Trump Orders Withdrawal Of U.S. Troops From Northern Syria

Blompf has outrageously betrayed our Kurdish allies in northern Syria who have responded by cutting a deal with … Bashar al-Assad … who is the president of Syria.


“Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Sunday the last U.S. troops in northern Syria will be evacuated, one week after the White House surprisingly granted tacit approval to a Turkish invasion of that region that has resulted in the slaughter of U.S.-allied Kurdish fighters.

“I spoke with the president last night after discussions with the rest of the national security team, and he directed that we begin a deliberate withdrawal of forces from northern Syria,” Esper told host Margaret Brennan on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” …”

1,000 American troops are being pulled out of northern Syria to avoid getting caught in a crossfire between the Syrian Army and Turkish Army now that the Kurds have cut a deal with Assad.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper DID NOT say on Face the Nation this morning that all American troops are being pulled out of Syria. He said that they are only pulled out of a war zone. Presumably, the American troops will be redeployed elsewhere in Syria for Israel’s sake.

The Turks are bombing and killing “journalists” in Syria now:

The “journalists” were travelling with “civilians” … LMAO

Trump is right that this place is a mess like the Balkans:

He is not ending the “endless wars” though.

Israel and its puppets in the Republican Senate won’t let him end the war in Syria. He also recently sent 2,000 more troops to Saudi Arabia to join the 1,000 other ones who were stationed there earlier this summer. Blompf was cocked and loaded and had ordered a strike on Iran after that stupid drone was shot down in the Persian Gulf in June. Tucker Carlson persuaded him to postpone the war against Iran until after the 2020 election.

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  1. Why not just let the Kurds have their own nation? I realize all these borders in the Middle East are not organic but a holdover from British and French colonialism via the Sykes-Picot Treaty. When we have our own nation once more we should have a foreign policy based on political devolution, universal sovereignty, and independent development. In order words redraw the borders of the world to correspond with ethnic reality thus delegitimatizing propositional nations and establishing Ethnic based nations instead. Then our policy towards these new nations should be one of non-interference and independent development. By doing so we also destroy the objectives of the New World Order proponents and establish in its place a More Natural Order for the ages.

  2. Syria is not going to be defending Kurdish separatists. They are mobilizing their forces to retake their lands west of the Euphrates. The Kurds are now weak and vulnerable to attack.

  3. Any white men who voluntarily serve as mercenaries for ZOG should be considered potential if not actual enemies. I do NOT “support the troops”, nor do I support the criminal Zionist-controlled regime in Washingcoon. Blormp is no friend of white America, but those idiotic “deplorables” ( most of whom are boomers) will never understand that.

    • It will get harder and harder to get troops to fight in these Zio Wars. Too many people (especially in the South/Midwest) know too many guys screwed up from Iraq. The goyim know.

      • Yep. My nephew did three combat deployments in Baghdad years back with the 1st Cav, an MP, and lost everything. His wife ended up leaving him because the deployments completely changed him into a different person. The Army retired him after 14 years denying him his 20 years and a good pension after all of that insanity he was involved in.

        Last time I saw him the change was so noticeable that it was like talking to a completely different person, and we were roommates for about a year just before he enlisted. He was on medication that would put him asleep within minutes of taking it. The meds were for avoiding nightmares.

        When he came back from one deployment the Army actually prohibited him and his whole group from leaving the base for a couple of weeks so psychologists could make sure they were ok. During all of his deployments the Army would extend the time they were in Iraq, so they never even knew when they were really coming back. He told me they were on steroids when over there and would get drunk when on patrol at times.

        A compete mess and all for nothing, none of it benefited him or the United States.

  4. Drmpf inherited a fearful Zio-mess in the M.E. and

    now is making it even worse. With Drmpf

    policy-making is a sort of perpetual negotiation so that

    no problem is ever solved and nothing really changes

    except for the worse.

    • When all facts are considered, that premise, i.e. “help the T(k)URDS in order to keep the flow of invaders to Europe, controlled/low”, is a false dilemma.

      Invaders are coming in to Europe, today, EVERY SINGLE day 300 to 500 hundred per DAY, via the Greek isles.

      And a good ratio of them are JIHADISTS and stay in Souther Euroepan Nations like Greece and Italy.

      So, we are ALREADY in the sh*t.
      Backing the T(k)URDS would have made no difference in the flow of jihadists.

      • Gaddafi was the cork that plugged the sub-Saharan rubbish from entering Libya and crossing the Mediterranean Sea for Europe. But the Obama administration at Hilary Clinton’s insistence and assistance from French and British intelligence services armed isis rebels in Tripoli and Benghazi to overthrow and murder Col. Gaddafi.

        So the “migrant crisis ” flowing into Europe is coming from two directions–east and south. Unless both spigots are turned off, the teeming third world hordes will still seep into continental Europe.

        • Quite right.
          The invasion would not be possible if it was not for the Liberal elites within our Western European nations. They have facilitated the whole thing, i.e. Making the appropriate laws in supporting invaders and the slow erosion of our National borders and by making education a communist/socialist indoctrination gullag for White children

          They have decided to END, traditional Western Civilization

  5. I have a feeling, a personal prediction, that Syrian Forces will come to an agreement with the turks in order to keep those DOGS, i.e. T(k)URDS, contained and marginalized.

    NO ONE likes the T(k)URDS – not Iraq, not Iran, not Syria, not Turkey, not Armenians, NO ONE – in that region EXCEPT israHELL !! What does that say to you, hmmmm???????

    bye bye TURDS bye bye israHELL……

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