservacuck neocons push for more retarded joo-wars that do dick for anyone here.
    Even the nogs and muds must wonder why our gubmint cares about these people on the other side of the world!
    We know who the (((kurds))) really are!
    We literally obliterated Iraq to protect ZOGs mercenaries 15 yrs ago…they sure do whine like a bunch heebs
    The entire Middle East is a clusterfuck of ancient tribal warfare
    What in the hell are we doing there??!?

  7. The Kurds are just another radical Muslim ethnic cult group. The Turks, who are Muslims too, understand the Kurds.

  8. The Jews have got to be thinking if Trump abandoned the Kurds couldn’t he just as easily abandon Israel and the kyke people too? Aren’t Adam Schiff and Nadler, aren’t they Jews? And haven’t they been attacking and tormenting Trump without end or mercy?

    • Trump doesn’t really get what’s going on in the middle east.

      More than likely his advisors keep him in the dark about what their end game is, and probably lead him down a path of bread crumbs that would box trump in.

      Trump LOVES Jews, but is also extremely simplistic. He wants wins he can stick a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED banner on.

      Which is why he has always been aggressive to Iran but ignored Israel’s other requests in the region. Iran is big and strong, taking them down would be a military accomplishment. One that I’d oppose vigorously, and one I think trump would lose, but it would be impressive. It would reaffirm America’s might and shore up American hegemony. Thusly peaking Trump’s interest.

      He doesn’t intellectual get Israel’s foreign policy and is too disinterested to learn it. When things that’ll make him look bad in the short run eg war with Syria. Which a win against Syria would be costly and not very impressive. Even though it’s necessary for Israel trump sees it as costly and petty.

  9. Hallelujah, about time.

    Israhell, is losing BIGGLY in this move from President Trump !!

    I hope the kurds get their just deserves !!!!!!

      • I do not trust this “ekosthen” character, madam. It tends to post messages that are deliberately provocative and annoying.

        • “provocative”??
          To whom are my comments provocative??

          Maybe they are “provocative” to trolls from tel aviv. Maybe???

  10. Message to tayyip erdogan:
    DO NOT let even ONE of those DOGS – kurds – alive…….

    What POETIC JUSTICE this is, hah??
    A turkish government will HOPEFULLY commit genocide against the people who assisted the Young Turks to genocide Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks……. Absolute PERFECTION !

  11. The Kurds are the group who attacked Xenophon and his 10,000 during their Anabasis. Fuck the Kurds.

  12. Global Homo: ETHNO NATIONALISM IS EBIL !!!!!!!!!!!



    • That proposed Kurdish “ethnostate” would in reality be a CIA-backed buffer zone run by terrorists, smugglers and mercenaries to contain Israel’s biggest regional enemies Syria and Iran.


  13. The Kurdish-controlled areas in Syria today far exceed the area actually populated by Kurds. They have systematically oppressed the Christian
    Assyrians in the area.

    The Kurds should have made a deal with Damascus. The US reportedly kept them from doing so. Now they’re f***ed. They should have remembered that the US already has a history of leading them on and then abandoning them (Iraq in the ’90s).

    Would the IDF send help? Nah, it’s for Americans to die. Not precious jews. They’re too busy executing little Palestinian kids.

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