Seattle Times: Is Math Racist?

This is why I called the 2020s and 2030s for our new Chinese overlords because this is the competition they are going up against in the long term.

Seattle Times:

“Is Seattle really teaching that “math is racist”? Why did parents start to see ideas for math lessons that go far beyond numbers and into questions of identity?

These and other questions erupted on Twitter last week, shortly after Seattle Public Schools released a draft of new learning objectives that integrate ethnic studies into math, and after conservative news outlets began berating the district.

Seattle schools are in the process of developing ethnic-studies frameworks for different subjects, including social studies and art. …

But while some school districts are only building stand-alone ethnic-studies classes, Seattle is also rethinking existing courses to be taught through an anti-racist lens. ” …

In math, lessons are more theoretical. Seattle’s recently released proposal includes questions like, “Where does Power and Oppression show up in our math experiences?” and “How is math manipulated to allow inequality and oppression to persist?” …

“There are studies that talk about specifically black and brown students not being seen as scientists or mathematicians … It affects their efficacy, their ability to engage in that kind of learning,” she said. “That’s why identity is so core to math and science.”

It’s not that the formulas and equations taught in current math classes are racist, Castro-Gill said — it’s about how they’re used in daily life. …”

Do you see the United States holding its own in the mid to late 21st century with the Chinese in the technologies of the future like AI and IoT? It is far more likely that our progressive elites will be trying to beat down, demonize and alienate anyone who could compete with the Chinese as the racist oppressors of poor brown and black people.

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  1. If math is racist, those poor POC need to go after those mean, hateful Arabs. We use Arabic numbers, so maybe protests should be organized outside of mosques all over the world. If Arabs enabled that discriminatory math that melts the more limited brains of our brown and black brethren, I wonder if Islam is also a conspiracy against non-pink peoples? Hmmm…maybe Antifa needs to get going on fighting Islamic imperialism. We won’t be safe until every mosque is wiped off the face of the earth, so put down the soy lattes and get moving, guys!

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        Say, I’ve got a great idea! How would you like to play Fredo in my little project? I can’t think of anyone who deserves a shot more than you…I mean, I can’t think of anyone who deserves a shot AT THIS more than you! What with you calling attention to me visiting this site, and helping end…uh, that is, helping my career evolve, I think you deserve a special reward!

  2. Not only is math racist, so to are logic, reason and reality.

    Consider this, as America declines to a turd pool, many of the brighter Whites could flea to the brighter stars in Europe. There has already been a brain drain from the US, but bot widely discussed.

  3. Latimes
    ‘Only half of California students meet English standards and fewer meet math standards, test scores show’

    Si !

  4. This is the conclusion of “Earth Abides,” a dystopian novel from the 1950’s. Ish, the main male (white Character) ends up coupled with a negress, and, as the generational decline begins, finds that his grandchildren are just as stupid as any Sub-Saharan IQ 85 savage. It’s time to return all blacks to Africa, by any means necessary.

  5. Funny how none of those equality-obsessed white and jew teachers in ghetto schools ever send their own kids to them. No, their kids only attend top-notch private schools or public schools in affluent neighborhoods. That’s because “educators” know from first-hand experience that black and brown stoodents are mentally inferior and naturally prone to aggressive, animal-like behavior. Being a liberal requires a great deal of cognitive dissonance. No wonder they are so mentally unbalanced.

  6. In my Algebra class the boys are doing better than the girls. I do not know if it is coincidence or if males are inherently more inclined toward Mathematics than girls. Perhaps by liberal standards Math is sexist??? People should obviously get the grade they deserve regardless of sex and race. I am struggling with a B. Only 1 girl is making an A with several guys making A’s. That is called justice or reaping what you sow.

    The United States news media is bizarre beyond words. Who could make this up? This is what happens when worship of equality is a form of idolatry.

    • @Cristina

      This has been observed for decades.

      For girls to do better in math they need to be separated from boys. For some odd reason , the subject of math always seems to hinder females in mixed classes. Strange, it is the only subject that this happens with. There have been many studies on this and they all confirm.

      Really odd.

      • Girls know that boys will find them less attractive if they excel in nerdy stuff like math. I once read somewhere that girls literally act dumber when they are in bikinis, presumably because in those situations their brains are more focused on attracting male attention, not on pondering any abstract, cerebral bullshit.

        • spahnranch1969,

          Okay. That was funny and true. No guy I have ever known cares if we can do math. The only Math males are interested in is our measurements.

      • Arian,

        That sounds interesting and reasonable. My personal experience is that I have always received an A in Math courses before even though I do not like Math. This is the first Math course I have had since Primary School where I have been in a mixed class.

        The distraction of males in a class have not affected my grades in other subjects. It is also possible that without males doing well in a Math course that we would benefit from a grading curve and some girls would get higher grades than ordinarily warranted.

    • Life doesn’t work that way. The innocent suffer the most and the wicked skate.
      There is occasional justice, but rarely.

    • Me as well!
      But make no mistake, the diabolical subhumans and their shabos goy pets destroying the entire western world for crumbs handouts from the (((masters))) know exactly what the hell they are doing.
      They are evil, but they are not “fools”.

  7. If math is racist would you want to fly in an airplane built buy affirmative action Algebra I dropouts?

  8. I’d love to throw on some Hollywood movie quality blackface and go audit that math class!

    “Not only did the dog eat my homework, he called me a nigger.”

    • i love how most niggers are deathly terrified of dogs…these blue-gummed moon crickets hate anything and anyone that can sense their intrinsically evil nature.
      Whenever i read the weekly story about some evil porch primate that beats/starves/tortures a dog the first thing that comes to my mind is how the rape ape probably thought the dog was disrepeckinz it or maybe it was being racist by refusing its muh dikk advances.

      • ” love how most niggers are deathly terrified of dogs”

        Blacks don’t have the empathy or intelligence to manage animals. Consequently why Africans never domesticated any animal.

        • Arian,

          I’ve witnessed negro mesomorphs jump on car trunks to getaway from a miniature poodle.

          You hinted at the crux of the matter; many negros beat and terribly mistreat any dog they own. Some dogs will cower, but other breeds like the ghetto favorite American Staffordshires/”Pit Bulls” will turn vicious and fight back.

          Ten years or so, a White woman was driving through a sub-Saharan neighborhood. She saw a pack of pre-teen savages attacking a stray dog with bottles, sticks, and rocks. Bravely (or foolishly), she stooped her car, got out, and was able to rescue the dog from the inner city jackals.

          My dog loves other dogs and children, but she is aggressive around drunks and negros.

    • If by some extraordinary freak of nature a colored kid is good at math the other coloreds will accuse him of “acting white”. They do not want to better themselves and have zero intellectual curiosity.

      • Bingo Spahn!

        “If by some extraordinary freak of nature a colored kid is good at math the other coloreds will accuse him of “acting white”.”


        People talk about the behavior of single racial subjects, but the overall racial behavior isn’t addressed.

        There is a racial synergism that occurs, as more and more of a race groups, the behavior tends to the character of the race.
        In America you don’t have blacks committing cannibalism, but in Africa it occurs from SA to Liberia.

        As with Whites, in all White Societies, rape, murder, property crimes go to just about zero.

      • I’ve also heard the negroes refer to it as “acting proper.”

        “I bees axing you; why you bees actin’ all proper and sheeeeeet? You finna lookin’ to get you ass kick?”

  9. So, as multiculturalism drugs and leftism literally destroy Seattle these useless spics and weaponized affirmative action nonwhite feminist cretins are busy doing the bidding of the effendi pushing the “everything beez raycisss” narrative into all aspects of life.
    Maybe they can pick up some of the crack pipes and needles from the public streets and move the stylish favelas out of the downtown area?
    Nah, dassss raycisssssssssss too!
    Fuck tourism , Seattle NEEDS bums and druggies more!!
    HONK HONK!!!
    Oh so very progressive that white men who work for a living cannot escape the smell of burning crack on the public transit in the city at 6 am while commuting …after all, its his fault blacks smoke crack because of slavery that he may or may hot have a ancestral linkage to.
    How very progressive of Seattle that now possession of 3 grams of any hard drug is a non arresting offense in the city.
    This law is also something that Portland and San Fransisco have also adopted.

    So now the dope dealers only carry these tiny amounts and they cannot even be arrested.
    But but but, we are told how legalizing ALL drugs will solve all our problems…isn’t that what that bugman chink Yangs whole entire message is?
    Free gibs for nonwhites ,legalization of all drugs, open borders with endless nonwhite immigration invasion and the removal of the 1st and 2nd amendments (which are already eroding rapidly)
    Our greatest strength , the brown and black dead weight that white western society cannot move forward or exist without!
    But hey, your white grandmother isn’t going to culturally enrich and rape herself in her own home at age 89 , you racist nazi.
    Your son isn’t going to be able to buy any fentanyl laced heroin without messicans by the millions invading…duh
    We need this cancer in our society so jews can destroy it.
    Its so sickening…
    I bet the top tier kike serpents are astounded that whitey hasn’t fought back in any way yet.

  10. The Jews have completely brainwashed these imbeciles. Slaves. They deserve to be enslaved. There was a reason that the Popes segregated the Jews from Christians. They knew the Jewish propensity for turning non-Jews into zombies by crypsis and deception. These miserable Jews are literally telling our people to cut their own throats and many of us are doing it with gusto.

  11. Math is racist and discriminatory against the precious minorities and growing marijuana is the biggest “industry” in California and now rolling black-outs. The future of California is rolling black-outs. Rolling black-outs: that’s very third world. Add up all the minorities and they make up the majority now. Looks like the future belongs to China [ and probably with Russia also]. One thing for sure, the future doesn’t belong to the United States anymore.

    Ever since 9/11 there’s been one massive forest fire after another massive fire in California and throughout the West. MOST of the massive forest fires since 9/11 are because of ARSON. And it’s foreigners, mostly ILLEGAL ALIENS from Mexico and all over the third world plus JEW COMMUNISTS, who are starting the massive forest fires. Then the foreigners and the Jews blame PG&E for the forest fires and [ with the assistance of a lot of JEW COMMUNIST lawyers ] sue PG&E to the point PG&E has to worry it will go bankrupt.

    So PG&E has started rolling black-outs so no one can blame them and sue them if there’s a forest fire and the fire spreads to populated areas. BUT MOST if not all of the forest fires are because of ARSON, not because of lightning but because of ILLEGAL ALIENS and Jews starting the massive forest fires and then pointing their filthy collective finger at PG&E. How jew, how third world.

    In addition to the ARSON the liberals passed all kinds of laws making it illegal to clear-out/thin-out forests, so a forest fire doesn’t get out of hand and is easily controllable. So we got ARSON and A LOT of arson [ by foreigners and Jews ] and we got laws making it illegal to thin-out the forests in order to keep forest fires manageable so they don’t spread into populated areas. But this is somehow all PG&E’s fault and PG&E deserves to go bankrupt because it’s all PG&E’s fault, as per the Jews and as per the foreigners the Jews love so much.

    Math is discriminatory against minorities and it’s PG&E’s fault for all the massive forest fires in California and the major “industry” in California now is growing marijuana, marijuana farming, and Seattle and Portland are ANTIFA shith*le cities. The future doesn’t belong to the United States anymore. There’s too many jews and too many blacks and too many other NON-Whites.

    The USA could have been a great country but now there’s too many jews, too many blacks, too many NON-Whites, for the USA to ever be a great country again. And I bet that at least 90% of the ANTIFA goons on the streets with covered faces being violent are JEWS and also foreigners from only god knows where, foreigners in league with the COMMUNIST JEWS. BUT MOST ANTIFA members are JEWS, at least 90% of ANTIFA members are JEWS. You can take that to the bank. Anyone who doesn’t think MOST ANTIFA members are JEWS is severely naive.

  12. Perhaps our small capped and hooked nose friends in Hollywood should crank out more POC and mathematics propaganda like “Stand and Deliver” and “Hidden Figures.”

    Mea culpa. Young and feral POC don’t watch movies without a ghetto rap soundtrack and darkies getting the best of whitey. So yeah, math is racist af. Somehow, the East Asians are able to overcome being ‘held down ‘ by whitey’s equations of hate and exclusion.

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