Mass Stabbing Rampage In Manchester

In the United States, we have mass shootings.

In Western Europe, they have mass shootings, mass stabbings, acid attacks and motor vehicle attacks in addition to grooming and sex trafficking of young White girls by Muslims. The last mass stabbing rampage in Europe was on October 3 in Paris and was the result of a man who had been radicalized after converting to Islam. The last mass shooting was the accelerationist in Halle in Germany which was only the day before yesterday.

This morning we have another one of the mass stabbings in Manchester in the UK. If that rings a bell, it is because of the suicide bombing there at the Ariana Grande concert in May 2017. The Manchester bomber was the son of Libyan refugees who had been rescued by the Royal Navy. It appears we have another one of these guys in Manchester.


“A man, in his 40s, is being held on suspicion of terror offences after three people were stabbed and a fourth was hurt.

The centre was evacuated after the attack at about 11:15 BST.

Counter-terror officers are “keeping an open mind” about the motive for the attack, Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said. …”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is shocked:

Are you shocked by this?

I’m sitting here behind my laptop in Alabama and I am not shocked because I can see the pattern. Every single one of these incidents is ultimately about the social disintegration that is a feature of the liberal order. This is what a society composed of atomized and alienated people who have nothing in common ultimately leads to in the long run.

Note: Don’t Look Back In Anger!!!

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    • They’re always “shocked” by incidents as bad or worse than this one. Then they do nothing about them except to continue chasing down White people.

  1. A cannibal has to eat, and this one preferred white meat in his pot. The irony is that Brits used to occasionally be eaten by natives in the countries they’d colonized, but now the savages with a taste for human flesh have come to their shores.

  2. “The Manchester bomber was the son of Libyan refugees who had been rescued by the Royal Navy.”

    The insanity of the West completely encapsulated in one sentence.

  3. As Lord Percy of Newcastle noted in his 1955 book, ‘The Heresy of Democracy:’

    “Equality (of this kind) for ‘reasons of State’ seems to be the almost necessary condition of all State action; and that, to many minds, is the main objection to the indefinite extension of the field of State action which is the characteristic of all modern ‘progressive’ governments… But democracy makes a virtue of this necessity. In its philosophy, the ‘reason of State’ becomes a religion of the State. The equality of all men is a necessary assumption if all men are to be assimilated into one citizen body and their wills into a single General Will. It is a ‘sentiment of sociability’ more fundamental even than belief in a Supreme Being.” (p. 31)

    The problem is not foreigners living among us (though that is the VISIBLE element). It is the STATE that is the problem- the state that is Leviathan- acting as if it not only had THE moral pulse of the people, but that IT PRESUMES TO BE GOD, and therefore determines (gay/tranny rights, SRS to minors, abortion on demand, arresting Whites, letting Antifa go) ‘morality’ – if you can call evil, good. [Is. 5:20]

    Trump is just as guilty of this blasphemy as Obama, Clinton, the Bushes, etc. They serve a COMPETING GOD.

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