Woke Supremacy: Georgia Southern Students Burn Anti-White Wise Latina’s White Privilege Book As She Cries

Blompf hasn’t even lost the 2020 election and Elizabeth Warren hasn’t replaced him as president yet and the Wokelash has already begun ahead of schedule.

BuzzFeed News:

“A group of students at a predominantly white public university in Georgia burned the book of a Latina author who had delivered a lecture on campus after some attendees accused her of “dissing white people.”

Jennine Capó Crucet, a New York Times contributor and associate professor at the University of Nebraska, spoke about her novel Make Your Home Among Strangers at Georgia Southern University on Wednesday night. The award-winning book, published in 2015, tells the story of a Cuban American girl from Miami who gets accepted to a prestigious college in New York and struggles to fit into the privileged, predominantly white environment.

The book was required reading for some of Georgia Southern’s First-Year Experience classes, according to the university. …

“The only reason anyone showed up is because it was required and after the racist bigotry you displayed against the white race we should all be compensated for your book. I’m all for equality but not for hate which is what you displayed,” one user said. … “

Feeling white pilled.

I think the 2020s are going to be wild. It is not every day that we see a spontaneous book burning by young White people in response to woke supremacy being shoved down their throats. These people thought Trump was the end of the world. They haven’t seen nothing yet!

Note: As we saw yesterday, The New York Times is terrified that we are winning over their White sons because their message is really that terrible.

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  1. The Cubans are just like the Irish. They both ran to us for help in their time of need. We fed then strong now they find the need to attack us. Filth, disgusting filth one and all.

  2. Here book sounds terrible, glad the students burnt her book. But she…. doesn’t look that bad. Looks like a White Latina – that’s my target market. These types are better if they don’t speak English and you don’t have to care what they are saying which is most always something stupid.

    Some White Anglo Southern guy should knock this Latina up! Knock her up! Wouldn’t that be great if most of the Georgia Southern crowd started chanting in unison:

    Knock her up, knock her up

    Build the wall, Build the wall and or….

    Knock her up, knock her up!

  3. This will only matter if the white girls do not apologize later. They need to double the fuck down, and threaten to do these burnings daily.

  4. Well I am relieved she was not Mexican. But I suppose she easily could have been.

    I am not sure of her complaint. It appears she went to a good university and is complaining? From what I have seen of Anglos in California and Texas I would say she would have been treated decently. The only deranged whites I have encountered have been primarily on this website.

    There is always a return to Communist Cuba available to her. In Mexico education is only free until the 6th grade or so I have been told. So most of my people have less than her.

    I am used to upper class Anglos like presumably that NY college. Upper class people are generally well bred and act accordingly. Even most low class anglos would have been okay with her.

    I did not look at the videos so I do not know if she is a mulatta or if she is a white Cuban. I have gone to private schools with Puerto Rican and Cuban girls. Neither the Anglos or the Mexicans thought twice about them. They were just another type of Latin girls. Cuban girls in my limited experience are very classy and bred. This seems like an exception.

    Anglos getting fed up? Interesting in the extreme.

  5. All the Americagrad students around Oxford are chattering about Warren. Place your bet on her getting the nomination. Fix is in.

  6. I cannot stand leftists who identify themselves as “Woke.” They are not woke! All they do is repeat the dominant narratives of the powers that be in a more intensified form which are Cultural Marxist in nature. The truly awakened ones of those of our race who realize the precarious situation our people are in unless things change. And Donald Trump is proof positive you cannot change the system from within! Therefore to be truly awakened you must embrace the concept that the Ethno-State resolution is the only solution! Now that is a true White Awakening!

  7. The local msm will always send a POC to cover what they describe as a white racist incident, or if another POC is the perpetrator of a heinous crime. In the latter, they are playing into the cliche that not all POC are feral savages, and unfortunately, normie Whites keep drinking the kook-aid of diversity and multiculturalism.

    • Well, in lieu of the sodomite takeover of the Church (both RCC, and the C of E) calling them ‘faggots’ somehow takes on a new, deeper meaning….

  8. “I’m all for equality but not for hate…” The White kids are getting woke on the fact that they are being singled out for rayciss treatment? Once they wake up to the fact that groups and individuals aren’t equal, and that the evidence for that is obvious and everywhere, they might not only become red-pilled but angry at the system that lied to them. I’m encouraged that even within the Marxist indoctrination centers that are American colleges, kids are seeing through the self-hatred that is being forcefed into them their entire lives through education, media and entertainment. This is a hopeful sign.

    • Rich L,

      Our youth have been taught by the electronic jew babysitter (television) that POC are not always correct, but they can never be wrong.

      This spontaneous breaking out of the Matrix by these students hopefully is contagious.

      We can expect TPB to attempt to quell further pushback against anti-White narratives both on and off campuses with draconian and Orwellian tyranny.

      Anti-white POC are the pawns of the jews to advance their talmudic endgame.

      If POC were cognizant of their own immense privilege of the benefits they receive from living in OUR countries and OUR civilization, perhaps they’d be ashamed of the ungrateful actions of anti-white “activists” that claim to speak in their name. I won’t hold my breath though because it has worked like a charm for them.

      • Rich – White People ARE People of Color. Orcs are a boring dull lot pf black brown beige brown beige black beige brown black.

        The orcs are beyond cognizant of their superior status, and don’t possess one allele of shame.

        Good for the White kids that stuck up for themselves. They ran the mud off campus. They need to run the (((academics))) that brought it in, off campus, too,

  9. Cubans are the most privileged and affluent group in Latin America. They basically control Miami and the rest of southern Florida. And this is how they repay us for letting them in here after Castro seized their plantations and bank accounts.

  10. What I meant to say is that Cubans are the most privileged and affluent group of Latin Americans living in this country. Some have referred to them as the jews of the Caribbean. The spoiled arrogance and ingratitude of this particular spic “novelist” would seem to support that characterization.

  11. As one of Lady Christina’s deranged yanquis, all I gotta’ say is “BURN, BABY, BURN”…

    • Brian Douglas Frakes,

      That was funny. Also, I did not mean to infer that most people on this website are deranged. Only a few. For the most part the people on this site are quite nice.

      The new Civility Law helps as well.

      I have always found you to be a gentleman.

  12. This is just the start of the GREAT WHITE Roll back.

    What was that song called from that 70s group “Buchman Turner Overdrive” ???

    ” You ain’t seen nothin’ yet
    B-b-b-baby, you just ain’t seen n-n-nothin’ yet “

    When Western & European Whites have had enough from this anti white culture, then the whole world will know that pay day is coming !!

    The third world monkey people need to understand who makes it possible for them to have a voice and a secure First world life style !

  13. For the record, Flaxen-headed is not a “Spic” and the Spanish missive was somewhat subtle sarcasm directed at the Cuban interloper who wrote her puto libro

    • Flaxen,

      I understood you perfectly. Good thing people on this website do not understand Spanish. What you said was not subtle at all and is something my grandmother might say. It sounds worse in English than Spanish. The girl does deserve some condemnation that is for sure.

  14. Encouraging that it’s young Whites getting woke. Fills me with hope. The 20’s ought to be a real interesting decade when the Saxon begins to hate.

  15. A meaningful poem, tailor made for these days we are living through:

    by Rudyard Kipling

    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late,
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy — willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the Saxon began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low.
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not preached to the crowd.
    It was not taught by the state.
    No man spoke it aloud
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not suddently bred.
    It will not swiftly abate.

    Through the chilled years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the Saxon began to hate.

    “This destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken, and its mantle of
    strength descends upon those in its service.” – Francis Parker Yockey,

    • Of course, Kipling is best known for “The Jungle Book,” but, he did publish quite a few poems. A couple of others that I am familiar with are, “Stranger Within My Gate” and “White Man’s Burden.” Both could have been penned for our times. The former as a message to the Open Borders Advocates and Neo-Cons, the latter as a warning to the We Are The World Activists and Missionaries.

      “Stranger Within My Gate” points out the fact that although people from the same country may have some differences, they are already well known and measures have been put into place to navigate them. Whereas, a completely foreign element may harbor some grievance, have a hidden agenda, or never relinquish their loyalties to their homelands. Imagine That ! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? !

      Ironically, while “White Man’s Burden” readily acknowledges that our assistance would be met with sullen expressions and reciprocated with resentment, Kipling believed that it was our duty to civilize the rest of the World. It was apparently written in support of the American Occupation of the Philippines. The modern practitioners of this paternalism would never acknowledge that it is grounded in a firm belief in our superiority and that the World needs us to solve its problems.

        • You’re welcome. I wonder how long it will be before the Left discovers his poetry and the Jungle Book comes under attack? It seems to be a favorite for Hollywood to remake every decade or so. With Kipling’s renown, I’m surprised that his poetry hasn’t been vilified by the media. But, it may be because Jungle Book is such a profitable enterprise that studio people don’t want to jeopardize their potential profits by having his “racism” exposed.

  16. Someone should remind Jennine that the Cuban Flag is a Symbol of Slavery. The last two nations in the Western Hemisphere to outlaw Slavery were Brazil and Cuba, in 1888. Up until then they were being supplied with cheap labor from Africa carried by ships operating from Northern ports in the United States. In 1864, Robert Schufeldt, the U. S. Consul to Cuba, wrote, “However humiliating may be the confession… nine tenths of the vessels engaged in the Slave Trade are American (Northern). This was at a time when the United States Navy was blockading the Southern States and preventing vital food and medicine from getting to the Southern people; purposely depriving them of these necessities by fire and confiscation (destruction or theft).

    • Cowtown,

      Cuba was not a nation in 1888 but part of the Spanish Empire until after the Spanish American War gaining independence in 1902. Therefore saying the Cuban flag is a flag of slavery is inaccurate.

      You might as well say that in 1770 in the British colonies the non existent flag of the United States was a flag of slavery—-which it was until 1862 perhaps?

      • It’s the same Flag that was flown over a Slave holding Cuba. And, Negroes are still at the bottom of the totem pole in regards to social/economic status. Brazil gained it’s Independence from Portugal in 1822, they changed their flag, but Negroes are still at the bottom of the pecking order there too. The flag of the United States was a Flag of Slavery until 1888, when ships flying the U. S. Flag ceased to transport Africans to the Caribbean and South America. Slavery didn’t end in the North until after the passage of the 13th Amendment. It still existed in New Jersey, Rhode Island, Missouri, West Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland, Eastern Tennessee and Eastern Louisiana, among a few other isolated locations. Hiram Ulysses Grant (he changed his name to Ulysses S. Grant when he entered West Point to avoid having the initials H.U.G. on his footlocker) inherited Slaves from his wife Julia. At first, they refused to relinquish their claim on them, stating, “Good help is hard to find.”

        • Cowtown

          The flag of Cuba was adopted in 1902. To the best of my knowledge slavery did not exist after Cuba gained independence.

          And I do not care if negroes are at the bottom of the order. Cry on someone’s else’s shoulder over them. I do not care who enslaves who as long as it is not my people. Anglos sure worry over others, Maybe you should spend your energies worrying over yourself.

        • Cowtown Rebel,

          My older brother speaks better English than me and he said your comment was not disrespectful to me. So my previous comment came across as a little harsh. You have my apologies for my tone.

          I am still on alert due to my past experiences on this site and at times am overly sensitive. So, I congratulate you on your knowledge of the situation.

          • No problem. History and human interactions are complicated. This is just a simple fact of life and one that we can’t seem to fully adjust ourselves to. There isn’t always a right or wrong answer. But, there are such things as self preservation and group survival, and sometimes these things require actions that are at odds with our conscience.

            We are not necessarily allies, but it doesn’t mean we have to be enemies. I have genuine concerns for the health and well being of my people, and I believe that you want the best for yours. I wish this wasn’t a point of contention, but it may be in some ways. How to navigate the future without conflict is a very tricky endeavor.

            I have often said that the first step for celebrating differences is to acknowledge that they exist.

            It’s a good thing that you come here and discuss your concerns and state your beliefs. We may not always agree, but at least we can both have a better idea of what motivates us. I wish you the best and I hope that your family is doing well.

        • Cowtown Rebel,

          Thank you for such a gracious response. Our interests overlap and have some common beliefs/goals. Of all the ethnic groups besides mine that reside in the USA I am most comfortable with the Anglo. I even look mostly like you except for my hair color and racoon like eyes.

          The tension I have with Anglos on this website is way less than before. The Civility Law has helped a lot. The fact that most Anglos have been kind to me has helped more.

          Naturally, I am pro-Latin but that does not extend to supporting stupid and/or immoral actions by Latins like what this Cuban woman did.


  17. Jennine also needs to remember these words of Ernesto “Che” Guevara:

    “We’re going to do for blacks exactly what blacks did for the revolution. By which I mean: nothing”

  18. That’s awesome, if it really happened. In the early 80s, I and some classmates wanted to burn a Richard Hofstadter book they made us read in an advanced history course in high school. The burning would be at a natural scenic point visible to most of the town. We figured we could burn our copies and run once someone spotted it from below. The problem is no one had a car or license to get to that spot, so it fell through.

  19. Ironically Carlos Castaneda is my favorite author and I’m pretty stoked on Miguel Serrano. Forcing some Viva la Raza mierda la caballo down people’s throats is how you get a book burning.

    Why the hell didn’t they just assign Miguel de Cervantes Don Quixoté?

  20. That is hysterical.

    We need to organize some good old fashioned booking burnings at some of our IRL meet ups. Be careful when filming so not as to not get faces of non-publicly known people of course. But a bonfire fed with anti-White texts such as Tim Wise’s book, Guns Germs and Steel, the ANTIFA Handbook, as well as anti-White fiction such as 12 Years a Slave and pretty much anything John Grisham has written would make for a great YouTube video.

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