Tucker Carlson: First Step Act Beneficiary Now Wanted For Murder

Way to go, Jared.

Providence Journal:

“A criminal justice reform advocacy group on Tuesday expressed its condolences to the family of a Providence man who police say was killed by a notorious crack dealer last week.

#Cut50, an initiative of the nonprofit Dream Corps, was a key advocate for the First Step Act of 2018. Joel Francisco, 41, cited that federal law to reduce his life sentence for dealing crack; eight months after his release in February, police say, he fatally stabbed Troy Pine, 46, at a Providence hookah bar.

The amount of crack required to trigger the stiffest penalties changed in 2010 under a law signed by President Obama. But those changes weren’t retroactive — until the First Step Act of 2018. That law passed with bipartisan majorities, even as it attracted conservative and law-enforcement critics. It was signed by President Trump in December.

Weeks after writing a petition from prison citing the law, Francisco was released in February. He had served more than 14 years. …”

It will be worth it when all of those ex-cons vote for Trump in 2020! Assuming that all of these felons can even vote in the first place!

Note: I believe they can vote in Florida in 2020.

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  1. The statistics to come of these Fed prison releases, will hopefully be Nog on Nog crime mostly. However; with the illegals coming in, forget any cost savings with Fed prison releases.

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