Steven Spielberg’s “Why We Hate” Debuts On Discovery Channel

Why is there so much hate?

Why is there so much resentment about a hostile cultural elite which wants to dissolve our borders, tear down our historic monuments, rewrite our history, censor the internet, take away our guns, corrupt our political system, demoralize and degrade our people with cultural poison, transform little boys into little girls and plunge us into foreign wars which ought to be of no concern to us all while wrecking our country and enriching itself at our expense?

Why would anyone ever get mad about that? Shouldn’t an elite like that which produced Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein still command universal support?

Daily Beast:

“It will surprise no one that Donald Trump factors heavily into Why We Hate, a six-part Discovery Channel documentary series (executive produced by Steven Spielberg and Alex Gibney) that investigates the many forms and causes of—and possible remedies for—intolerance. So ubiquitous is his presence, in fact, that even when he’s not the specific topic of conversation, his corrosive shadow looms large over the proceedings—as when international criminal lawyer Patricia Viseur Sellers, describing Khmer Rouge madman Pol Pot’s motivations for initiating genocide, states (with a pause that indicates she knows what she’s about to imply), “He was going to make Cambodia great again. …”


“Discovery CEO David Zaslav, on a recent visit to Washington, D.C. to screen the first part at Atlantic Live, said that the project was originally conceived with executive producer Steven Spielberg five years ago. But he said that at the time, they did not envision the resurgence of hate, whether it be in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017, or in European countries as they grapple with immigration.

“We were going to be looking retrospectively, and try to understand better,” Zaslav said. “But we never imagined that as you look around the world now, the rise of hate — hate for immigrants, for Jews, for Mexicans, for African-Americans, for Hispanics, hate for ‘the other.’ It is not just here in the U.S. It is rising everywhere in the world. It is a prescient moment, and when we are at our best, we create content that can inform, and maybe inspire.”

Zaslav, who is on the board of Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation, said that the project got started when he asked the director if there was a project they could do together, noting Discovery’s worldwide distribution reach.

Zaslav added, “As someone whose family emigrated from Eastern Europe — my grandparents were lucky enough to get out alive — that generation had this philosophy of ‘Never again,’ and never again really stood for this ideal that we need to stand up for anybody anywhere in the world that is being discriminated against or is being challenged because of the color of their skin and their religion.” …”

I’m going to have to fire up the television at 10 PM.

It normally sits there mounted on the wall collecting dust. I use it to watch The Weather Channel and the occasional football game. I have cable television solely to keep up with breaking news stories. I stay on top of the news to keep you informed on this website, but I am one of the millions of Americans who no longer take what people say on television seriously.

Note: James Poulos had a long article at American Mind recently about how America’s televisual elite has lost its legitimacy due to technological change. Young people generally aren’t sitting in front of the television consuming Steven Spielberg’s bullshit like the Boomers.

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  1. They’re laying on the bullshit extra thick now. Wait until Christmas , , I mean the “holiday season” starts. There will be TV shows about how Christ was only a mythological figure or a composite of several really good guys or never existed at all. Let’s not forget Kwanzaa, the ancient Negro holiday dating far, far back in the mists of time to 1966 or Hanukkah, also known as the “Jewish Kwanzaa”. No doubt there will also be many Buddhist, Moslem, Sikh, Hindu etc. holidays that just happen to coincide with Christmas (later, Easter) and need “celebrating” (shoved down your throat) too.

    And they wonder why they are hated? They know why. They cry out in pain as they strike you.

    • Satan’s (((children))) have fast tracked their evil agenda in recent years because they realize white people are slowly but surely waking up. When Christ returns with a sword no amount of crying or shrieking will save (((them))).

      • Croat- “When Christ returns with a sword no amount of crying or shrieking will save (((them))).”

        PLEASE! If you are a true Croat, that means (I bet) you are a Roman catholic, whose vision of the ‘end times’ is mired in an ‘eschatology of defeat.’ Better to at least adopt Postmillenialism, the vision of the Founding Fathers (calvinists) or still better, the Preterist truth, that ALL of the judgments against apostate Israel, happened already in AD 70, at the Destruction of Jerusalem.

        The Jews are finished, they are imposters, they will NEVER bow the knee to Christ, they are the Enemies of Christendom- and always will be. The conversion of the True Israel has been achieved for centuries now, and the Whites of Christendom are the ONLY people God has ANYTHING to do with, and WE NOW RULE THEM- if we’d ever get off our duffs, and put them in prisons, disenfranchise the Deicides, and start acting like the Israel of God, that we are.

    • “…[R]ecall the notorious remark of the Jewish historian Louis Namier (1888–1960) when asked why he did not deal with Jewish history: “The Jews do not have a history, they have a martyrology.”

      It is this martyrology that lies at the heart of the Culture of Critique. Whereas almost every nation possesses a history that is in most respects objective, the Jews alone possess a mere quasi-history, riddled with mythic and esoteric self-deceptions that give psychological permission for the most clannish and subversive of social behaviors and the most hostile of attitudes towards other peoples. The Culture of Critique, a kind of cultural revenge inspired by the Jewish martyrology, is the clearest expression of the corrosive nature of the disastrous Jewish/non-Jewish relations…”.

      I guess the ‘We’ in the film’s title, must refer to the “Tribe” and none other……

  2. I’m guessing there won’t be much in there about black, muslim, cartel or jewish “intolerance and hate.” I also expect a full episode on Charlottesville with massive liberties taken on the narrative. “They came to bring violence and hate! Fields planned his attack.” blah blah blah

    Never forget that Spielberg raped and murdered the little White girl Heather O’Rourke, and he also created the biggest holohoax movie of all time.

    • I hear this claim alot about the poltergeist girl but frankly the evidence is rather lacking, some of the conspiratard vids on youtube is not helping either they are always loaded with erroneous claims

      • I looked this up. I never heard of this before. The “explanation” is the same on every site. However – look up the pictures. There are many shots online, with Spielberg and his child actresses. Loo at the publicity photos from “Poltergeist”. Little O’Rourke and CREEPY Steve are not smiling. The body language is weird. There are also pics of Creepy Steve and baby Drew Barrymore. Research pics of Walt Disney and his young actors and actresses. Do this is you have the time…..tell me what you see. The contrast between Good Old Walt and Creepy Jew Steve is startling,

        • The attending medical personnel said that she died from a bowel obstruction and that it would have been extremely unusual for such a problem to suddenly manifest itself without any prior indications that there was anything wrong.

          From what I could gather, it would seem that the physicians were implying that there was an underlying cause that they weren’t willing to elaborate on.

          • I recently visited the cemetery in Beverly Hills where Heather O’Rourke is interred. It’s the same cemetery where Dean Martin, Marilyn Monroe and Hugh Heffner are. Ms. O’Rourke is in the crypt just below Truman Capote’s.

  3. The fact that they have to do things like this indicates just how worried they are. Nobody that will matter in the future will be even watching this. Its a bit like TV in an airport. Nobody’s watching, except what they watch on their phones. Lucky for us, boomers still want to use obsolete ways of communicating.

  4. If I got kicked out of 109 schools, clubs, jobs, eateries, churches, I’m sure it would have absolutely nothing to do with me.

  5. Blompf is just like Pol Pot? Yes, wanting to make America great again is exactly like wanting to make Cambodia great again. Next thing you know, Blompf will also be wanting to slaughter anyone wearing glasses, just like ‘ol Pol. The projection these regressives have is just amazing. The death — I mean, reeducation — camps are always instituted by the left. The stacks of fatalities brought about by the vampiric followers of (((Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, et al))) are massive, and never acknowledged by the acolytes. It’s a feature for them, anyway, not a bug. Bloodletting is salivated over by those “superior” clowns without the balls to even shoot a gun themselves.

  6. Beyond chutzpah. Honestly, it’s so tiresome that I’m reduced to laughter as a cpoing mechanism.

    As some point, the off the charts arrogance and lack of self awareness of these Jewish Supremacists causes the rational gentile mind to go into safe mode.

    My hopes lie in the younger and more energized Zyklon B generation.

    May God continue to allow their awakening. May God protect and strengthen them during these times of tribulation. May God grant us salvation from our Eternal Enemy.


  7. Funny how the jews always complain about how much people dislike them but never explain why. As if they didn’t know!

  8. Kyke means blind. It is derived from the Latin word caeca. The Jews are too blind to see all the hatred they have for us and our Christ and are too blind to see all the hatred for us in in themselves. We truly are superior to this Jew garbage. We can see the truth that they can not see.

  9. “What are we going to do today, Brain?” “Today, Pinky, WE are going to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!”

  10. I know I’ve mentioned this book before, but I return to it from time to time for its insight. In Alan Dershowitz’s “The Vanishing American Jew,” he goes into a lot of detail about Jewish prominence (dominance) in politics, academia and media. He also tries to explain the hatred expressed by Jews towards Christianity and talks about their need for persecution to maintain cohesion. He avows how central his Judaism is to him, stating that he could never marry a non-Jewish Woman; that he wanted someone whom he felt a commonality with. The purpose of the book is to persuade Jewish Men and Women to marry and have Jewish children, out of fear that “the era of enormous Jewish influence in America may soon be coming to an end due to assimilation and intermarriage.” A Fascinating, and Totally Racist, perspective presented from a well known Shyster who has become a regular on Fox News.

  11. More damning evidence of our Perennial Enemy’s IDENTITY:

    “Just like the Frankfurt School, these cultural heroes know us better than we know ourselves, which allows them to help us see that we are irrational and evil, bigoted and in need of Jewish redemption. We are constantly and warmly assured by our Jewish helpers that this process is undertaken for the West’s own good. They free us from our “baggage.”

    In truth, this process is undertaken for our destruction. The Critique, having no coherent objectives beyond the will to decay, never ends. It never ceases the search for novel and unsullied corners of Western culture to drag through the mud. The ‘Rabbi’s Speech’ from Hermann Goedsche’s Biarritz (1868) is a work of fiction, but it drew on a multitude of facts and instincts. In the Jewish cemetery of Prague, Goedsche’s Rabbi addresses a secret nocturnal meeting of thirteen Jewish elders, promising they shall “extirpate all belief and faith in everything that our enemies the Christians have venerated up to the present and, using the allurements of the passions as our weapon, we shall declare open war on everything that people respect and venerate.”

  12. Yes, and the shyster is neck deep in the Jeffrey Epstein thing too. Not to worry any longer, the deep state took care of Jeffrey, case closed, move along, nothing to see here.

  13. Kyke or kike doesn’t come from the Latin word for blind, Robert Browning. Ironically, it’s a derogatory word that originated with the older European Jewish communities to describe the Eastern European Jews that were coming out of the Russian Empire. Many of these Jews had names ending with a ki or a ski. So, it because common for the Western Jews to call them kikes. It was only used by Non-Jews later.

  14. People aware of the schemes and subterfuge jews have historically used against their hosts to elevate themselves and deconstruct and undermine Gentiles find it natural to despise the cancerous leeches. To know them is to hate them.

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