Brittney Cooper: Trump’s Racism Has Made Black Women Fat

I have been highly critical of the Blompf presidency

I’m not sure that he can be blamed though for the obesity crisis that black women are facing which appears to be a decades long trend and a product of their own lifestyle choices. Unfortunately, some White people are buying into this nonsense to signal their wokeness.

Black women are getting fatter by the minute.

Nearly half of black women have heart disease and high blood pressure, many with no access to any sort of management medication, including even generic amlodipine tablets or anything of the sort, which is often not covered by the Obamacare providers.


“(CNN) Across the US, obesity rates have risen and life expectancy has declined. Our national health crisis has been especially dire for African-American women. Nearly half have heart disease and 40% have high blood pressure, according to the American Heart Association. Their risk of stroke is almost twice that of white women, reports the CDC. They are more likely to die at a younger age than women of other ethnicities, the heart association said.”

The culprit is cheap food and free food in the case of EBT, not stress caused by White racism. White women and Hispanic women are also getting fat because dietary and exercise patterns have recently changed due to fast food, supermarkets and travel by automobile. While this negative trend is affecting all races, non-black women are making more intelligent choices.


“If we want to solve the obesity problem, we have to figure out what has changed for everybody,” Sturm said. “And the thing that pops out is our food environment. That’s where the action is. And it’s not just that food is now cheap relative to income it’s also that it’s so much more convenient.” …

In the 1930s, Americans spent a quarter of their disposable income on food. The most recent data show that share is now under one-tenth

And while cheap, convenient food is a good thing, our biology and our social norms haven’t caught up with the abundance. Foods that can be mass-produced and aren’t perishable like potato chips, candy and sugar-sweetened drinks are prime culprits. …

“This study attributes obesity to only one cause: low food prices.It does not discuss relentless marketing of cheap ‘junk’ foods, nor does it discuss Consumer Price Index data on the relative cost of foods,” she said, noting that the cost of fruits and vegetables has gone up more than the average food cost.

“The higher prevalence of obesity among people of lower income and education can be explained by greater consumption of low-cost, high-calorie foods.”

This has nothing to do with racism.

Black women weren’t this fat under slavery or Jim Crow. When the ancestors of modern black women were picking cotton, it wasn’t possible to be this fat and idle.

Note: Mammy was fat because she was a house slave.

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  1. Roving bands of KKK are forcing these internally svelte African princesses to gorge themselves on Cheetos and Twinkies, and wash it all down with YooHoo and Coke? The ebil fiendz!

  2. Colored women tend to be obese not only because of their poor diet and lifestyle choices, but also because their bodies just naturally store fat. It’s a racial thang.

    But wait a second, I thought women were beautiful regardless of how fat they are, no? At least that’s what the jew-run fashion media tells me.

    • Spawn- preach it!.

      “Black women weren’t this fat under slavery or Jim Crow. When the ancestors of modern black women were picking cotton, it wasn’t possible to be this fat and idle.”

      Thou hast said it.

  3. This is the same group that believed Church’s Chicken was trying to sterilize them. Obviously, it wasn’t true because they’ve been breeding like rabbits since they arrive with no hiatus whatsoever. And, white folks are just too damn good at chemistry to have screwed that one up.

    • I recall the woke ‘high yellow’ rev. Farrakhan imploring blacks to not drink Snapple because there was a jewish slave ship on its label. You can’t make this stuff up.

  4. If the premise is true that “racism” is responsible for making black women fat, then by moving to Haiti, Sudan, Somalia, or some other country with a negro super majority will make you thin, athletic, and healthy.

    We at OD are very concerned about the obesity crisis in the black community, so leave this country with its racist high caloric soil, and enjoy the peace and tranquility of Wakanda as you’re ‘being your best you.’

  5. I thought the Negro women prided themselves on their girth? Last I heard, they was curvalicious, baby got back and big booties, or some such nonsense. I guess, if you can find an excuse, latch on to it, no matter how ludicrous it is.

    Some very interesting commentary on the desirability (or the lack of it) of Black women can be found in “Soul On Ice” by Eldridge Cleaver. Apparently, he did an impromptu survey among his fellow Negro inmates while he was incarcerated in which he asked them if they preferred White women over Negro women. Some said they liked Asians or Hispanics, but none seemed to want a Negro woman. One Negro said that he went limp every time he reached up and touched their hair. Another stated that if money was black, he wouldn’t want it.

    Chris Rock recently did an H.B.O. Special dedicated to the issue of Black Women’s Hair. It was absolutely hilarious, I couldn’t stop laughing. All of the measures that they take to have straight hair. From chemicals that burned their scalp and caused hair loss to weaves and extensions that cost upwards of a thousand dollars, there was almost nothing too harsh or expensive to dissuade them from pursuing their goal.

    Now, every time I see a Black Woman with long, straight hair, I think of some poor, bald headed girl in India or Korea, that has been deprived of their flowing mane so these obese, bacon fed, Queen Latifa’s can try in vain to be alluring. Being from a Black neighborhood, I already knew about weaves and straighteners, but to see it broadcast in such a frank manner was surprising. The show alluded to how many White people are oblivious to these enhancements and actually believe it’s their real hair. The funniest part of the show was when Chris took a bag full of Negro hair and tried to sell it to wig makers. One Korean man told him, “No one want… no one want poofy” and gestured with his hands by forming an afro over his head.

    Back when I was younger, the Negroes used Jheri-Curl and always had a pick in their hair. The stuff was everywhere. On the desks, the walls, door handles, etc…
    I remember going to a community swimming pool and there was literally a rainbow hued oil slick floating on the surface. In Living Color did a skit about Jheri’s Kids with a Negro in a wheelchair drenched in oil and talking about how at first it was cool, but, then he couldn’t stop, and now it was all over his jacket, headrest, pillows…

    If it weren’t for their unpredictably violent nature, constant complaining, and drain on valuable resources, their comedic value might actually make them worth having them around. No, I’m afraid it wouldn’t.

  6. Black women have almost always been fat, if it can partially be blamed on anything its poor exercise and unhealthy eating habits and the fat acceptance movement isn’t helping

  7. This kind of article is a less degenerate way of mocking blacks and woke culture, than how the stormer usually does it. Ridicule is our best weapon. But it loses its effect if it reduces you to their level in the process.

    This story, is unironically Sock approved.

    • That was nasty, I didn’t need to read that story about STDs while having a late breakfast. I guess I didn’t need to eat breakfast anyway, don’t want to look like that huge woman above.

  8. Two issues stand out from the theme of this article:

    These people, i.e. African lineage, prove to one and all that the majority of them are INCAPABLE of self control, being responsible human beings even for their own actions AND they LOVE FREEBIES.

    You can hardly find a decent black women that carries an ounce of femininity.
    They are off-putting and anti-arousal.

    Sorry “ladies” but I’d rather go with out for the rest of my life rather then moist your privates !

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