Trump Supporters Attacked By Antifa After Rally In Minneapolis

I watched the Trump rally in Minneapolis on FOX News last night.

I was planning to write something about it because it was teased on Tucker Carlson’s show that it would newsworthy, but it seemed boring to me. We’ve heard it all before. He complained about his impeachment and scandals and took credit for ending wars in the Middle East which haven’t really been ended. He has merely reshuffled troops around within Syria.

If you want to watch the rally, here is the video:

Let me know in the comments if you agree with my assessment.

The only reason why I am writing about this is because of what happened after the rally which said more about the Trump presidency than anything Blompf himself said on stage. Antifa mobbed and attacked his supporters again as they were leaving the rally.

Want to talk about bad optics?

How many times have we seen this now?

I’ve lost count. I know it is has been going on though since the campaign began in 2015. It has been going on for four years now and nothing has been done about it.

On the other hand, the Trump DOJ has indicted people like Jack Corbin who unmasked these thugs and groups like the Rise Above Movement which stood up to them at rallies in Virginia and California. The Proud Boys were also prosecuted after an event in which a group of them were jumped after leaving the Metropolitan Republican Club in New York City.

Democratic-controlled cities have repeatedly allowed mobs of Antifa to assault rightwing demonstrators and Trump supporters. The Alt-Right got the message two years ago in Charlottesville after state and local police idly stood by and allowed Antifa to start a riot. Now that the Alt-Right has withdrawn from street activism, MAGApedes at Trump rallies have become the target. It seems highly likely this is a preview of things to come in 2020.

It is hard to have any confidence in Blompf when his own supporters have to run a gauntlet to enter and exit his rallies. He was elected in 2016 to restore law-and-order. Instead, he has unleashed a wave of anarchy in our streets and has done nothing to quell it.

Hey Donald, if you really want our support, you better stop monitoring the situation.

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  1. I’m sorry – but the MAGATARDS deserve every beating they get. WHAT is it gonna take for Whites to get one EFFING clue? The King of Israel does NOTHING for them. He doesn’t even stop them from being physically assaulted. Why is our Race so STUPID?

    • I have to say there “:denise” you are working that psyop operation like a pro……

      I’m certain shekels will flow your way !

      • Antifa are paid agitators. They are puppets; victims of Saul Alinsky. They want to incite violence at Trump rallies so the rallies will be shut down. If Trump lifts a finger to protect his supporters and anyone gets hurt, they will have grounds to impeach. Trump supporters know this and are willing to take the heat to save our country. Make no mistake, if Trump is harmed or their little coup succeeds, well then, that changes everything…

    • “Why is our Race so STUPID?”

      Whites are just too stupid to protect their genetic wealth. They inherited it free of charge and they are wasting it, like a reprobate heir.

      Plus, most Whites don’t give a F about their fellow White, it’s just ME ME ME ME…..

      Only a rare few are concerned about our race and they are too widely dispersed for coherent action.

      • @Arian – it’s even worse than that. Most Whites will not do ONE THING to protect our own kind – and will stab other Whites in the neck to prove to those that hate us – Jews, Negroes, Asians, etc – that they are not “rayciss”, and worship those who hate us, and want us dead. I’ll bet money that ALL of the MAGAtard were pleading, and SWEARING they aren’t rayciss, until they got knocked down and beaten by the feral orcs.

    • @Denise – it’s less a matter of stupidity and more

      that daily warm shower of Jewbucks. But yeah,

      I love watching Trumpaholics getting the shit beaten out of them.

      because: they deserve it.

        • To the left sheeple. Make no mistake, your time is coming. Keep up your hate and disrespect for fellow mankind. You are the rascist hateful ignorant fascist who follow orders of the corrupt. I am a free thinker and value my country and constitution and those who defend it. As for antifa, you prey on people who you think cant defend themselves. You assault them in hopes to stop them from supporting our president. When in reality, it just makes us stronger. You verbally assault and mock us because thats all your capable of. To dumb to think for youselves. Well keep it up… please! Your just proving our point. You are domestic terrorists and will be delt with in the end. God bless of of you, our country and our president. Trump 2020 fckers ??????

      • Cuckservative normies are stupid and cowardly people who live in fear of being tarred with some taboo label, like “racist” or “antisemite”. They are status-seekers and moneygrubbers who live in fear of having anyone know their true racial attitudes, at the cost of their own homeland.

  2. The sad truth is Trump’s hardcore MAGA supporters are part of a cult of personality and are incapable of being objective about the Trump administration’s failure to enforce basic civil rights legislation for their benefit. They will blame Antifa, the MSM, anyone else but will never accept that Trump’s duty as chief law enforcement officer of the U.S. requires him to address the Antifa situation and that he is failing. 2020 will be full of this sort of thing but count on Trump to do nothing about it but blame Antifa and the MSM.

      • Ummm. You may wish to check out our actual form of government. We have 3 branches; The legislative (makes laws), the executive (president) & the Judicial (enforces laws against law breakers. The POTUS is head of the military but most certainly NOT the judicial branch. The 3 branches are completely separate from each other.

  3. “Barbara Malmet @B52Malmet -“Nazi youth, hypnotized at a rally for a failing tv star. White nationalism stars in their eyes. Trump rallies remind me of Leni Riefenstahl films.”

    Who the F*CK is this bitch!? Is she a JEW? Where does she live? Can I engage in a liturgy of malediction against her? Does NO ONE CARE ABOUT THIS TYPE OF SLANDER?!

    Are these leftist WHORES this EVIL? That they would smear teen girls who just happen to SCANDINAVIAN or GERMAN in their ETHNICITY, and only thus, can LABEL THEM WITH SUCH slurs? Is this not ‘racial profiling’? Is this not what the ENTIRE COUNTRY fought against, merely sixty years ago? Is this not DE-HUMANIZING these innocent White Folk?

    My God, how utterly DEPRAVED the LEFT IS!

    • Those white girls look very sweet. Trump isn’t worthy of their support. Barbara Malmet must surely be one of Satan’s Chosen.

      • Spain,.

        Right on both counts. The girls and ppl like them deserve far better, but this (system) crushes ppl of quality, Duke and such.

      • spahnranch1969,

        Notice how this Malmet woman picked out 2 blonde girls to represent her anti Nazi phobia? The girls are not real blondes anyway. One has brown eyebrows and the other has brown hair for roots. But for propaganda purposes—-it will serve.

        If the girls had that same look on them at a Democrat rally this Barbara Malmet would be gushing over them.

        • Christina,

          Good observation. Your exactly correct. Had those two dye job blondes been at a kamala harris rally, the talmudic left would be heaping praise on them for supporting a POC and female candidate that wants to stomp out “White supremacy” and “White patriarchy.”

      • So … we’re a bunch of spoiled brain dead zeros ? We do nothing but flip a lever or mark a box every 4 years, and when “someone else” doesn’t fix everything in 1 term we bitch and say we’ll sit this one out ? 🙂 And we’re “superior” huh ? Mm hmmm. Contact every rep weekly. Pray weekly. Campaign hard for the best during campaigns. Come up with a plan to present and stand by. THEN bitch. BE superior.

        I toss some seeds into the wind in the direction of a field every year. I do absolutely nothing else. Then at harvest when there’s no crop I bitch and say “I’m never tossing seeds out there again. I’ll sit it out and let the Satanist controlled left HAVE ‘MY’ entire crop. That’ll show em !”

        The “alt right” ( so far, ) gets an F. If we try, since we ARE superior, we can easily get that up to an A.

        Here’s a decent news site for you lazy spoiled babies :

  4. They completely deserve this. I was excoriated by this group for raising the issue of jewish political power. In fact, you will be thrown out of the republican party if you “officially” raise this issue. They called me a nazi. Now look at who is being called a nazi some five years later. It is a standard republican. Haha! Karma is a king. Enjoy the beat downs you silly deniers…

    • ps mike – there seems to be quite a few MAGAtards/Hasbarats Knishing Out on this thread. Doesn’t there?

      I think it’s TRAGIC that Whites are so JewScrewed and DESPERATE, like the angelic girls at the rally, that they still idolize and invest their hopes in the Kosher Kon Blumpf. The adults should know better. But they don’t.

      • The normies can’t conceive that jews are behind anything. We can’t move forward if no one will listen. Truth seekers will always be an extreme fringe group. Not only do the normies not listen, they view the truth with hostility towards the messenger. Talk about anything else, and they’ll engage. Talk about the jews, niggers, or connect jews to the brown immigration invasion, and you’ll only be mocked, insulted, or possibly physically attacked. In Europe, they lock up WN. It’s only a matter of time before it comes here. The jews laugh.

  5. I am shocked, simply shocked at Antifas behavior. Imagine muh shock!

    It wouldn’t surprise me to see Antifa declared a terrorist organization in the run up to the election in all honesty. Only reason it hasn’t been done until now is that it wouldn’t be something he could use for fundraising if it was too early in the election cycle.

    This would be in keeping with the cynical nature of the Republican party. Never do anything to benefit the base, only what benefits the party at election time.

    • DHS did declare them a terrorist org in 2017 I believe. However, nothing was done to them and all the inauguration day rioters were exonerated. Trump is a liar and a conman. Pure anti-White shill.

  6. The abjectly corrupt and thoroughly discredited FBI are nowhere to be found when masked Marxists violently assault Trump supporters. However, I can guarantee you that if a Trump supporter defended themself from the attack the DOJ would then prosecute the Trump supporter with a bogus charge. The FBI would rather indict and arrest free speech trolls like Jack Corbin or the RAM men for doing the job that law enforcement refuses to do. Their new mantra “To protect and serve the Jew.”

  7. Come and attack me I bet you won’t because I will fight back. I am not afraid of Nazi tactics of the left.

    • Once you start disparaging us Nazis you get placed on the Shit List. So if Antifa attacks you that’s just too goddamn bad, because no one is going to help you. Serves you right for supporting an Israel First con-man.


      Nazis reacted to an attempted Communist takeover of their Nation, and before they formed the Brownshirts Communist Antifa thugs were doing the same shit they do today. Conservatives conserve NOTHING and thats why they are soft pathetic losers. Embrace your Race and Ancestors not a fake deracinated “Patriotism ” You might be suprised what Hitler was right about

  8. Trump is not a man. What man could stand by and let his own people be attacked? Trump should tell his federal people to go after everyone associated with Antifa (wipe out the faculty and students of many liberal “Commie” universities) and lock everyone of them up. Antifa accuses every “white person” of being a Nazi. They are an international terrorist organization.

    President Trump, If your government intel is so bad that you don’t even know who the cohorts of Antifa are, here is a list someone put together of the ones who were the real cause of the violence in Charlottesville:

  9. You are seriously delusional about who’s to blame for the violence. This is the shit that Rep. Maxine Waters has told her supporters to do! And you think you are a journalist? ???

    • MIGAtards, May I have your attention?

      It appears that quite a few of you have found Occidental Dissent for the first time, and had your proverbial ‘cherry’ popped. That sore stinging sensation is your wake-up call.

      My friend Dr. Murdoch has made a video that sheds a light on the (((antifa))) bolsheviks that even a baby boomer could understand.


    • Are you shittin’ me? No, seriously – Are you SHITTIN’ me?

      I think I’ll join Antifa so I too can enjoy the pleasure of kicking your dumb MAGA asses – you deserve it! Your “law and order” president, whom you stupidly worship, won’t do a damn thing to stop me.

    • Trump has managed to name someone to fight antisemitism AROUND THE WORLD and yet cannot do anything about violence directed at those foolish enough to believe in him. Wouldn’t you say Trump’s priorities need some adjustment? Who knows, he might bring back some of the supporters who have left. Could lead to some ACTUAL WINNING.

    • @TownCretin – the FBI -Faggy B#ttwipes of Israel, and the CIA – Criminal Israeli ASSetts – wholly support their kosher kin the Anti F. WHY is The Kang of Israel allowing his supporters to be beaten? Why aren’t the MAGAtards helping each other?

    • We stood up against them at UTR. Conservatives overwhelmingly denounced us and now they are getting beaten by many of the same Antifa scum that were there. Beautiful irony

  10. So we have come to a point where it is okay to resort to violence because we do not like someone due to their political affiliation? Sad day in America!

  11. You are Fake News. Your assessment is blatantly riddled with political bias. If we cannot get truthful info we cannot make a true decision if we cannot make a true decision we are NOT FREE AT ALL.

    • Rand,

      In the unlikely event that Zion Don wins reelection, you’re never going to to get “The Wall” that he conned his supporters with, but y’all MAGAtards might get to fight and die for “our greatest ally ” Israel on the sands and mountains of Iran.

      Aren’t you tired of all this “winning?” LMAO!

  12. Your article is not only biased but racist too! You think writing your alt left crap will change my right to vote for who I want? You are flippen crazy!
    This is not President Trumps fault nor is it his voters fault!
    This is democratic socialism taking away our rights with terrorism. GO FIGURE…

    • Tragic Montgomery – I can’t figure out if many of you alleged Kang of Israel supporters are mere trolls, or sincere. I don’t know which is worse.

      It’s Trump’s FAULT. He could kick the KIKES out of the Oval Office, and DC, pull the traitorous judges who HAVE NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER OVER IMMIGRATION ISSUES right off the benches. He could arrest the judges, CIA, FBI, and whomever else for HIGH TREASON, and have them all HANGED.

      But he doesn’t.

      He let’s his pathetic supporters show up to fellate his EGO, and get their asses beaten when they try to go home.

      Tell me WHY.

      PS – “Racism” is normal, healthy, and SANE.

      • @LOR — Racism is a political doctrine that rejects the liberal fantasy of racial equality. Racism by definition, embraces racial inequality, which is reality, which necessarily calls for racial consciousness, i.e., the conviction that mankind falls into identified races that are readily distinguishable. The notion “we are all the same”, is patently ABSURD! I am racially conscious, so I must be a racist and so must you be, also. Embrace it! Run with it! There’s nothing negative about it. It’s common sense. Interestingly, race and skin shade seems to be the ONLY thing blacks, jews, and other nonwhites think about. They even discriminate among their own kind and yet they try to shame Whites for understanding that we are different from them, and nothing like them.

        I would further point out that, before the dawn of modern liberalism, normalized by jews, every culture on Earth was racially conscious, and most still remain so. They didn’t call it ‘racism’, because it was simply common reason– common sense and it is still common sense, something liberals and the politically correct reject, and nonwhites pretend to reject, — in order to intimidate unawakened, cowardly, Whites, while blacks and other nonwhites embrace it for themselves 100%.

        Incidentally, much of what mystifies leftists concerning human behavior is remarkably apparent to anyone with racial consciousness. Obviously blacks, hispanics, and jews are hyper-racially conscious while they call Whites who are racially conscious, “racists”. A clear double standard. Plainly, smear and namecalling which you, parrot!

    • @Lor — Vote for who you want? The only people anyone ever votes for are those who are vetted and approved of by the jews. Racist? Are you a nigger?

  13. I find it very odd that you are blaming the side that’s being attacked and pretending that the side that is doing the attacking has no control over themselves and can’t help it.

    • Leanna – the White Magatards are being attacked BECAUSE they REFUSE to band together, stick up for their own White People, and admit that Don the Kosher Kon is LETTING the Jew’s Own Anti Fa attack and beat them. Get it?

    • Miss Turner- As I said in another post on this site:

      As Lord Percy of Newcastle noted in his 1955 book, ‘The Heresy of Democracy:’

      “Equality (of this kind) for ‘reasons of State’ seems to be the almost necessary condition of all State action; and that, to many minds, is the main objection to the indefinite extension of the field of State action which is the characteristic of all modern ‘progressive’ governments… But democracy makes a virtue of this necessity. In its philosophy, the ‘reason of State’ becomes a religion of the State. The equality of all men is a necessary assumption if all men are to be assimilated into one citizen body and their wills into a single General Will. It is a ‘sentiment of sociability’ more fundamental even than belief in a Supreme Being.” (p. 31)

      The problem is not foreigners living among us (though that is the VISIBLE element). It is the STATE that is the problem- the state that is Leviathan- acting as if it not only had THE moral pulse of the people, but that IT PRESUMES TO BE GOD, and therefore determines (gay/tranny rights, SRS to minors, abortion on demand, arresting Whites, letting Antifa go) ‘morality’ – if you can call evil, good. [Is. 5:20]

      Trump is just as guilty of this blasphemy as Obama, Clinton, the Bushes, etc. They serve a COMPETING GOD.

  14. Tell you what any of you mother fuckers. Don’t like our president you and the rest of your sorry ass. Liberal democarts can leave this country. There’s going to be a civil war and you assholes aren’t going to like what happens. Your little terrorist group will be a thing of the past

      • Don’t hurt Ricky’s feelings… He’s a Log Cabin, Globo-Homo, Republican. I bet he’s Milo’s B.F.F. with “Benefits.”

    • Dick,

      European blooded peoples are going to be in a fight for our very existence. No room for race traitor “Patriot” pansies who believe more in some crusty piece of paper than in their own Race and Nation.

      “All men are created equal” is a blatant lie

    • @Richard — You are as clueless as anyone that is trapped in partisan politics. You frame your immature reality in left vs. right, but that is totally wrong, it is Gentile vs. jew or normal people vs. the tribe. Obviously, Trump is the jews’ man. Jews can’t help but laugh when they encounter White cucks like you, who hate their own people.

  15. They are all Jews. The people that hate Trump and the people that hate trump supporters are all Jews. Trump has got to know AND I have heard that Trump is one spiteful prick. So we shall see.

    • What will we see? Trump has not done one thing for the American people since he took office. He works directly for the jews and what the jews want which is the elimination of the White Race.

    • @Brian — Well, you would think his idiot supporters would know by now. But they don’t. That is the problem. Trump’s supporters as are most normie Whites, are terminally stupid. That’s the problem. Whites are already being shot down in the streets by niggers, and they can’t even get together on that. Instead, they’re watching niggerball.

  16. Notice that the Trumptards in back of him had “Cops for Trump” t-shirts on. After the rally, they go out into the streets where the pigs stand by and do nothing, while the officially-protected thugs of Antifa attack them with impunity. If the attendees had any sense, that would’ve been a powerful red-pilling moment. I should be surprised that there wasn’t more violence from the Trumptard side, but they are obedient herd critters, aren’t they? The cops also made sure attendees had nothing to defend themselves with, being so concerned about violence. Or maybe they were actually worried about the possibility of Trumptards being able to defend themselves from any violent attacks. They needn’t have worried; the Antifa goons got to do as they wished with little pushback. The sheep were quiescent around the wolves.

    I knew people that were desperate to go to the rally here. They got tickets and stood in the rain for hours, but still got turned away. It was held at the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis, which can hold 18,000, but 100,000 tickets were given out. Just getting near downtown yesterday meant being stuck in traffic for two hours, I was told. Amazing. Trump fiddles as the empire burns, while half of the peasants stand in awe of the emperor’s playing. Our body politic needs a thorough colon cleanse.

      • There must’ve been, which means the mental hospital handed out a lot of day passes, November. Actually, I used to drive a short bus for “special kids.” Those kids could see when bullies were around, and knew how to avoid them. That makes them smarter than the Blompf buttheads at the rally.

        • Rich L,

          Isn’t that something? The special needs kids that are preyed upon by cowardly bullies developed a survival instinct.

          It really does speak volumes about the stupidity of MAGAtards. It may me wonder how many times they burned their hands on the stove, before they comprehended it was hot.

  17. Hard for me to feel sorry for these people. Many years ago I attended a street rally organized by “Tea Party” conservatives, all of whom were WHITE, except for a few Jews who were apparently in command. I had a modest, professionally printed sign that said “EQUAL RIGHTS FOR WHITES.”

    They tried to push me off the sidewalk out into the path of oncoming cars. Could have killed me.

    As far as TRUMP supporters. Hope they get their assess kicked.

    • Don – I had the same thing (of sorts) happen back when Ron Paul ran in 2012 against Romney.

      I went to my local precinct to try and gauge the neighborhood, and they were so damn scared of being called (or even thought of) as ‘raciss’ (i.e, Paul) they were ready to vote for MOR(M)ON Romney over Paul as the nominee, even when I pointed out the LDS theology that made him a total KOOK to ‘normies.’ The Jewsmedia held them in thrall, like the Eloi in The Time Machine. And sure enough, the Obamanation won. LIKE IT WAS PLANNED TO RUN A LOSER in the GOP.

      It’s only gotten worse, since then.

  18. Trump could stop these attacks but he refuses to do so he’s behaved badly to his faithful supporters

    • I enlarged the photo of the MAGA boomer shitting in his adult diaper, as he was confronted by the gender-fluid marxist.

      If you look at the left hand of the antifa riff raff, he’s picking the boomer’s pocket or planting something on him. No matter. Minneapolis PD will not do anything about it.

  19. Well ok, Sessions was in a position to decimate Antifa for 2 years, and did absolutely nothing. His Justice Department went after peaceful rightist groups instead, framed and railroaded them. I remember watching the bastard on tv, promising a holy war against all rightwing activists, and it happened.

  20. You should look at current demographic maps . White ppl are fleeing Minneapolis and Milwaukee in droves.

    Those evil northern bigots. They always told southerners how wonderful muds are and now they are running from diversity. They need some more somalis.

    • Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois have always been the useless states in the Midwest. Very anti-white, very liberal, and in recent years flooded with third world shit.

      • It’s called ‘inexperience’.
        Once they get a big helping of ‘diversity’ they’ll make southerners look liberal.

        I got so sick of northern liberals telling me how evil racist the South was.

        MOVE TO SOUTH CHICAGO…….you hypocrites!

      • Why would any white people want to live in those DUMB states anyway, regardless of whether or not there were any niggers around?

        • For poor germans and Swedes, it was almost heaven. So they and their descendants grew up without knowledge or experience of orcs.

          Just the ignorance of isolation.

    • Those demographic maps are the result of laws in the 1850’s that prohibited Negroes from taking up residence in those States. They are the worst kind of Hypocrites.

      One of my favorite things to do is to remind people from Northern States about their past, because they are so involved in “teaching” us about ours.

      For instance, I like to bring up Michael King’s march in Chicago in 1966, where, afterwards, he said that he’d been in demonstrations in Birmingham and Biloxi and never witnessed the level of hatred and violence that was directed at him in Chicago. He said, on camera, that the people of Alabama and Mississippi should come to Illinois to learn how to hate.

      Another favorite topic is the Pulitzer Prize winning photograph of a Black Man being assaulted with the American Flag on the steps of the Courthouse in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1976. This was White people rioting in response to forced busing.

      I routinely tell people from Wisconsin that my favorite Republican Senator was Joseph McCarthy, and inform them that his often implied link to the House Un-American Activities Committee was non-existent. H.U.A.C. was a war-time House Committee headed by a Democrat from Houston named Martin Dies. McCarthy was a 1950’s Senator who never sat on a House Committee. What he did was take the information that was gathered by the House Committee and tried to gain momentum with it. I recently read an exchange between McCarthy and Admiral James Forrestal, where McCarthy said, “Admiral, before I met you, I thought we were losing the fight against Communism because of stupidity in the Government.” To which, Forrestal replied, “Senator, if it was only stupidity, the Government would make a mistake in our favor sometimes.”

      I like to remind people from Minnesota about the mass hanging in Mankato, Minnesota, where in December, 1962, under Abraham Lincoln’s authority, 38 Sioux Indians were hanged simultaneously in front of a paying audience.

      The California Republic Flag is a subject that I often bring up when interacting with someone from the Left Coast. It is modeled on the Bear Republic Flag fashioned from a stray piece of cloth by a drunken John Fremont and his vanguard of Scouts during the U.S. -Mexican War. The “Bear Republic” existed on a mountain top in their alcohol drenched minds for a month, until the main body of U.S. Troops under General Stephen Kearny arrived in Los Angeles, and the U. S. Navy appeared in the harbor. The Bear Republic Flag was rather hastily hauled down and quickly replaced with the flag of the United States. Californians should be ashamed of this ridiculous symbol, but none of them seem to know anything about it.

      • Cowtown – thanks for the history lesson. Writing as a Northerner – I am PROUD that my Race was once so virile and self assured!

        Instead of the self-defeating North/South canard – I want to know why we’ve all been to weakened and defeated. Every-where in the once-White world.

        • Denise, It’s not that I am denouncing Northerners for any of these policies, I am attempting to point out the fact that everything that they try to accuse the South of, they are as much, or more, “guilty” of than we are.

          No, I agree, most of these measures were taken because of concerns about dilution and cohesion. Racial superiority was easier to maintain in a lot of places up North due to the lack of diversity. Here in the South, we had our hands full, and instead of receiving understanding and support, we got a war waged against us and all of our property stolen or burned. Then, for the last century and a half, we have had to listen to Northerners not only boast of their War Crimes, but also lecture to us about their moral superiority and supposed racial inclusiveness and push for legislation and programs that place White Southerners at a distinct disadvantage.

          So, it’s not so much about blaming Northerners for what they did with their minorities as it is about calling them out for their hypocrisy towards the South on the matter.

  21. The positive takeaway from MAGApedes getting assaulted by jewish funded and legally defended antifa commies is that they’re getting in some cardio running away.

  22. Abused woman syndrome x borderline cult. I’m tempted to say these are trolls but in Clown World probably not. Buy tickets and gear for next rally! MAGA Bandage for head wound is best bandage! Don’t blame man who run Justice Department he no have power!

  23. A little piece of me is glad to see Trump zombies roughed up a bit. I know I’m a bad girl but am I alone? And, they’ll probably be first in line at his next event.

    There’s mental illness on both sides of the line. And no ones talks about this massive mental illness either. Dr. Joseph Mercola put out a recent article about toddlers on anti-depressants. Is there no end to this madness?

    The American Medical Industrial Complex IS NOT BENEVOLENT. How much does it contribute to the mental illness shown in this commentary?

    • Jew psychiatrists over-prescribing dangerous SSRI antidepressants for kids and young adults is one of the big reasons for the increase in mass-shootings, madame.

      • Antifa is a mental disease in and of itself. And, I doubt it’s fixable. Maybe lithium or shock treatments but I doubt it. Can you imagine these dangerous automatons running around like this in their 60’s and 70’s — if they live that long?

        • Antifa is a disease, and the cure is pan-White ethnic National Socialism. We know it is effective in eliminating the pathogen of ashkenazil communism.

    • @Madame: As far as the “mental illness” shown by the pro-Trump comments in this thread is concerned I think it’s more a case of plain ol’ stupidity. MAGA morons are easily conned and will believe anything their orange clown-hero tells them.

      • I think they are mostly trolls but all arms of that whole Leftist machine seems to work in tandem. Like the globalist machine does.

        The big questions is….. are they fully human or are they hybrids of some sort?

  24. All Trump cares about is him and his family. He cares about the WITCHHUNT and PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT. He could care a less about his supporters unless he can use it in a political ad or tweet to get voters out to “Stop the Democrats.”

    BTW, I just saw the highlights of the rally. It was the same old shit. Like you said, what happened after the rally is the real verdict on the Trump admin.

  25. White biker clubs have been the only ones to be able to effectively contest the streets with the worst Antifa, New Black Panthers. I suggest folks were very hard to get to know, cultivate local, existing White biker clubs, They have their own close, head gear which ain’t MAGA hats. A lot of these White biker clubs have been in things like bar fights. From what I saw of Trump’s speech, it was a solid event, well attended and it looks like our side is making a serious effort to turn the state of Minnesota in to a White state. What is needed is a tough, ex hockey playing populist leader from Minnesota to make the case that his state was and will be hockey state that hates Hollywood lib Leftists, hates cucks, hates East and West coast banking elite.

    What’s 1980s miracle on ice coach Herb Brooks doing these days? Herb was a college hockey coach in Minnesota I’m pretty sure.

    Always, always be on the look out for local tough White guy folk heroes. Our folks in Minnesota like ice hockey. The old Minnesota Leftists are dying out, Minnesota used to be spared the worst Black crime, Black welfare underclass disorder, now they have it plus the worst Somalians. This seems like it should be going our way.

    Trump made sensible comments about ending the worst 3rd world migrants being forced on local communities.

    • The only thing worse than a Minnesotan Democrat is a Minnesotan Republican.

      Minnesotan Republicans are all goofy Lutheran’s who see their life through a spiritual and moral lense, instead of apart of a political body. They’re pius hermits. They see exerting their self interest as quasi satanic. Except for when it comes to farms and low taxes.

      Because you either have to be a Luthern goofball or at least pretend to be one to get elected as a republican in minnesota, none of them are fighters. Fighting takes pride and ego, and those are mortal sins. Best to just go with the flow and be rewarded in heaven.

      The toughest Minnesotans were Democrats (who are now confused independents) especially on the iron range. Those we’re all old school white racist socialists.

      The hockey players in Minnesota historical were never Republicans, again because of the church lady aspect to Lutheranism.

      Hockey players are “dEgEnErAtEs” who smash pussy and get fucked up. Minnesota Republicans would try to alpha shame them into beta piety.

      Minneapolis has had worst black crime than it has now, 95 and 96 Minneapolis was the murder capital of country. The New York times called it ‘muderapolis’

      The violent crime is down but what has happened in Minnesota over the past 10 years is a normalization of third world cultural mores.

      Minnesota Republicans will never do anything for Minnesota. If anything is to change it’ll come from a deep blue old school DFL distract now turned independent. Either from the city of Minneapolis itself(not the suburbs) or from the iron range. Those are the only Minnesotans who are tough enough and are actual fighters and not prairie hermits.

    • lol I left a long ass effort posts and forgot my point. Fighting them isn’t the answer. Minnesota will lock you whites up for defending themselves. Our fight is political, not physical.

      *Also add St. Cloud to the list of where a resistance is possible. St Cloud is a German Catholic town and Catholics have less hang up about using politics to achieve their desired ends than Lutherans.

  26. Wow what a bunch of racist intolerant hypocrites the left has become. Pathetic is all you are. If you fools had half a brain you would be dangerous. The best you can do is some self entitled little antifa pukes who prey on the elderly because they know they would get their asses beat if they went after anyone else. Maybe when Trump wins again in 2020 you’ll be the good little lemmings you are and all jump off a cliff

  27. Is this a ray of hope? It seems like some youngsters are beginning to see what their elders can’t seem to grasp. Unlike so many of my peers, and my parents generation before them, a few kids are starting to stand up and actively question those who insist that the White race is solely to blame for the world’s problems. The comments are very telling as to how a lot of people are actually thinking, even if they aren’t going so far as to say it out loud. It reminds me of Kipling’s “The Wrath of The Awakened Saxon.”

    • YES! Why is it the LEFT (Faggots, Jews, FemiNAZIS, and Jewish Faggot Feminazis) are all up in arms over ‘micro-aggressions;’ and then can’t take the heat (literally) when those who are accused of ‘hate’ …. are hated upon by the LEFT?!


      Just as the National Socialists burned JEWISH SUBVERSIVE BOOKS in the 1930’s, as an act of LEGITIMATE PROTEST, so too, is the BURNING OF A BOOK OF A FEMINIST LEFTIST, in a country where her views are NOT TO BE TOLERATED.

      And yes, I am also an Academic. And I approve of this visible, visceral slap in the face to the Left- it has needed something like this to de-legitimize its’ faux outrage for at least forty years.

      • I agree Friar, this type of reaction from the browbeaten White kids is long overdue. Several professors and students can’t understand why criminal charges haven’t been filed, and yet the same professors and students would openly condone, and likely participate in, any attack on a Conservative speaker. There’s nothing like a little reciprocation to shock the Left into a state of trembling insecurity and bewilderment. They simply can’t believe that their tactics can, and will, be used against them.

        Gold Rolex watch with diamonds – $23,599; 2020 Cadillac Escalade – $76,000; Two bedroom / one bath home in San Francisco – $1,225,000; White Youth standing up for themselves – Pricele$$


    Open that link and scroll to first photo.

    How is whitey ever going to win against that?

    Jew carpet bag mayor, 6gorrillian “refugees” in last 30 years, a ex-governor who told Whyte pipo “if you dont like diversitysota, move somewhere else ” Yeah? Where mofo?

    There is no place else, the day of standing up snd fighting back are over.

    Just laydown and get ya asses beat over and over.

    Please sir can I Ave sumore…

  29. All of these normiecons will say trump can’t do anything about local police but all of them lived through Obama’s DOJ taking over local police departments after Mike Brown etc

    The DOJ has both enforcement and oversight arms. When people ask “who polices the police?” The DOJ does.

    The DOJ can do everything from firing local chiefs of police, da and state prosecutor. To putting them on a very short leash were all of their actions have to be reported into the DOJ for direct oversight in compliance reports.

    Trump’s DOJ has a large amount of power they can yield to force compliance from local and state actors

  30. Oooh!

    The MN DFL Party tweeted this gem:

    “Here’s the bottom line: There is no path to a Democratic victory in the Presidential race without Minnesota in the blue column. If Trump flips MN red by flooding our state with money and campaign staff, we are guaranteed to have four more years of President Donald Trump.”

    I would donate money to MN GOP and vote for Drumpf again, JUST TO SCREW THE DFL OF Minnesota! I loathe Trump…. but I loathe the DEMS even more.. And that’s a lot of loathing!


    Yeah. LIke HELL! F*CK KLOBUCHAR. F*CK DAYTON. F*CK HUMPRHEY! And most of all, F*CK Omar!!!!! God damn them all to Hell. Cuz they’re going there, anyway.

    (I’ve already asked my Bishop for forgiveness, so don’t even……)

  31. You lefties, have garbage mouths. Antifa is just a group of NOBODYS trying to spread more hatered. Well, guess what, your days are ending, and when the Trump supporters open the can of WhoopAss on you, you will be sorry youre even in the group of thugs. Just waiting for the right time. Keep beating on OLD men, because you cannot handle the Trump Millionials. Keep it up, your days are numbered.

  32. Dear Antifa,

    Trump Supporters LOVE you! You know why? It’s simple really. When you do things like hurt Trump supporters just because of their political views without ever getting to know them on a personal level. You show what hate REALLY looks like and guess what? People all over the world see that HATE and ask themselves why they’re apart of such a hateful political party and then become TRUMP supporters who will then VOTE for him in 2020. So keep up the good work and we’ll keep helping others by cleaning up the streets of democratically run states who dont bother to help remove the trash from their cities because their too busy focusing on Trump. We’ll also help lower Drug Prescriptions, help the unemployed become employed, help keep more of America’s money that will increase are monetary value and lower fuel prices. Last but not least we will continue to build the wall to protect our borders from drug smugglers and sex traffickers. We’ve got this! TRUMP 2020! Making America Great Again one gullible liberal at a time!

    Oh and just in case you forgot. Antifa, WE LOVE YOU!! ??

  33. Some really stupid people commenting in this post. I keep hearing why these ANTIFA cowards get away with assaulting people and no one fights back. The answer is simple they haven’t picked on the right people yet because they do this in areas where no one is armed or they know they can get away with it. This will not always be so.

  34. HUNTER WALLACE should just resign if he wants to continue to publish anti-American rhetoric about President Trump! Learn how to be a journalist at least once in your life, Hunter!

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