Shy, Awkward, Lonely Zoomer Incel Is Facing Jail After Approaching a Female In Britain


Jamie Griffiths will almost certainly land a gf after receiving international media coverage and possibly going to jail in the UK in his search for a companion.

Daily Mail:

“A ‘shy and awkward’ student is facing jail after he touched a teenager ‘in an attempt to befriend her.’

Jamie Griffiths, 19, Googled ‘how to make a friend’ then came into contact with the 17-year-old during two attempts to engage her in conversation. 

The victim burst into tears during the second encounter and went to police with her mother, claiming Griffiths ‘would have touched her breast had she not moved away’.

She claimed her school work suffered as a result of the contact, leaving her unable to sit her mock exams and apply to Oxford University.  

Griffiths, who lives with his parents and now studies at Durham University, denied two charges of sexual assault, claiming he was ‘shy, anxious and awkward’. 

He said he had ‘clumsily’ approached the girl in an attempt ‘to make a friend but the words didn’t come out.’

Griffiths was convicted at Manchester Magistrates’ Court and will be sentenced later this month. The offence carries a maximum sentence of ten years jail if dealt with at a crown court and he faces being ordered to sign the Sex Offender Register. …”

Oh, so … he was convicted of sexual assault in Manchester and is facing up to ten years in prison. Manchester is where that suicide bombing happened at the Ariana Grande concert and where there was that mass stabbing this morning.

And … the authorities are prosecuting shy, lonely incels! You’re under arrest!

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  1. I wonder how long before Denise(and her pet spahn) says he deserves 10 year in prison for not having muh “social skills” or whatever.

    • I was thinking the same thing. When are we going to hear about how this White man wasn’t man enough and deserves to be put in jail for being shy.

        • The only thing your comments reveal is your paranoia. Why would I use a sock puppet to attack your position when I can do it under my own name?

          • Fair enough. I just find is fascinating that any-one would invoke my name, and my supposed opinion on any subject before I even post a comment. I presume a sock puppet because I can’t fathom that anyone would care about my opinion. But apparently, my humble thoughts and observations really…stick. Dear Spahn’s does, as well.

            FYI – I feel sorry for this poor kid. He seems like a really sweet, gentle fellow. He’s going to be turned into a martyr of the absolute, centuries’ long FAILURE of generations of White men to keep the Other OUT. The girl in this absurd story is obviously a mental case, made deranged by the destruction of her social order. She’ll be the devoted slave of the first Orc that beats the lunacy our of her and rapes her blue. Orcs are permitted and encouraged to do that sort of thing, by their Jew patrons.

            I have no way of contacting this kid, but if I did, I would instruct him to refuse to apologize, and in fact, call every-one out who is persecuting him, including the crazy slag he tried to approach. Apologies, to loonies and Orcs, read as “I’m weak. Come and kill me”. If Der ewige is going to true to make a Eunuch Example of him, his best approach is to tell every-one involved to FUCK RIGHT OFF, and shove their Marxist BULLSHIT right up their violated arseholes. He should spit on every last one of them .He would actually gain support by being defiant and insulting – but he won’t do these things. He’s been castrated by many generations of his feckless, useless Race of willing Golem slaves.

            There. That’s my actual opinion on this subject.

  2. I wonder (who) finances the.organizers and staffers of ANTIFA ?
    Just (who) could have all the money for transportation and lawyers ?

    • I’ll take a guess at answering your question: His name is George Sor . . . , Hmmmm, I can’t remember the rest of it but I know I’ve heard it before.

  3. The offence carries a maximum sentence of ten years jail if dealt with at a clown court and he faces being ordered to sign the Incel Offender Register.


    • It’s kick on Whitey time.
      Just like the Gillette commercial, White men aren’t supposed to say hello to a strange girl, as instructed by the fine negro.

  4. I do not understand this. How do English people flirt and romance if this is wrong? Apparently this guy touched a girl’s arm and waist and he might go to jail? Guys are always trying to hold or touch girls. You just laugh and slide away. Or you say without hurting their feelings—-hands to yourself. They stop or you walk off.

    Maybe I missed something in the article but this is ridiculous to punish a harmless boy like him. The girl is traumatized? Over what? In the USA and Mexico that is just regular male behavior.

    I am not soft on real assault and rape. That would deserve serious punishment.

    • @Christina….

      “I do not understand this. How do English people flirt and romance if this is wrong?”

      That’s the idea, keep Whites from forming relationships. They aren’t to associate with Whites, only with muds.

      This is a part of the greater plan to breed Whites down to mongrels.

    • This is probably the reason why Latin America will end up Whiter than the West in a century.

      There is something wrong with the women, and this poor shy guy who ends up in jail for touching a woman on the arm to get her attention is probably going to one day grow up and say “fuck it” and like many UK expats go to East Asia to find a girl who will find his modesty cute.

      That’s why I constantly say that on this one point Anglin is right. All men want is a girlfriend but they’re surrounded by women who either want to hook up, use him for attention and then reject him, or claim he is a rapist (or all of the above). Not even 10 years ago in the west you could ask a girl out and she’d either go through with it or say no. Now when the awkward shy guy goes “hey…” and touches her on the arm but is left speechless because of her beauty, he goes to jail.

      No matter how many times White knights tell the average man to find a “nice church girl” it doesn’t matter because there aren’t enough (if they do exist) to meet the demand. Meanwhile, some gaijin can take a flight to Japan and the girls there will move their entire schedule around just to go on a date with him.

      How many White men have to go before a judge to save the White race? Whether it be street activists, self improvement guys like RAM, or this shy awkward teenage boy, having any interaction with strangers in society is becoming a crime and we aren’t allowed to blame anyone but White men for not being “man enough”.

      • @Outlander: Do you and your cult leader Col. Anglin share the same Japanese sex-robot? Do you wash it off before using it after Col. Anglin is done?

        • Don’t bother responding to me you dumb Boomer, go read a book for once in your life. As I said before, your ice cold takes shit up the comment section of every OD article, and the less others have to read them the better. Go educate yourself and then come back, maybe then you can receive the positive attention you so desperately crave from me.

        • Spahn – he doesn’t wash after Wanglin hands over the doll. In fact, he’d be devastated and disappointed if the doll was rinsed off.

          He told you to “read a book”. HAHAHA!!! That is such a trite Jew reply! I can’t believe it. That’s SO Jew! Weev’s Joomindworm is corroding every Wanglin Twink.

      • Outlander,

        I thank you for such a detailed letter in response to my comment

        . I agree with your first paragraph. As for the rest? It is difficult for me to analyze the mentality of white men and their societies. I do know the devil or the human equivalent rule the anglo-saxon countries in a fashion that continuously shock me.

        One of my major concerns is that through movies, loans, intimidation etc. that you are exporting sickness elsewhere in the world.

        • Cristina,

          We are aware of the judaic poison that are Hollywood films, but it surprised me that you also included loans and intimidation among your concerns that America is exporting.

          Have you read or are you familiar with the book “Confessions of an economic hitman?” It’s an amazing insider’s look at the mechanisms the USA government uses to twist the arms of foreign nations.

          • November,

            I am not familiar with that book.

            I am aware however of how the United States government operates to a certain degree. An aunt and an uncle have loaned me books and information of such matters. The power of loans and intimidation of the US are more known in Latin America than in the United States. I have also encountered several Traditional priests both Mexican and American who understand such matters as well.

            My uncle taught me that there were zionists and marxists.

            He asked me about Mexican politics and I said most of the parties are marxist.

            He then asked me about the US parties and I said the Republicans were the zionists and the Democrats were the Marxists.

      • Yeah there’s something wrong with the women….
        This guy just looks too nice. If he looked like a scumbag, a serial assaulter with soulless eyes, or a Paki groomer, his approach would have been welcomed.

      • Outlander- you’ve got it right. AA may be a wacko, but his observations on the feminine gender are often far more accurate (even if insulting) than one can initially understand.

        This is, (of course) a religious problem. “For Eve sinned first, etc.”. YHWH continually speaks of apostate Israel in the OT, as if she were a woman, ‘painting her face, setting her traps,’ etc. [ cf. Jer. 4:30] -there is a reason for this. Women are the help of man, NOT the other way around. This young tramp-to-be should have been mandated to go on a date with this young boy, instead of thinking her mammary gland was ‘off limits’ …until (of course) she became a slattern, like most UK girls on a pub crawl some Saturday night are, in the not too distant future. Unless she were a ‘good’ girl…[Rom. 3:23] But then, she probably is also NOT in Church— and yet, even so… the C of E now embraces all manner of perversion, which ALSO is a lot like the society Jeremiah came to castigate. Hmmmm. Plus ça change, etc.

        “Some gaijin” – that was rich! Not one in a hundred will understand your reference.

        Then there is ‘The One’s’ comment, which was proved providential, in that (voilà) like clockwork, either one or the other appears like the proverbial slug in the garden…..

        “I wonder how long before Denise (and her pet spahn)”….. see below.

        That was also brilliant. And true.

    • Christy,

      I am so glad I didn’t have to attempt to court a woman in this clown world when I was this poor kid’s age.

      It was like you described. You flirted with words, deeds, and body language.

      Females will touch the arm, hand,shoulder, or some other non-erogenous area on a man as a subtle and coy act to show romantic interest. They’ll also twirl their hair and their pupils will dilate unconsciously, if they’re attracted to you.

      Boys and men often will tease and/or complement a girl or lady he finds attractive. Males also would show off like a peacock in front of the object of their desire.

      Are (((they))) intentionally creating future Arthur Flecks/Jokers? Who could blame this lad for going insane in a society gone stark raving mad?

      • November,

        Yes, there is the harmless flirting that is fun. Males in the 13-20 year old range are generally awkward but fun to be with. Older men in their mid 20’s or older are more assured and I am careful with them. No flirting. They might expect more.

        Some games guys do that is amusing are——when wearing a t-shirt to lean and flatten their arms on something making their arms look bigger.

        I have played with my hair when interested. We generally let the guys talk about themselves when flirting. That takes little encouragement and males are quite adept at talking about what they like.

        However, if they talk too much about sports we will usually put our foot down. Males are easily flattered. The best flattery however is when we are sincere about it and mean well. I try to never hurt a male’s feelings or his pride. That means almost as much to me as it does to them.

    • Senorita Alvarez: In the old days a woman would toss her drink in the guy’s face if he got out of line. Or give him a good slap. And then everybody in the bar would have a good laugh about it and that was that.

      • spahnranch1969,

        You are clever to guess or know that one of my names is Alvarez. I will not say yes or no of course, but I am impressed.

        While I am not old enough to go to a bar I like that idea. Or a mild to medium slap. Would that in today’s USA be a crime?

        I like the slap better. Why waste a drink?

      • Spawn- is that a definite cheeky statement, or do you really believe that this poor boy’s simple touching a girl on the shoulder to get her attention, is the equivalent of a drink-throwing scene in an old B/W movie, with a lecher?

        I would consider the modern femiNAZI to be the greatest whore alive, simply because she can destroy one boy’s life, because her ‘sell by’ date still is a few years off. Women were created for men, NOT the other way around. Sheesh. And ‘women are to keep silent’ applies in the street, just as much as it does in the pew.

        Man may be made in the image of God; but women’s image (while still Imago Dei) is, nevertheless, derivative of Man. Which may be a ‘rib tickler,’ but there it is, still. Hierarchy, Patriarchy, Divine Order. And anyone, or any society that flaunts that order, is not long for this world.

  5. Just another tool in the box for White genocide, if you flirt, you’re going to prison because you know, all females need to be believed.

  6. Look at this Fridays redice @1:20:00.
    UK little White girls told they’ll have their face smashed if the don’t give a Paki a BJ. Threatened with rape.

    • Arian,

      You know what pisses me off the most? The so-called White men of cuck island must all be low testosterone sniveling pip squeaks to allow this activity to occur unchallenged. Do they not remember the tactics the IRA used against them? Hint. Hint.

      Maybe the Anglos of the Jew Kay can only fight to kill when their rothschilds controlled prime ministers tell them to sic the Germans, Boers, French, Italians, or Russians.

  7. “Whom the Gods would destroy, they would first make mad” (Enoch Powell Rivers of Blood)

    Our Gods, most likely in response to Britain’s slaughters of their/our kinsmen across the English Channel in 2 world wars have most likely decided to make British society mad and destroy them, same as the good Germans in Dresden Saxony Germany were destroyed, slaughtered by Bomber Harris.

    • It sounds good but makes no sense. The rest of Western Europe is being destroyed right along with Britain. Where is the justice in that?

  8. Hey Christiana – I’m preparing to spend a month in South America for a Spanish language and cultural immersion program. I’ll be off the grid of this horrible, sexual *#&$*@ Anglo/British society. I did a speed dating experience with White Anglo women in their 40s and 50s….. I’ll agree to be held captive by ISIS before agreeing to do that again. 🙂

    • Mr. Ryan,

      I am sorry that you had such bad experiences with Anglo women. You really are serious on latin women it would appear. Good luck on your South American trip. I hear Chile and Argentina are nice.

      By the way, the correct spelling of my name is Cristina. When I first came to California the teacher anglicized my name to Christina. And of course Christiana is the original Latin that the derivatives come from. So for fun I have used the others on this site.

      • Cristina,

        My girlfriend of just over one year is originally from Venezuela. I believe that would make her a Latina.

        I met her while she was ‘puppy-sitting ‘ for a friend, and I had my ever present über mutt with me. My good natured doggo was the first dog the puppy had met outside of her litter mates and mother.

        I could not help but notice that Andrea had an accent, and her English language mastery was shall we say less than fluent. Nonetheless, we conversed about the dogs, Venezuelan politics, American politics, and the weather (she was dressed for the Arctic, while I was wearing a sweater).

        Andrea asked me why I was staring so intensely at her face. I was honest, and said that I was looking for evidence of makeup. Spoiler Alert: She wasn’t wearing any, and was/is drop dead gorgeous. Now it makes a lot more sense why Miss Venezuela contestants have won the title of Miss Universe so often.

        Andrea is almost young enough to be my daughter, as I am 17 years her senior.

        She resembles Argentine actress Fabiana Udenio.

        Andrea is a traditional Venezuelan Catholic, if you know what I mean. She wants children and her biological clock is ticking.

        I am not sure what will become of our relationship. As it is, we are a threesome of Andrea, me, and Google translate.

        I suppose I began writing this rambling comment because of cultural differences in courtship. When I met Andrea, it was obvious that I was thunderstruck by her beauty. As a Latina, she would have thought me a lesser man had I not to pursued her with masculine confidence.

        Before anyone puts their shoe into their mouth, I wore Andrea down, and she agreed to submit a DNA sample for ancestry analysis.

        Results: 75% Iberian Spanish. 23% Portuguese. 2% indigenous Inca.

      • November,

        I did not think there were any Incas left. Perhaps someday I will do a DNA test. I am not afraid of the results.

        I wonder what she thinks of usa meddling in Venezuela’s business?
        I also have softness in the heart for dogs. Very loyal.

        With humans there is a saying—-Laugh and the whole world laughs with you. Cry and you cry alone. But with dogs? They will stick with you.

        • Cristina,

          Ancestry DNA doesn’t have too many samples of indigenous South American DNA, so they hypothesize the origins of rare DNA by process of elimination.

          Andrea is aware of U.S. meddling in Venezuela’s internal politics. She didn’t know about the Monroe Doctrine as the weak excuse used by the American government for over 200 years. The USA has covertly and overtly manipulated the entire continent of South America.

          Unlike Jaye Ryan, I wasn’t looking to meet a white Latina. At least, she’s overwhelmingly of European extraction. Her brother is living in exile in England.

          Dogs are the best. We could learn a lot from them. They love a prince or pauper exactly the same.

          I can understand why you would not want something as personal as your DNA in the hands of a corporate entity that’s been accused of violating its customers privacy.

          • November,

            The Monroe Doctrine is immoral. The USA does not own any country but their own. That Doctrine violates common sense and morality as well as international law.

            Maybe some country could come up with their own doctrine and say the USA could not interfere anywhere in say ———-Europe or the South China Sea.

            I am more concerned with my DNA residing with a company or country than I am with fearing the results.

            I am not sure how DNA works. My Spanish ancestors came from southern Spain. So how would they know if that meant Moorish blood or Spanish blood?

            Also what is Spanish blood? When the Arabs invaded Christian Spain was composed of 3 groups–the native Celtic-Iberian, the Romans, and the Germans, primarily Vandals, Suebi, and Goths I think. The name Spanish was not used until the middle ages I think.

            As an aside marriage was forbidden between the 3 white groups of people until the Arab invasion. This information was found in a Hans Delbruck book quoting original sources. The Church has never believed in a right to marry. Those saying the Church has always practiced universalism are ignorant at best.

            I am almost positive I have no Indian blood but there is a chance I have Moorish blood.

          • Cristina,

            Yet again, your knowledge base is impressive.

            I wasn’t aware of all the varieties of Spaniards. I’ve heard of Catalans and Sevilles . Basques are supposed to be a combination if French and Spanish . Basques also have the most ancient DNA in Europe.

            If you’re curious about having your DNA analyzed, you could do what I did. I used the credit card of an elderly relative, but submitted the saliva sample and opened a free yahoo email account to receive the results under an alias.

            While you may not want one strand of Moorish DNA in your genome, what can you do about it? It certainly wasn’t anything you’re personally responsible for.

            Forget DNA for a moment. What I’d like to know is if you’ve ever had your IQ measured?

            BTW, Andrea would love to marry an White American because she is on a educational visa. Her status isn’t my doing, so I will not allow that to influence me.

          • Cristina,

            Immorality doesn’t factor into American policies whether international or domestic. But you knew that already.

            I suppose the USA could justify trying to prevent the Soviet Union from spreading communism in Central and South America during the Cold War. It was the means and methods that were used that can be legitimately debated.

          • November,

            Good fortune with Andrea. I have never really had an official IQ test. My uncle was in the 150’s and my father was 132. My older sister was 110. That is a lot of variation in one family. A brother was 104.

            Perhaps when I am ready I will take one. I used to play with Rubik’s Cube when I was a little girl. My best time in solving it was around 4 minutes.

          • Cristina,

            I find it odd that so many of your relatives have had their intelligence measured, but they somehow skipped over you.

            How did that happen?

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